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Our Forces Run Short. We Need Financial Support. Hallo, Patriotic Business!

Our Forces Run Short. We Need Financial Support. Hallo, Patriotic Business!


Business offer to the Russian patriotic businessmen from our modest collective

Friends and comrades! "Neuromir-TV" which belongs to me and Igor Boshchenko took impressing height - 2 million viewings a month. Without any budget, we spent money earned by the sweat of our brow and small donations of spectators, we became comparable to the Prokremlin Internet TV "Russia.ru" - 3 million viewings at assignments in 250 thousand dollars a month.

But there is a question: how to live further? Our forces run short. We need financial support. Hallo, patriotic business!



Everyone can look at what we managed to do. Present "Neuromir-TV" - on http://vimeo.com/neuromir. Early programs - at the address: http://s-dzho.rutube.ru/

We managed to become not only image of "The Native Land: Common Sense" but also television of clever, strong-willed people. We don't have anything but for enthusiasm, professional camera, erection facilities and wild working capacity of director/operator/film editor Igor Boshchenko. We have neither studios, nor animations, normal lighting equipment. At that we give people what absolutely idiotic TV where it is impossible to come up with any idea if it is longer than three sentences offers. We don't interrupt interlocutors, we work without uncensored (in all meanings of this expression), we give word both to clever and vigorous. Having created a sheaf with "FORUM.ms" and using help of our community of distributors of videos in Network, we occupied serious media positions. We think that the program is ordinary, if at has - 15 thousand viewings. Crash programs have ten thousand viewings. Thereby we are still weaker than official television (with millions viewings) but are much stronger than newspapers and magazines with their thousand readers. All this - at cheap financing, working at own expense and on Saturdays. We managed to make our resource known outside the limits of the Russian Federation (we aren't subject to removal of videos at the order of authority, there is no censorship over us), we managed to provide convenience of viewing at the expense of "thick" communication channels. We show what official «television for idiots» will not show. Up to documentary films.

Meanwhile we can't travel along the country shooting reportings and interview. To show Russia - to Russia. New faces. Worthy people instead of two "national actors" reigning on official TV, having annoyed to death "politicians" and "analysts" from the same fairly greased pack and glamour monkeys. We could - if we possess means - to show absolutely other reality, life of regions and those remarkable people who today "are not seen" from Moscow being locked in obscurity. In fact there's a lot to tell about them. We don't have means for business trips, damn it!

It's also possible to show those films that can't make their way on the central TV. Or creativity of new musical groups which are not in format of glamour idiocy. We also have reports about events which semi-official service prefers to keep in silence? Same huge possibilities!

Yes, we have huge potential of growth. However I and Igor Boshchenko paid off for all it with eternal overfatigue, constant exhaustion, necessity to earn the living at first - and then to make TV-work. With eternal sleep debt of Boshchenko and Kalashnikov's eternal time trouble. Our equipment soon will fail because of constant use. We have no money for new one.

Therefore we need financial help, it should be big and from rich people. We won't live on remains from spectators. I and Igor Boshchenko will not sustain constant forcing from outside. Health is already worsening. Chronic weariness is already coming.

I can tell you the following, friends. Opposition long cried that «Ostankinskaya Needle» poisons the country, makes people idiots and that the Russian opposition has no own TV. Here you are super-effective tool against official media! To create counteraction and even counterattack in info space is possible even using small forces. Whether you don't want to help good business, not in words ut really battling for the country future?



We need the budget to hire at least the second operator/film editor. As well as to have opportunities of travelling countrywide. It's minimum.

Further: we need means for renewal of the equipment and to order animation, for studio and car with the driver. For it's difficult to run over the city with heavy equipment (camera, microphones and stand).

Minimum - we need 6 thousand euros a month. High-grade maximum - 20 thousand. That is from 72 to 240 thousand greenbacks annually.

Is it a lot of it or a little? Churches which our businessmen-patriots support cost 2 million dollars on the average. One church can provide almost 8 years of work of "Neuromir-TV" in high-grade variant. Not to build one church - but to win fight for ten thousand souls... Unless it isn't expedient? Unless it's not more necessary now for winning of the country from evil spirits?

So, here you are our offer. We need the patron and not investor. For force of "Neuromir-TV" - in its noncommercial view, in altruism and help to all who thinks about the country and struggles for its releasing.

If we don't find such people, we would be compelled to lower intensity of announcement: forces are on limit. We repeat: we need not small single donations but high-grade long financing.

You are address for communication: info@neuromir.tv

Letters irrelevant and offers of single donations will be deleted. Guys, pennies won't help business. Who wants to make small donations - accounts are specified in the beginning of each our program. But we are interested now in fundamental solving of the problem.

Maxim Kalashnikov

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