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Vladimir Putin Could Become Persona Non Grata without the Right to Use the Ukrainian Airspace

Vladimir Putin Could Become Persona Non Grata without the Right to Use the Ukrainian Airspace

Prime-minister Julia Timoshenko declared that the government of the country is going to pay more attention to informing of public on questions of the euroAtlantic integration. In particular, prime-minister noted that "the government of Ukraine will make all necessary efforts for the best coordination and full performance of measures of the target plan Ukraine - NATO for 2008".

Тimoshenko also informed that "much greater attention on the part of the government will be paid to the process of informing of public on questions of the euroAtlantic integration - as by increase of corresponding funding from the budget and by maintenance of constant cooperation of authority and nongovernmental organizations in this question". "We are interested in new quality of public dialogue", - prime-minister emphasized.

Тimoshenko noted that she considered decision of NATO accepted in Bucharest "quite positive as the present level and prospect of development of relations between Ukraine and alliance is objectively fixed in it". By its decision, in opinion of prime-minister, NATO called Ukraine to intensify practical work directed on the end of necessary reforms, having noted that successes on this way would receive corresponding estimation.

As it's known, at the summit in Bucharest on April, 3 NATO under initiative of Germany and contrary to the position of the USA and countries of the East Europe temporarily withheld Ukraine in granting NATO Membership Action Plan. However, on April, 4 Victor Jushchenko at session of the Commission Ukraine - NATO expressed confidence that in December of the current year Ukraine would all the same join it

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin's well-known statements made in Bucharest are roughly discussed. So, fraction "Our Ukraine - National Self-Defense" addressed with request to check up information, whether Putin really called into question territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Let's remind that the day before yesterday "Commersant", referring to a source in delegation of one of the countries of NATO, informed that the president of Russia threatened that in case of introduction into NATO Ukraine can stop its existence as integrate state. "Actually he threatened that Russia can begin rejection of Crimea and East Ukraine", - the source explained.

Yesterday, on April, 8 the leader of fraction of "Our Ukraine - National Self-Defense" Vyacheslav Kirilenko made public speech in the Supreme Rada. He noted that "under unverified information, the Russian president Putin ostensibly expressed doubts concerning territorial unity of Ukraine". "We, certainly, do not trust to the unverified information but it should be checked up", - Kirilenko specified.

Fraction "Our Ukraine - Nationa Self-Defense" asked the chapter of the Supreme Rada Arseny Jatsenjuk to address officially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs "so that the government and the ministry direct inquiry to the Russian Federation and we would receive exact answer, whether the Russian president Putin said such words or not". Кirilenko believes that "if he said, then the number of supporters of system of collective safety in NATO would increase in Ukraine twice".

In its turn, the Congress of the Ukrainian nationalists will address Security Service of Ukraine with the request to make Vladimir Putin persona non-grata and forbid him to use air space of Ukraine.

The Chairman of the Congress Vladimir Borejchuk declared: "Position of Russia once again confirms that fact that only introduction into NATO can guarantee safety and integrity for our state".

Borejchuk also noticed that Ukraine needed "to expel as soon as possible the Black Sea fleet of the Russian Federation from the territory of Crimea as it is inadmissible that there are armies of unfriendly country on the territory of Ukraine".

The head of the Ukrainian edition of FORUM.msk Vladimir Filin on the contrary considers that "one shouldn't provoke the Kremlin without extreme need, Ukraine should treat it as the doctor violent patient of lunatic asylum".

"Vladimir Putin constantly blackmails us with switching-off of gas, he already resorted to that measure twice, though for a short while, - Vladimir Filin says. - Recently Putin has threatened to aim nuclear rockets at Ukraine, now - to reject a part of our territory. All this is frivolous, it's pure rhetoric, nothing follows and will not follow.

Putin has the antiUkrainian complex caused by "orange revolution". Together with Beslan, "revolution of tulips" in Kirghizia and appearance on the political arena in the beginning of 2005 of Michael Kasjanov already forgotten now, our "orange revolution" caused real paranoia in the Kremlin, irrational fears that the Americans wanted to overthrow Putin despite of his aspiration as deeply and quickly as possible to get integrated into the western community as there were already overthrown pro-Western Leonid Kuchma with Victor Janukovich, Edward Shevarnadze and Аskar Аkaev and almost overthrown Islam Каrimov during events in Andizhan.

Under the action of complexes Putin takes offence all the time, constantly falls down and in such condition is capable to talk absolute nonsense. Then he calms down and again searches for an opportunity to please the USA: to support them in the United Nations at voting under the next antiIranian resolution or to suggest them to create joint Anti-missile Defense System directed against the same Iran or to give to NATO forces overland corridor for transit to Afghanistan.

Putin is completely harmless, he doesn't threaten with anything except for irresponsible antiUkrainian applications to our country, he is not even capable to switch off gas for a long time. Unless to kill Maks Kurochkin, though it hardly possible that the Kremlin security officers did it under his guide and from his sanction. At the same time it's a must to use Putin's antiUkrainian rhetoric to explain to our people necessity of the euroAtlantic integration of Ukraine. So, we wait for new verbal outbursts".
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