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About Activity of Opposition in Conditions of World Economic Crisis

About Activity of Opposition in Conditions of World Economic Crisis

World financial crisis and rise in prices on foodstuffs and fuel became the main themes of discussion at the sessions which held in Washington by International Currency Fund and World Bank, BBC informs.

The head of the Ministry of Finance of France called IMF and World Bank to develop more flexible procedures of rendering assistance to the countries suffering from impacts of world financial cataclysms. He also noted that rise in prices on foodstuffs undermined development of some countries and affected life of thousand people.

The head of IMF Dominique Strauss - Kahn paid general attention on a problem of a rise in prices on foodstuffs. On April, 12 he declared that in case of the further rise in prices on foodstuffs the world should expect for serious consequences. Strauss - Kahn warned that hundred thousand people - first of all in Africa - can face a problem of famine, while growing social intensity can lead to serious conflicts.

The head of World Bank Robert Zellik declared also that the successes achieved earlier in struggle against poverty could appear at risk.

- The factor of global catastrophe certainly should be taken into account already in intermediate term planning of political and economic processes, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - It's only our management being recruited from provincial security officers and provincial bookkeepers makes plans on some "steady development", but such trouble in the management of the great country happens not for the first time. I've already said that in modern Russia autonomy of a citizen is extremely small. An average Russian consumer today is - a townsman, that is a person dependent on regular supply of the products, fuel, submission of electric power, water and so on. In our concrete boxes which began to cost suddenly as if it were elite habitation is not possible to live independently. Life of the modern city consuming more than 80 % of import foodstuffs can suddenly turn into a hell.

"Putin's "stability" is based upon very fragile basis, - Anatoly Baranov considers. - We do not have centuries-old family accumulation, as the Europeans or the Americans have. An average Russian townsman lives but a day, month is enough so that he will turn into a beggar who has nothing to feed children with. Growth of food prices in the world market will force the European to refuse from a purchase of a new car, while it will leave the Russian without lunch and dinner. In our country every second spends the basic part of his incomes on food and at an essential rise in price it will become inaccessible luxury to eat normally. I have already wrote that appreciable growth of price on food will lead to sharp deterioration of food quality, to growth of disease and death rate because of extremely alimentary factor. It's at a growth of 20-40-60 percent. If it's higher - we will have famine. Sharp downturn of purchasing capacity of the Russian eaters will lower sharply import of food stuffs from outside. That is foodstuffs will not only become inaccessible because of their price - it will simply be insufficient for all. Meanwhile national agriculture is "providently" killed by a worthless management and total larceny. Despite of the times of military communism there will be simply nobody to be subjected to food scouting unless to send food groups to Africa. All this is not imaginations, but reality which all responsible governments have been discussing for a long time and try to soften somehow its consequences. Except for the Russian one, certainly - it has more important business".

- Actually, revolution of 1917 started from the faults of deliveries of foodstuffs to the capital and pogroms in bakeries, - Anatoly Baranov reminded. - Revolutionary sailors would not become revolutionary, if not simple administrative problems of Provisional government. Forthcoming situation is even more complex. I cannot say, whether National Assembly formed will have time to get enough weight in a society so that in conditions of a paralysis of management to generate capable management of the country. Certainly, it is necessary to aspire to this, first of all to purchase of greater legitimacy by Assembly - the first congress of Assembly should make, in my opinion, such decisions that already the second congress of Assembly would consist of normally elected delegates. How to make it - is different question, either through local, regional assemblies, or direct voting through Internet. Perhaps, both variants. The second - the Assembly should generate permanent committees and commissions on social questions, on working and trade-union movement, on questions of the budget and finance and so on. These bodies of Assembly should realize through themselves maximum of civil social and legislative initiatives, be engaged in direct protection of interests of citizens, roughly speaking "to be a jack in every jill", trying to act as the spokesman and conductor of interests of citizens. It will allow it to get authority and influence in society and finally, in conditions of a paralysis of authority to undertake administrative functions. The Assembly should have program of overcoming of a crisis and it, actually, should be formed as crisis system. As to the crisis - speak of the devil and he is sure to appear.

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