Julia Timoshenko Speaks with Victor Jushchenko in Terms of Ultimatum

Julia Timoshenko Speaks with Victor Jushchenko in Terms of Ultimatum

Prime-minister Julia Timoshenko supports transformation of Ukraine into parliamentary republic. She declared it acting at the session of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. "We need to make differentiation of functions of authority and to make Ukraine traditional parliamentary republic as it is typical for the European states", - she said, the site Newsru.ua writes.

Prime-minister noted that the parliamentary republic is better, than any others monopolized systems of authority. imoshenko also added that now questions of changes to the Constitution were being discussed in Ukraine, having emphasized that she considered it necessary to accept changes to the Constitution in the Supreme Rada. "We would like to make them in the constitutional way - through parliament, through reception of the majority in parliament and what's better - consolidation of parliament", - the prime-minister said.

The transition to parliamentary republic in Ukraine offered does not mean refusal from a post of the president, Julia Timoshenko declares. "I would not like that my words were perceived as refusal from the president, from his national election", - she emphasized. However, as she said, transfer of greater powers to parliament is more open and democratic form of board.

Timoshenko also added that her political force was considered as the most probable winner of the future presidential elections but, despite of it, she logically supported parliamentary form of board in Ukraine.

Block of Julia Timoshenko (BJT) also plans with the help of changes in the Constitution of Ukraine to enter temporarily restriction forbidding People's Deputies to change fractional belonging. "At modification in the Constitution we think of certain restrictions, how separate deputies who change political priorities and pass from fraction to fraction should answer before voters", - Timoshenko declared, having noted that it's quite pressing question for Ukraine. She emphasized that democratic traditions were very weak in Ukraine, there were no generated principles and rules in political relations, there were very young political parties and personnel selection was not developed in them. "For this reason for certain time we would like to have in the new Constitution certain restrictions connected with such radical change of deputy views - when they considerably change their position and pass from fraction to fraction", - Timoshenko emphasized. Such restriction, as she said, was planned to enter until "our parties will acquire experience".

At the same time BJT does not support increase of through passage level for the parties at elections to the Supreme Rada. imoshenko noted that her political force considered that the more parties would be presented in parliament, the better it's for development of the country.

Julia Timoshenko also declared that Ukraine considered it perspective cooperation with system of collective safety of the European Union. The prime-minister emphasized that Ukraine thought above safety issues and didn't want to remain alone in that question.

"We search today for those formats in which Ukraine will feel itself comfortably, the formats in which Ukraine will conseder its independence, its borders safe. For this reason we consider cooperation with system of collective safety of the European Union as one of very perspective variants. We know that now it is being developed and we as, certainly, the European country, see ourselves an integral part of the European system of collective safety", - Timoshenko declared, answering questions of members of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

imoshenko informed that it's necessary for today to talk in Ukraine about expansion of cooperation with NATO on all directions. Answering questions of the members of PASE imoshenko expressed hope that in December the question on connection of Ukraine to NATO Membership Action Plan would be considered. Thus she emphasized that no country had the right of "veto" in a question of choice of the Ukraine system of collective safety.

"I would like that such right of "veto" would not be applied in connection to Ukraine. I want that the world and the Russian Federation have got used to the fact that Ukraine - is independent country, strong country which will play and already today plays a significant geopolitic role in the region", - Timoshenko emphasized. She noted that Ukraine will be the partner of Russia if the countries will harmoniously build relations. "Cooperation of Ukraine with NATO, as well as cooperation of Russia with NATO today is essential and this cooperation is constantly under attention of a management of the state", - prime-minister emphasized.

Julia Timoshenko noted that to answer a question on introduction into NATO is necessary to receive answers to three questions - whether it's people's will, will of elites and the will and desire of those organizations where Ukraine plans to enter. "Such decisions are possible only when all these three components will be achieved. Our position consists that introduction of Ukraine into collective systems of safety can pass only through all-Ukrainian referendum", - she emphasized.

Julia Timoshenko declared in Strasbourg that she guaranteed stable supply of gas to Europe. "I am ready to accept responsibility for transit of the Russian gas to Europe with all components", - she said.

At the same time prime-minister noted that she was not ready to take the responsibility for scale corruption in questions of supply of gas. "The first step which we have made - destruction of circuits which led to problems", - Timoshenko said. She also added that "literally" during the first months of work of her government corruption circuits of supply of gas in Ukraine were stopped. "And it is an additional guarantee that Europe feels itself ill at ease in the system of transit of the Russian gas in EU", - Timoshenko said.

Meanwhile, while prime-minister made public speeches in Strasbourg, the political situation in Ukraine got more and more features of the crisis one. Block of Julia Timoshenko distributed official application in which demanded from President Victor Jushchenko "to stop the antiUkrainian activity".

"Today opposition between the president, his Secretariat on the one hand and the government of democratic coalition on the other has gone so far that it's impossible to be silent", - is stated in the document placed on official site of the block. Therefore fraction BJT in the Supreme Rada declares:

1. "The President of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko for the sake of preservation of illusive chances to win in the following elections of the head of the state started total destruction of all undertakings and initiatives of the democratic government".

2. "The President of Ukraine blocked all anticorruption programs of the democratic government (in particular, in branch of selling of the ground); actually the head of the state turned into the guarantor of preservation of corruption circuits. By efforts of Secretariat performance of concrete items of the coalition agreement was also blocked (in particular - in connection to professional army, struggle against corruption and privileges and so on)".

3. "The President and his Secretariat meaningly and purposefully inflated hysteria and panic around inflation in the country as if not understanding (and may be on the contrary - realizing) that only one application of the head of the state about inflation already increased a rise in prices on some percents".

4. "The President of Ukraine blocks and restrains the process of civilized privatization thus destroying the State budget of Ukraine and breaking social policy of the government".

5. "The President of Ukraine and his Secretariat try to take under their trusteeship shadow circuits in gas sphere and to provide "the third interests" in this sphere due to national interests of Ukraine".

6. "As well as in 2005 the president of Ukraine transformed Council on National Safety and Defense into the center of opposition to the government. The Council on National Safety is formed due to people which profess separative ideas, act or supported division of Ukraine, throw provocative ideas like granting the Russian language the state status, oppose the European integration of Ukraine".

7. "The President of Ukraine and his Secretariat took under their protection corrupt management of Fund of the State Property and Kiev mayoralty".

8. "The President of Ukraine consolidated around himself yesterday's leaders of clans and financial oligarchical groups who under a kind of charities tried to return to authority".

9. "The President of Ukraine and his Secretariat meaningly bring contention into the middle of democratic coalition and, bringing in the agenda of work of parliament preliminary senseless questions, try to block work of parliament".

10. "The President of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko regularly dishonours the Ukrainian state acting with applications which humiliate honour and dignity of Ukraine in the world".

Fraction BJT asserts in the application that destruction and elimination of democratic coalition is carried out to please Victor Jushchenko's victory over the following presidential elections.

"We demand from the President to abolish immediately all decrees and statutory acts which block work of the democratic Government and to give this government, at last, to work. We demand to return to activity of Council on National Safety and Defense its Ukrainian essence and to clear this structure of casual people", - is stated in the application.

"We also warn that all gambles which are weaved today in Secretariat of the president like direct presidential boarding and "urgent referendum" under the Constitution will receive adequate answer", - Timoshenko warns colleagues. BJT considers that in the given situation there is only one civilized and lawful way out - acceptance of changes to the Constitution in the Supreme Rada of Ukraine "which will finish with anarchy, disorder and will turn the country on a way of normal democratic development in the interests of all its citizens".

Let's remind that at session of parliament on April, 16 fraction BJT addressed the president Victor Jushchenko with the request to decide with what government he would like to work - Julia Timoshenko's or Victor Janukovich's one. The corresponding application was made at a morning session of the Supreme Rada by the deputy from BJT Nikolay Tomenko, making comments on criticism on the part of Secretariat of the president in address of the government which could be heard recently.

The last straw for BJT became yesterday's application of the chapter of Secretariat of the president Victor Balogi who recommended to a number of ministers from the economic block of the government to resign because of low professional qualification. In answer the first vice-premier Alexander Turchinov noted that Balogi's application - is "the next portion of dirty" on the part of Secretariat of the president.

Making comments on the applications made, the head of the Ukrainian edition of FORUM.msk Vladimir Filin said: "From the beginning of the week I meet representatives of different parliamentary forces. I have an impression that the country is on a threshold of new political crisis. This crisis if it will take place, can turn into disintegration of the ruling coalition, resignation of the government and the next early elections on which, undoubtedly, a convincing victory will be gained by Julia Timoshenko. For Victor Jushchenko, on the contrary, the union with Party of Regions and new elections will end in catastrophe, while for Victor Janukovich and Rinata Ahmetov - in sensitive loss of voices which will go to imoshenko".

However, "at any succession of events, - Vladimir Filin is convinced, - Ukraine, obviously, will not avoid chronic parliamentary instability to which, to tell you the truth, everybody has already get used as it was, for example, in Italy in 1950-1980-th years. So crisis will not affect in any way either national economy, or its foreign policy and ordinary citizens will not notice it at all".
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