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It Would Never Come to Somebody's Mind during Soviet Times to Place Condemned Criminal in the Head of the Special Branch GRU as It's Done Nowadays

It Would Never Come to Somebody's Mind during Soviet Times to Place Condemned Criminal in the Head of the Special Branch GRU as It's Done Nowadays
Roeva Natalya 22.04.2008
Political analyst of FORUM.msk Ruslan Saidov who was on Friday in Moscow shared with editorial staff his representations about a situation in the Chechen Republic and around it. He considers that "the reason for the scandal with battalion GRU "East" and the brothers Jamadaevs was not notorious blocking of movement of a presidential train in Gudermes but Ramzan Kadyrov's firm intention to suppress finally feudal anarchy in the republic".
Ruslan Saidov with indignation said: "According to the legal status Badik Jamadaev - is a criminal serving under the decision of Moscow court 11-years sentence for violent crimes. According to his real status he is - an actual commander of battalion GRU "East" who was noticed by its raider actions all over the Russian Federation up to Saint Petersburg. That is the degree of degradation of the Russian special services in comparison with the Soviet times when it would never cross somebody's mind to place the condemned criminal in the head of the special branch, while it's simply to be done nowadays. But it does not mean that they agree to put up with such practice in the Chechen Republic".
Ruslan Saidov considers that the system of authority in the Chechen Republic is adequate to a present level of development of a society. He characterizes it as "the mode of authoritative modernization really engaged in development of republic, formation of the Chechen centralized national state".
"Separation of the Chechen Republic from Russia is not real now, - Ruslan Saidov believes. - In this connection it is actual but not clear up to the end how to keep in the Chechen Republic a rate on development when it is closely connected to the Russian Federation, while that - is hopelessly criminal state which is controlled by criminal "elite" and is in phase of irreversible degradation".
Ruslan Saidov also considers that "there is no longer a threat of radical Islamism in the Chechen Republic as there is no now external interested in it parties - they were in 1990 - the beginning of 2000th years when the oil pipeline Baku - Ceyhan was under construction, while now when the oil pipeline is already constructed and works they disappeared by themselves. Judging from that persistence with which Germans and their satellites in the Western Europe decline the Kremlin to build pipelines around of Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic and Poland, zone of blocking of energy deliveries will be inevitably displaced to the east: to the West of Caucasus and the Black Sea coast - territory of a genocide of Circassians in the 19th century and to the Volzhski-Ural region with the significant Turco-Muslim population. There and not at all in the Chechen Republic is necessary to expect growth of radical Islamism and a new coil of jihad".
"Radical Islamism is not very dangerous by itself, it becomes dangerous when it turns to the tool of a policy of the global forces which has no relation to Islam. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan - first of all and then the USA and Israel (as it was in 1990th years in Gaza when spide to Jasir Arafat the Israeli special services cultivated HAMAS), and the countries of the Western Europe (it is enough to recollect that imam Khomeini in 1979 was directed to revolutionary Iran from Paris), and China (today's actions of Talibs from both "Аl - Kaida" in Afghanistan and Vasiristan lean on the proChinese fractions in army and special services of Pakistan) play situationally card of radical Islamism both of Sunnite and Shiite type", - Ruslan Saidov considers.
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