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Does Georgia Search for the Reason to Begin War with Russia or Vise Versa?

Does Georgia Search for the Reason to Begin War with Russia or Vise Versa?

On Wednesday Michael Saakashvili discussed at session of National Security Council of Georgia situation around of destruction by the Russian fighter of the Georgian pilotless scout plane. He reminded that that question, as well as last decisions of Russia concerning unrecognized republics of Abkhazia and South Ossetia would be discussed today in the night also by National Security Council of the United Nations which had been called at the suit of Georgia and its friends. According to the Georgian president, all European states insisted on the convocation of the Council. «It is practically unprecedented case. It means that the whole world keeps up what is going on in Georgia», - he said.

Saakashvili also reacted to the intention of Federation Council of Russia to discuss on April, 25 a question of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. He emphasized that consideration of the question of unrecognized republics took place after «Russia had practically legally legalized its annexation in Abkhazia and after we for the first time in our history documentary, with video data confirmed that we became the parties of aggression». «It is rough provocation», - the Georgian president declared.

He reminded that the first reaction of Russia to destruction of the Georgian pilotless scout plane in a zone of the Georgian -Abkhazian conflict was - «what did the Georgian flying device in Ganmuhuri, in vicinities of Galsky area?»

«By that question Russia tried to justify its actions. I want to declare with full responsibility - our flying devices and it was unarmed plane of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia flied, fly and will fly in the teritory of Georgia. It's nobody's business, including our neighbour Russia. We have warned about it the United Nations and we are going to carry out in the future such actions of law enforcement bodies without any restrictions», - the president of Georgia informed.

- Irrespectively to attitude to Putin - Меdvedev's immoral mode, it seems to me that the scout plane has been brought down by the Russian peacemakers reasonably, actually they are there exactly to stop unidentified flying objects flying there, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov commented on a situation. - Application of Saakashvili that "they flied and will fly" is possible to compare, say, to the application of Serbs that supposedly military planes of Serbia flied and will fly near Kosovo. What would be the reaction of peacemakers of NATO among whom, by the way, till April there were 180 Georgians? The pilotless plane is difficult to be distinguished from a cruise missile which for sure should be brought down at once after detection but even if the object has been identified as pilotless vehicle, all the same - what could it do in a zone of responsibility of a peace-making contingent? Actually, the answer can be only one - brought down and will bring down, further - depends what will end earlier - pilotless vehicles in Georgia or rockets of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation.

"Surely, the flight itself was obvious provocation, - Anatoly Baranov considers, - here it is necessary to understand why the Russian side has got on this provocation? The Russian side knew about possible provocations but found it necessary to be provoked? Then it is interesting to know, to be provoked on what? No matter what Saakashvili says, to expect that the Georgian armies will pass the border of Abkhazia and the more so Russia is difficult. There are no attributes of concentration of armies of NATO in the region which could take advantage hypothetically of the Georgian casus belli and begin new Crimean war. What then does Saakashvili plan and how is he going to use a case with bringing down of the pilotless vehicle? It's not clear, as - an occasion to shout and be indignant - he always has it, what is the reason to stick the planes? Here somehow a bad feeling appears that most likely Moscow and not Tbilisi was interested side in the development of the conflict. Eventually, they could "not notice" the plane, Маtias Rust once landed on the Red Square in the time when air defence of the country still existed. But they noticed and brought down. Demonstrably, under video. What do they want? It seems that war".

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