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Not Entering NATO but Total Rigid "Clearing" Awaits the Russian "Elite"

Not Entering NATO but Total Rigid "Clearing" Awaits the Russian "Elite"
Roeva Natalya 25.04.2008

The ex-president of Poland Alexander Kvasnevsky who is now in the USA has called to think of acceptance in the future of the Russian Federation in NATO. Kvasnevsky reads now a course of lectures in the USA. Making public speeches in political science institute Bipartisan Policy Center, he declared that "it is necessary to think of membership of Russia in NATO", having recognized thus that Moscow did not express special interest in membership in the alliance. Kvasnevsky considers that NATO should intergrade farther in the direction of organization of the collective safety covering not only Atlantic states. Among new probable members of the North Atlantic alliance the ex-president of Poland named except for Russia also Japan, Australia and South Korea.

Besides the former Polish leader considers that Russia in the near future will continue to use high prices for oil to protect strategic interests. "Russia uses its position to keep Ukraine and Georgia far from the European Union and NATO for as long as it will be possible", - Kvasnevsky said.

At that the ex-president of Poland nevertheless added that eventually "Russia itself will understand that its place is in Europe".

The head of the Ukrainian edition of FORUM.msk Vladimir Filin, making comments on Alexander Kvasnevsky's application said: "In fact nobody wants to see Russia in NATO and Europe, even the Germans, not speaking about the Poles. By virtue of it, the applications similar to the ones made by Kvasnevsky pursue the double aim.

Firstly, they show that NATO - is ostensibly open for everybody including Russia, it's not hostile to it. Hence, objections of the Kremlin against joining of Ukraine and Georgia NATO Membership Action Plan - is no more than a whim.

Secondly, the promise to accept in NATO is a curtsey aside Dmitry Medvedev: they let the Russian "elite" see that the West, say, in due course is ready to incorporate its significant part in the international elite. Introduction of Russia into NATO is some kind of "certificate of quality" which the West would give out to the Russian "elite" of what it's dreaming most of all.

But in fact the Russian elite in the perspective is awaited not international certificate of quality but total rigid "clearing". In view of it Kvasnevsky's words are - only a tactical maneuver".

Political analyst of FORUM.msk Ruslan Saidov has different opinion: "Sooner or later the West will be compelled to include Russia in NATO. Russia in the long term cannot prevent alone creeping expansion of China to Eastern Siberia and to the Far East, while the USA and Europe cannot admit transition of these territories and their resources under the Chinese control.

Having included Russia in the western system of military unions and having deployed military bases in the eastern part of the Russian Federation, the USA and NATO will clearly show to Peking that continuation of expansion in the northern direction is fraught with world war. To tell you the truth, it's not for sure will stop China. But there is no other way all the same.

Anyhow in this or that kind, entirely or in parts but Russia will be accepted by NATO".

"Irrespectively from the fact whether Russia will be invited into NATO or not, we are talking about the loss of the sovereignty, to be more exact about a degree of a loss of the sovereignty, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov considers. - Independent subjectness of the Russian Federation ended with transition of the country to raw, dependent model of economy and to dependent type of political system guided not by the majority of competent citizens but by comprador pseudo-elite supervising population and providing world economic system with necessary to it resources, first of all with hydrocarbons. Today within the framework of outlined global opposition of the East and the West Russia is considered only as an element of one of the systems. But not as system-making factor. In NATO Russia is doomed to be the second Turkey providing an infrastructure of the alliance in a zone of its interests and delivering necessary quantity of soldier for regional conflicts. Nobody calls Turkey in EU though it's in NATO almost from the moment of creation of the alliance. Turks in Europe are on position of half-outcasts, guest workers, practically a ghetto. The same way the Russian Federation will be used for solving of the tasks of NATO in the Euroasian region, probably, with elements of military-industrial complex but only as auxiliary armies not capable to carry out independently scale offensive operations. For China the Russian Federation is also only an object and in case of hit by Russia into orbit of new global leader, only resources will interest it and, besides, probably some elements of military - industrial complex. Manpower resources of the Russian Federation do not interest China, unless women as in China the demographic balance is a little bit displaced aside men. It is possible to say that the Russian statehood was not in such desperate position even in the times of Trouble which the country at last went through without losing its sovereignty".

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