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On the Eve of Medvedev’s Inauguration and Prices Gallop the Russian Society Creaks at the Seams (Class Ones)

On the Eve of Medvedev’s Inauguration and Prices Gallop the Russian Society Creaks at the Seams (Class Ones)
Cherny Dmitry 29.04.2008

I put this message before the text as thoughts will wait, while one should show solidarity immediately:

Comrades! Today's strike of railwaymen was answered by authority with reprisals. Comrades Sergey Linev - chairman of a primary trade-union organization "Depot Zhelesnodorozhnoe" and Nikolay Pavlov - chairman of a primary trade-union organization "Depot Pushkino" are at present detained. Administrative case under the article "Illegal Organization of a Strike" was opened. Pavlov is already on the way to the court.


Sergey Linev is in the Department of Internal Affairs of Kursky station - ph.: 917-88-09,
Nikolay Pavlov was in a linear department of militia of "Depot Pushkino" - ph.: 8 (49653) 5-35-01

Comrades, immediate reaction is required! It is necessary to organize campaign of phone calls to the militia stations, follow the destiny of comrades, to achieve their release!

Please, distribute information!

Let's remind. The strike of railwaymen began today in 4 o'clock in the morning. Gorkovskoe and Yaroslavskoe directions are on strike. About 130 people participate in it - it blocks the work of approximately 5% of a rolling stock on the given directions. According to chairman of the Russian Trade Unions of Locomotive Crew of Railwaymen Eugeny Kulikov, the strike will last one day.

Strikers demand:

1. To raise the salary up to a level of personal salaries. Now under the decision of administration such salaries are received by 50 people. Locomotive staff demands to appoint such salaries to all brigades.

2. To return a length of service illegally cancelled in April, 2007 and to compensate to locomotive brigades the money not paid because of it.

3. To stop discrimination of railwaymen on belonging to the Russian Trade Unions of Locomotive Crew of Railwaymen.

That is the state of affairs. Meanwhile, on a background of obvious growth of strike movement before the 1st of May semi-official heralds are compelled to make amendments on the validity:

Even Shmakov in the day of the strike of machinists of the Russian Railways paid attention that "last increase of prices has called into question their conformity to growth of the real salary". Thus he noted that 70% of the Russians spend more than 50% of incomes on food stuffs. "Only bringing the growth of salary into accord with the growth of inflation we can achieve all program aims. At that trade unions consider that it is necessary to do it quickly enough", - Shmakov emphasized.

A chairman of the State Duma Committee on Labour and Social Policy Andrey Isaev taking part in press conference in his turn noted that in the country "is today not the most safe situation with inflation and there are a lot of reasons for it"...

If such persons are compelled to recollect the rights of socially alien to them workers - it means that it's serious. Medvedev's inauguration will obviously not pass under the plan conceived by authority. The authority began to fuss. Here you are also this National Assembly - well, it's not good to "screw" all of them in front of very eyes of world community as prices will so inopportunely jump accurately in the middle of May.

Creeping away seams not yet of the states but already of the Russian society is just about to crack after Medvedev's inauguration and gallop of prices. Strikes, hunger-strikes everywhere. Forbes published the list of the Russian billionaires in time: here you are the names of people whose life Putin "wanted to make better already today"! Growth of well-being is a quantitative growth of billionaires. In general, about Putin, about evolution of his rhetorical intonations, it would be necessary to say separately - but in a context of approaching May shocks keeping an idea, certainly.

Putin started walking by uncertain gait on the Kremlin carpet - so many fierce looks of the officials, one can get poisoned by charcoal fumes on inauguration!.. The society, having extorted from itself expectations, precepts and orders, waited that a strong hand of the security officials it will be directed on creative work - he directed. Those who would seem to knock oil properties for so long, who made angry masses - he sent to not so distant places. That was the end of the rhetoric about dictatorship of the law. Already on the eve before New Year, majecticly congratulating ruling class, Putin wished growth of well-being, growth of bourgeois complacency by everything, except for the ones excluded from near-Kremlin pool. It turned out so that expectations were not system and cosmetic changes were justified for fools who proclaimed the state above society and were ready to pray on abstraction of the arms and hymns, not noticing own and surrounding social status (pen-pushes are not mentioned here).

Thus terrible Putin began to go abroad, tasting delicacies there and seducing ruling bourgeois by his being fresh bourgeois. Where is there security official in him? "Nationalization of charges and privatization of incomes" as Harry Kasparov defined truly economic policy in the interview that we started to publish - that is the banner under which mutated partocratic mode of power oligarchy existed and exists.

Putin began to relax and his speeches - at first nervous enough and intelligent (that the reason of such quantity of sincere swear words borrowed from a slang of ruling class, of the friends who had originally saved up the capital) now became rather rhetorical. Already when Putin spoke about democratic power on the Red Square - it was felt that matters missed the words to such an extend that Putin hardly trusted own words, though read compiled by Surkov word-combinations rather precisely.


The rhetoric began. There was nothing democratic left in the power: OMON publicly beat citizens while the majority neither on TV, nor on the streets revolt - it doesn't matter... Unknown atomization of the society is achieved. Putin's pen-pusers have enough impudence to speak about receding poverty passing to departmental Stalin houses by beggars - at that not yet the poorest ones, those fail to crawl to the Moscow church porch.


However, there is nevertheless a certain beauty in our clumsy epoch: this skill not to trust the words of authority, such postmodernist illness. To listen to their rhetoric, not to trust it precisely the same as Putin trust to neither own, nor another's, but to be active in nodding heads, testing majestic delight and dispersing patriotic creeps on a back. In fact even it - is Authority. The one that is inviolable as all system characters from Prokhanov up to Zhirinovsky, from Kolerov up to Каgarlitsky consider. Saint is authority, saint is the pipe - and it's not possible to change anything in the blessed country. That is ideological moment now. And it is beautiful in its own way. However, even the believers, even the most breaking the post will not feel former delight: existence will press them with Marx's spontaneity, will seize the stomach with prices and the consciousness will start "to catch up"...

To the 1st of May, to the Dissenters Marches the society approaches in already excited condition - Medvedev's inauguration becomes rather similar to Khodynka if not incidentally, than historically... However, to wait for instant self-organizing of citizens into councils directly because of price lists - one can't do it. I recollect 1998. At first all played by rules, bought up by old and new prices all that they could. Then rail wars began. Present protest movement should be considered first of all as what will amplify, will be doubled and will be decupled after gallop of prices. To earn one thousand dollars is not enough even in Moscow now and how can exist the miners of Deripaska, the leader of Forbes list? They earn even less. The same about the railwaymen from my native Yaroslavskoe direction. They are not alone. Merge of political requirements with economic - that is inevitable joint way under a wreath bourgeois at first revolution of all opposition become overripe and unripe protest movement.

On this appearing through Easter grandeur of stability active background National Assembly becomes especially necessary - as the ark that will take out the germs of civilly active, temperamental society to coast of a new policy and new Russia cleared of mutants - partocrats. These guys achieved what they wanted in the USSR - cleared the deskbound party from improper to "elite" ideology during long 15 years, changing names and leaders but keeping clan-following and the status rent. It is the CPSU - only without "C" and even without "P" and for sure without "SU". It's "ER" - is a small core of the society living chicly in the dying out country - due to undereating, underbuying of many, the majority. Do they hope for peaceful co-existence? In vain.

Last congress of "Еdinaya Russia" became deification of putinism and oligarchism - the party in power for the sake of authority choked own rhetoric and recognized itself as the past, worse - of the CPSU. I sincerely regret Putin - in fact he have on May, 9 rattle off from a leaflet rhetoric about notorious growth which ahs bored him to death... While the facts in the running line will look from the side of GUM: growth of children's death rate, growth of suicides in armies, growth of outflow of the capital and the external corporate debt. The divergence between the doings and sayings will soon break, certainly. Sorrow for the ones who finished the performance - the scenario was their, they would have to answer, they boasted by "completeness of responsibility"... We will get oil-users even abroad ...

Here you are a trouble: nothing in the country has not changed for the better. Only billionaires grow as mushrooms - that is a true parameter of orientation of a "social" policy of power oligarchy. More strikes - more billionaires. That is the swing our society should rock until one party will not realize itself politically and will not merge with not system, real opposition.
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