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War with One Known

War with One Known
Sergey Juzhny 06.05.2008

The policy of making Russia weak and destroyed carried out under the management of the USA at last fructified. Probably, soon there will come time of harvesting.

Now we have criminal state with destroyed industrial base, backward science, education, qualified medicine inaccessible to the majority of the population and dying out population. There is no any longer strong socialist camp consisting from allies of Russia. In process of weakening of Russia militarization of the USA has not only decreased but has become even more amplified.

The world becomes more and more unipolar as military potential of the USA exceeds potential of all other world. Aspiration of the USA to world supremacy is obviously appreciable. Till now arrogant aspirations of the USA were restrained by an opportunity of drawing of retaliation with losses unacceptable for them. During last years situation has essentially changed. The USA almost continuously are at wars subordinating to their influence one by one all the countries and imposing to them the governments from their proteges.

Apparently, Europe should become arena of war for the American interests on gaining of world supremacy. It should save the American territory from unacceptable losses and undermine competitiveness of the European states. On a way to world supremacy there is an intense training to war against Russia. It will be the war for resources for the USA.

Firstly, it is necessary to understand existing situation and to imagine the most probable script of the further succession of events. Russia is not the richest with resources country and for the present is not the weakest, moreover possessing nuclear weapon. On the average official data it's on the seventh place on stocks of oil but its stocks are being quickly exhausted because of high speed of extraction.

Situation with gas is being considered as better one but the majority of prospective stocks are in places remote or inaccessible in the foreseeable future, for example, under ice. Gazprom is not the unique supplier of gas to Europe and, despite of big costs and rise in price for extraction sells gas at lower price, than its competitors. The developed prices for gas in Europe make 500-600 euros for one thousand cubic metre. Russia sells gas on the average under the price of about 200 dollars.

European gas-distributing campaigns at the minimal costs have huge incomes and don't want Russia join this market. Debts of Gazprom increase and it experiences serious financial difficulties at development of new deposits. It's more difficult to carry out obligations and to provide internal needs. Nevertheless, war against Russia can begin even earlier, than with Iran for much more bigger resources and there are very weighty reasons for it.

Reform carried out in Russia under the management of the USA led to unknown and impossible before criminalization, first of all in power structures. As it's known, the farther, the more Russia becomes dependent on the West. State reserves of the country and the majority of contributions of a ruling and financial top are there. Criminalization of authority weakens economy and defensibility of the country and has penetrated into all spheres of a life of the country, including in managing state structures and armed forces. Therefore military route of Russia will not represent significant difficulties.

In exchange for treachery they will be promised something. However, to promise does not mean to fulfill it. After consummation the Americans do not stand on ceremony with former allies. Negotiations with the Americans can go only about easing of our positions thus will make attack more probable. The Indians concluded set of eternal peace treaties with the Americans and as a result their rests became exotic for tourists in restricted areas. As a result of negotiations all nuclear potential of Russia is situated in one ground storehouse and can be easily destroyed.

In all international affairs the Americans pursue only own targets. Already now the Americans, declaring about accommodation of new bases in Europe, forget to coordinate it with the allies. If to have a desire, the occasion for attack will be found easily. There were already categorical demands to Russia concerning ostensibly overestimated prices for gas for Ukraine, which is essentially lower, than for Europe though is higher than internal prices. Russia is being forced in categorical form to buy unsuitable for eating Polish meat or Georgian wine about which the chapter of Georgia has expressed not so flatterly.

Any provocations from Georgia are possible on command. Despite of assurances in friendship and the promise not to advance NATO to the east, these forces are obviously directed not against the terrorist states which are basically oil-producing countries. Using influence on the criminal part of management, on the eve before impact the armed forces of the country will be brought into a state of minimal battle readiness.

Directly before the impact basic radar stations will be stopped on preventive repair. The strategic aircraft is concentrated only on two air stations and consequently can be easily destroyed. Ships and submarines will also be concentrated in places convenient for drawing of nuclear attack on them. Right after destructions of the basic strategic offensive and antiaircraft Russian armed forces methodical nuclear attacks on densely populated cities will be carried out. Not only numerous American bases and bases of their allies in Europe but also surface ships and submarines from areas of Mediterranean, Baltic and even Black seas will be used for this purpose.

Artillery bombardment of Russia from the territory of Ukraine by the American nuclear weapon is rather probable. Russia will be simply compelled to put weakened retaliation on some objects in Europe with the rest small part of rockets. The American air defence will not protect objects of the allies from which attack on Russia will be conducted. Assignment of their air defence - detection and destruction at the first stage of flight of the rockets directed aside the USA to keep the country.

After several days of nuclear bombardment Russia will be compelled to capitulate. As to the defeated country the contract similar to the contract with Iraq will be forced upon it. Armed forces of Poland, Baltic and some other European countries will be used as gun meat to control and suppress Russia. Mullions-strong human losses in Europe and its radioactive infection will only strengthen global influence of the USA.

Russia and the European countries - the basic competitors in struggle for world supremacy of the USA - will suffer basically and therefore it will be possible not to consider their interest in future. After this war situation in the world should change cardinally. The chaos brought by war will allow the Americans to take under their protection, to be more exact - under their constant and full control - nuclear weapon of the European allies. Capture of almost all natural resources by the Americans will be the most significant result of war.

While Europe will pick itself up from impacts and aspire to suppress Russia, the USA will manage to grasp other oil-producing countries for a short while. Venezuela, Iran, Arab Emirates will be seized, if someone says something not the way it should be and states ostensibly threat. Under the pretext of protection of their vital interests the USA will deprive the country everything that they will wish. Simply speaking America needs all oil of the world and full world supremacy. As a result if earlier the price for oil, gas and other natural resources developed on a competitive basis, after the capture of resources by one country the price would become exclusive. Naturally, America will sell the Siberian gas and the Arabian oil many times as expensive, than Russia. It will undermine economy of the countries of competitors, while economies of poorer countries such as Ukraine, Georgia will be destroyed.

Corrupt governors even of the plundered countries with purposely destroyed economy will use people and resources for protection of foreign interests that should cause civil wars. The Iraq army protects conquerors plundered their country and killed hundred thousand inhabitants. For a small part of the population of some countries there will be a work on maintenance of the American order in problem regions. The countries dissatisfied will be subjected to dictatorship by embargo - to the full termination of deliveries of power resources.

The USA will not endure economic strengthening in none of the countries, even in the friendly one which can become an obstacle for full world supremacy. China, having remained without resources, can move to the north. We will be permitted to lay down tens millions lives for the territory which resources will belong to other country. Certainly, the winners will bring up history of the conflict to hand. A sample of such masterpiece is altered history of Ukraine. America does not hide its interest also to oil of the near-Caspian states. Pushing of the Chechen Republic to independence will mean its full dependence on the USA. For this purpose it is enough to bomb, to pay and to hang up a little under a script already worked out in many countries.

For example, the USA managed to release Iraq so, that all oil began to belong to the American campaigns as a result, while Russia and other countries had to write off debts as hopeless to rescue the population from starvation. I am not sure that they will rescue us. In fact there is approximately twice more oil in Iraq, than in Russia, while the quantity of population is as in two Moscows.

Due to purposeful propagation a part of the population of Ukraine considers that Russia offends them strongly, selling gas though much cheaper, than to Europe but a little bit more expensive, than inside of the country. It is interesting, if deposits of gas were not in Russia but in Ukraine, what the price of the gas would be for us? So, really if one could hope that the USA will sell expensive Siberian gas for Ukraine practically free-of-charge? They won't need strong allies any more, while weak all the more so.

Full control over resources will mean also full control over industry of any country. Then any, a little bit technological trifle, for example, mobile phone will cost more, than the whole herd of rams.

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