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John McCain’s Aim Is Performance of the Great Mission That Will Let Him Enter World History

John McCain’s Aim Is Performance of the Great Mission That Will Let Him Enter World History

John McCain, candidate for a post of the president of the USA from the Republican Party, on the eve touched upon "dilettantism" of one of the leaders of democrats Barrack Оbama whom he called the politician deprived of experience in the affairs connected to safety, Newsru.co.il informs.

"Barrack Оbama declared that he's ready to sit down at the negotiation table with the president of Iran who, as it's known, demanded to erase Israel from a world map. I think that we should not grant the Iranian president such privilege", - McCain said making comments on application of Obama expressed readiness for negotiations with a management of such countries as Iran, Democratic People's Republic of Korea and Cuba.

"Senator Obama has no experience in questions of national safety and it influences his decisions in the given sphere", - McCain added. - "He has experience in other spheres but all the same I am much more skilled. Though he has perfectly coped with a task of financing of the campaign". Оbama, as it's known, gathered 41 million dollars for pre-election struggle.

People around Barrack Obama in reply to criticism accused John McCain of support of war in Iraq.
МcCain was also criticized for its sights in relation to the Kremlin. He is expected to correct essentially the rate towards Russia in case of his election the present. Such conclusions of the American political scientists are resulted by "Interfax", referring to the results of the interrogation which was carried out by agency Bloomberg.

"Aggressive policy of McCain can face difficulties as the USA require support of Russia as a nuclear power in crucial questions - such as restraint of Iran. The Russian economy enriched by export of oil is also less vulnerable for pressing from the outside, rather than it was in the beginning of Bush's presidency", - agency summarizes the statements of political scientists.
"McCain would have to deal with rising Russia, - Robert McFarlane, the adviser on national safety of president Ronald Rejgan said. - Rejgan on the contrary benefited by conducting affairs with Soviet Union experiencing serious decline".
In McFarlane's opinion, "firstly neoconservatives returned into administration will dominate among McCain's advisers, who are inclined to challenge Russia on each turn". However, he continues, "such policy will inevitably be broken upon the reeves of growing economic power of Russia".

"During the first year (in the White House) you, rather probably, will see disagreement in everything and public attacks" of McCain addressing the Russian leaders. "But during the second year, - the former adviser predicts, - all these young advisers will be dismissed and we, maybe, shall receive really more realistic president".

The course of McFarlane's reasoning was supported in the interview to Bloomberg by the former state secretary of the USA Henry Kissindzher. As he said, if the senator will become the owner of the White House, he should moderate the temperament and change the tone related to Russia.

"I am sure that senator McCain will have eventually an opportunity to correct his believes and to look at the world more open-minded", - the expert of the American foreign policy whose advices МcCain does not hasten to use yet said.

It's stated in the comment that "the Russians know that McCain's rhetoric is considerably more rigid, rather than of both applicants from Democratic Party senators Hillari Clinton and Barrack Оbama. They have already expressed readiness in case of their election to work together with the new president of Russia over such problems as non-distribution of the nuclear weapon, control over arms and struggle against the international terrorism.
One more serious difference of foreign policy and defensive concepts of the democrats from МcCain - a problem of Ballistic Missile Defense System. МcCain - is the supporter of the prompt expansion of this system while both his democratic competitors consider its technical reliability not proved.

Making comments on the opinions concerning John McCain's future foreign policy, the head of the Ukrainian edition of FORUM.msk Vladimir Filin said:

"The American political scientists and former high-ranking officials proceed from an absolute priority of a principle of naked situational pragmatism over ideology and political convictions of people. In most cases it works, as deprived strategy bureaucracy, as a rule, has no believes in general.

Sometimes, however, failures occur. For example, in case with the above mentioned Ronald Rejgan. It would seem strange that a person couldn't sit quietly in the White House? Just "get" "green" and pragmatically cooperate with the Kremlin guarantors. Well, no - Rejgan non-pragmatically pasted the USSR a brand "Empire of Evil", declared the program SDI and expansion of help to the Afghani mojaheds, then ruined world prices for oil and Soviet Union surrendered.

Meanwhile, today's petrodollar Russia, contrary to deceits, is much less strong economically and politically, than the USSR of epoch of stagnation. John McCain, by the way, considers himself the follower of Ronald Rejgan. He has the same motivation: the target of 72-years veteran of Vietnam is not to wear out the seat of his pants in presidential armchair but performance of great mission as he understands it that will let him enter the American and world history.

However, the ones that got used to absolutize bureaucratic or corruption approaches wouldn't understand it".

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