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"Еdinaya Russia" Declared Itself Heiress of the CPSU. Now It Prepares Own Perestroyka and Publicity

"Еdinaya Russia" Declared Itself Heiress of the CPSU. Now It Prepares Own Perestroyka and Publicity

Conference of "Edinaya Russia" on the Old Square passed in closed form. 250 members of "Edinaya Russia" were crowded in a small hall which before was occupied by Moscow State Duma. Journalists were permitted only performance of chairman of the supreme council Boris Gryzlov and the head of administration of president Sergey Naryshkin. Acutally it was enough: Gryzlov specified increasing role of a party and compared it to the CPSU, having said that dismissal from its numbers should be as terrible, as in the days of the USSR. Naryshkin who came closer to the end of Gryzlov's performance took 25 minutes and told about the tasks the country would face till 2020: the party should help with their fulfilment.

- Actually, the most pessimistic was not Gryzlov's performance but Naryshkin's words about 2020 year, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - It is possible to treat Gryzlov's words not seriously but the fact that Naryshkin plans something already for 12 years forward and this "something" will be connected to "Edinaya Russia" is, certainly, "serious and for long". I think if present Russian "elite" will manage to be kept at authority for another 12 years, it will be such a national catastrophe in comparison with which any most gloomy page of the Russian history will fade because it will be the end of historical Russia.

The first assistant to the head of the Kremlin administration Vladislav Surkov spoke in the closed form more than one hour and a half. "He cut us down to size", - the member of presidium of the General Council Frants Klintsevich ascertains. From Surkov's speech party-members acquired that it's necessary to aggravate even more the discussion and be ready to everything, including opportunity to appear in opposition at any moment. Surkov also called to the greater openness.

- Surkov - is a barmy ferment of present administration, historical analogue of academician Jakovlev in Gorbachev's Political bureau, - Anatoly Baranov considers. - If something is capable to disorganize System, it's only it itself in aspiration to updating. But if the System will not aspire to updating that, keeping itself, it will destroy the country. The place of non-system opposition is in this internal contradiction - there where the System could not vary and there where it is compelled to dismantle itself at least partially. Thus it is necessary to remember that the System is vicious initially, that it constantly destroys the country by the pure fact of existence. The System by and large does not have future but its present can excessively be stretched in time and destroy the future of the country. "Edinaya Russia" is an analogue of the CPSU and here Gryzlov is right, he can be not right as provincial nomenclature which has left the CPSU is not capable to build anything except for the CPSU. But it's not Stalin "Award of Brothers of the Sword" and not at all Brezhnev's party but typically Gorbachev's structure. It encourages: the secretary of presidium of the General Council Vladislav Volodin already told comrades about new priorities: development of clubs, carrying out on a constant basis of "Forum - 2020", formation of a personnel reserve, work with applications of citizens and supporters. Clubs of the party will expand a network of branches in regions, informed a source in the central executive committee. Members of "Edinaya Russia" do not exclude that oppositionists will be invited to their sessions. In general, Club "Perestroyka" - is the second edition but not improved one. There is already analogue of "Democratic Russia" on the approach - also meanwhile weak as "Other Russia" in the beginning but with strong potential of growth. Now the main thing is not to miss the rate and not to repeat mistakes of the beginnings of 90th which led no to liquidations of the System but disintegration of the country.
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