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Political Prostitute Became Academician

Political Prostitute Became Academician

The former chancellor of Germany Gerhard Shreder was made equal in social recognition of his scientific achievements and was put in one line with academician Ramzan Kadyrov.

Yesterday Shreder became the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences where he was forwarded by the department of social sciences as the candidate for foreign members of the Russian Academy of Science on specialty "Foreign Relations".

"Shreder always was notable for weighed approach to the decision of complex economic and social problems, he supports development of all-round relations of Germany and EU with Russia", - is spoken in the inquiry of the Russian Academy of Science.

At the present moment 64-years-old Shredder heads committee of shareholders of the company - operator of gas-supplying project "Northern Sstream", he has a scientific degree.

In the co-authorship with former British prime-minister Toni Blair in 1999 Shreder wrote scientific work under the name "The Way Forward for the European Social Democracy" where he analyzed demographic changes in a society and process of globalization.

The newly made academician is the author of the monograph "Decisions. My Life in Policy" translated into the Russian language and issued in 2007 with Dmitry Medvedev's foreword. The book contains reflections of the German scientist about national and world economic, the present and the future of Europe. A special chapter is devoted to Russia.

However, Shreder has a lot of enviers. One of them, nowadays late American senator Thomas Lantos, once politically incorrect called the academician "political prostitute".

The head of the Ukrainian editorial board of FORUM.msk Vladimir Filin does not share opinion of enviers of academician Shreder:


"An idea that Vladimir Putin bought Gerhard Shreder hook, line and sinker is deeply wrong though externally it looks so. Actually it is the German ruling elite in 1980th years corrupted a top of the Soviet then Fuel and Energy Complex through shadow payments for oil and gas and kick-backs being carried out outside the USSR. Such corruption communications and corruption dependence not only remained but even was amplified for the last 20 years having entangled the Kremlin security officers who took roots in oil-and-gas sector. In other words, it's not Shreder - Putin's puppet but the Russian ruling clique - entirely German puppets up to the extend that that not only external economic but also foreign policy of Moscow as a whole is being formed in Berlin. There are a lot of examples of it, the brightest of them - a proGerman position of the Kremlin in dispute between the USA and "Old Europe" on the eve of the war in Iraq. Or, another example, - similarly negative altitude to the introduction of Ukraine into NATO". "At formation of a summon of the Russian - Ukrainian relations, the management of Ukraine should understand precisely that the Russian position on key directions is developed not in the Kremlin, not in Moscow but in Berlin", - Vladimir Filin ended.

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