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German Intelligence Service Thought Up Anti-Governmental Conspiracy in Syria

German Intelligence Service Thought Up Anti-Governmental Conspiracy in Syria
Lusiena Israilova 09.06.2008

A take-over aiming to overthrow the president Bashar Asad was prevented in Syria, German newspaper Die Welt referring to a source in confidential services of Germany informs. Take-over was ostensibly planned for the end of March, 2008. To overthrow Asad's mode were planned by officers of the Syrian special services, and a son-in-law of the president, the chief of military investigation Аsef Shaukat headed a conspiracy.

The edition informs that Shaukat was connected with radical Islamic groupings.

Let's note, site Newsru.co.il writes, that Lebanese edition "Al-Мustakbal" informed in the beginning of April that the chief of the Syrian investigation general Asef Shaukat was placed under domestic arrest in connection with liquidation of one of the leaders of Lebanese terrorist organization "Hezbollah" Imad Mugnia at night from 12th to 13th of February in Damascus.

He is not accused yet. Probably, the matter is in kinship of the leader of conspirators with Аsad. Shaukat is married to the sister of president Bushra.

All in all over 100 officers of the Syrian special services are arrested on this case.

It's also informed that one of the leaders of Lebanese terrorist grouping "Hezbollah" Imad Mugnia is involved in the revwaling of the conspiracy. Die Welt marks that the terrorist was killed some days after that. The German newspaper considers that Mugnia's death was a revenge on the part of the conspirators remained at large.

Let's remind that it was already informed earlier that former vice-president of Syria Аbd al-Khalim Khadam said in interview to the Lebanese edition "Аl-Mustakbal" that Аsef Shaukat was placed under domestic arrest in connection with Imad Mugnia's death. According to Khadam, that that were the Syrian special services that were behind Mugnia's death, not Israel or the USA. Former vice-president added that investigation carried out by the Syrian authorities showed: organizers of the attempt were in Syria. As a result of it general Shaukat was arrested. Khadam noted that Bashar Asad planned to dismiss Shaukad long time ago but managed to do it only after Mugnia's murder.

Political analyst of FORUM.msk Ruslan Saidov familiar with Syria and Lebanon from the end of 1980th years does not share the version of conspiracy: "The fact that Bashar Asad wanted to dismiss Asef Shaukat long time ago didn't cause doubts. I also do not exclude participation of the Syrian military investigation in liquidation of terrorist Mugnia. However, I don't believe in conspiracy as well as in connection of Shaukat, as well as all management of Syria adherent of Ismaelian sect of Alavits, with radical Islamites. However, those who were responsible for "singing" of disinformation to the newspaper, may be didn't know, who Alavits are and as far as they can be considered to be Moslems. We can recollect, in 2000 Putin argued about "spiteful Shiites" on Northern Caucasus. It's the same".

"It's another question, - Ruslan Saidov reasons, - what for did the Germans need to throw a version of conspiracy right now when the Syrian-Israeli negotiations about peace took place through intermediary of Turkey? There are chances of success of negotiations, contours of possible agreement are also clear: in exchange for withdrawal of the Israeli armies from Golan Heights Syria recognizes Israel as it has been made by Egypt and Jordan and will stop to support HAMAS and "Hezbollah", that, in its turn, will lower degree of violence in Lebanon and Palestine having deprived Iran opportunities to help terrorists through Syria".

"Arab-Israeli conflict, alongside with Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, - is an old headache of the Americans. Probably, it's favorable to the Germans that this headache would remain, that the USA would be still densely shipped in the Middle East problems and they would have no time to other regions, in particular, to Europe.

True way to achieve it - to spoil the Syrian-Israeli dialogue. For this purpose it is necessary to give arguments to the right Israeli do not wishing to leave Golan. Conspiracy in Syria specifying instability of Asad's mode and, hence, on inability to provide fulfillment of obligations accepted - is just that argument. Therefore such conspiracy has been thought up in headquarters in Bavarian Pullah", - Ruslan Saidov considers.

Let's remind that "exposures" in Die Welt - is not the first "act" lately. FORUM.msk informed about the previous "act" in magazine "Spiegel":

"German magazine "Spiegel" published an article under heading "The Secret Union". The question is about preparation for transfer of military - air base in Mary to NATO. The edition writes that president Kurbangjuly Berdymuhammedov gave the instruction to the customs service and to frontier guards not to interfere with transit of cargoes directed by allies on NATO to Afghanistan....

Making comments on publication in "Spiegel", political analyst of FORUM.msk Ruslan Saidov said: "It's not the content of the article which is so important which, on my data, is near to the truth, but the one who has organized "leakage" and the reason of it. However, the answer lays on a surface. A source of outflow - German Foreign Intelligence and the reason - unwillingness of the Germans to have duplicating American base in Mary near to military base in the Uzbek Termez".


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