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They Search for a Glib Excuse to Interfere with Joining of NATO Membership Action Plan by Ukraine

They Search for a Glib Excuse to Interfere with Joining of NATO Membership Action Plan by Ukraine

Two-days visit of the delegation of NATO headed by the Secretary-General of North Atlantic Alliance Jaap de Hoop Scheffer came to its end. Supporting verbally aspiration of Kiev to join NATO Membership Plan of Action management of alliance he nevertheless emphasizes that for today Ukraine is not ready to a new stage of integration. In opinion of observers, they search in Bruxelles for a glib excuse so that to give to Ukraine in December a refusal to join NATO Membership Action Plan, at the same time it shouldn't look as concession to Moscow.


However, it's really so and if the USA don't care a snap for the Russian Federation, Germany and France distinctly have here own interests. "Relations between Ukraine and NATO which now develop and amplify are not directed against someone. NATO appreciates its partner and friendly relations with Russia and nothing which is or has been done by NATO could not be considered as actions directed against Russia", - the chapter of alliance said, probably, so that he was heard in Moscow.


Making comments at request of journalists the statement of vice-premier Ivanov (not mentioning a surname) that "NATO will force Ukraine to enter visas to the Russians", the Secretary-General declared that "he does not see direct connection between questions of euroAtlantic integration and a visa mode".


- The Russian officials of the supreme ranks almost a year travels across Europe visa-free using diplomatic passports and NATO doesn't interfere with it, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov reminded in this connection. - Officials have very serious visa privileges but this "simplification" of a visa mode which has been announced with delight state mass-media before elections has nothing to do with simple people. Moreover, Europeans, despite of membership in NATO suggested to make visa-free mode for all on very mild conditions, but the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs refused. They are not interested in it. In case of introduction of Ukraine into NATO and beginning of eurointegration processes there will be, undoubtedly, serious visa indulgences, including visa-free mode in the nearest prospect. EU has nothing against preservation of a visa-free mode of Ukraine with Russia - in the same way visa-free mode with EU for Eastern Europe countries did not mean cancellation of visa-free trips for the Russians. Visas were entered later when Eastern Europe entered Schengen and passport control on borders of the Schengen zone were abolished for them. Meanwhile it looks as if Moscow is going to enter visas with Ukraine at the very moment Ukraine will receive even the prospect of visa free entrance of EU at presentation of the Ukrainian passport. Today Moscow builds new "iron curtain" and it doesn't need half-open mode with Ukraine.


"Kiev "in every possible way wants positive decision on NATO Membership Action Plan was accepted in the current year", - the president of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko declared what is clear. The president of Ukraine hurries up to show on the one hand to Washington readiness to carry out obligations and on the other - to shape  relations with NATO before presidential election campaign to have trumps at least for his voters in the West of Ukraine.


Jaap de Hoop Scheffer in his reciprocal statement refrained from giving concrete term of joining the plan by Ukraine. "It is important to continue movement on a way of reforms", - the Secretary-General of NATO noted, having promised that alliance "will do its best to render support and help to Ukraine" during the process of reforming of national armed forces and their bringing in conformity with NATO standards.

For today the Ukrainian army is really far from conformity to criteria of NATO. Besides position of Kiev is aggravated with uncooperative altitude of the majority of population of the republic to the prospects of introduction into NATO and also by position of Russia unequivocally opposing joining NATO Membership Action Plan by Ukraine.


Analysts consider that after visiting of east cities such as Dnepropetrovsk and Kharkov which do not accept idea of introduction into NATO by the Secretary-General, the alliance will even more reflect about backing out of Ukraine.


It is not excluded that the purpose of the present visit of a management of NATO is search of a glib excuse which could be used to postpone joining of NATO Membership Action Plan by Ukraine for uncertain time.


The prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko, the main applicant for a presidential armchair next year, considers inexpedient carrying out of a referendum for joining of Ukraine to NATO Membership Action Plan in relation to membership in NATO. According to Тimoshenko, "it is not necessary to create provocations there, where it is not necessary to do them".


- In general it is clear, that Тimoshenko wants both to please western Ukrainian voter, on interrogations wishing to enter NATO in majority, - Anatoly Baranov summarized, - and, on the other hand, does not wish to lose eastern Ukrainian voter who does not want to enter it. However, most likely, she would lose both here and there because of it. More democratically adjusted western voter will be surprised by refusal of procedure of referendum on NATO Membership Action Plan, while eastern - will not be happy with the very joining to the Plan. Brussels could rally to Timoshenko having postponed the questions with NATO Membership Action Plan of Ukraine for uncertain time - it will "deaden" Jushchenko, while uncertainty in this question (as well as in any other) will be to the good to Timoshenko. She has already make so many mutually exclusive statements that resignation on Jushchenko's initiative would be the best for her but he won' render her such support.


The People's Deputy of Ukraine from Communist party Leonid Grach signed a petition to the Secretary-General of NATO Jaap de Hoop Scheffer.


"You started making direct forgery, having offered after V.Jushchenko to consider separately a question on joining of Ukraine to the program of preparation for membership in NATO and the decision on the final introduction of our country in North Atlantic Alliance. I remind you that the overwhelming majority of the Ukrainian society opposes any expansion of cooperation with NATO no matter how it will be called", - L.Grach declared in his petition.


"If You really value territorial integrity of Ukraine and well-being of its people, you should reckon with the results of the national referendum carried out in 2006 testifying that all social, age and ethnic groups of Crimea are against joining the Alliance... You are obliged to respect the will of the Ukrainian society and to demand from the Ukrainian authority aspiring to deserve favour of Washington and Brussels observance of base principles of political democracy", L.Grach declared.

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