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Do not Spare His Tummy the Former General Secretary of the CPSU Selflessly Fights for Freedom

Do not Spare His Tummy the Former General Secretary of the CPSU Selflessly Fights for Freedom
Оleg Sultanov 20.06.2008

Joyful for all true democrats news were received from the USA: the national American constitutional center awarded Gorbachev's M. a medal of Freedom. In three months our great compatriot will arrive to Philadelphia where he will be given this deserved reward by the daddy of the present president of the USA; Georges Bush - senior in a year of disorder of the USSR headed the American administration and it could be nobody by he who should decorate Michael Sergeevich's breast with the next merit badge.


Gorbachev, certainly, is not Brezhnev who had painful bent for metal symbols of military-civil valour but the former first communist of a planet nevertheless has never refused and does not refuse from awards. He has a lot of them. The Soviet Fatherland noted its, as it was found out, not so true son, by three Orders of Lenin, the Red Banner of Labour, Order of great October revolution, Order of Badge of Honour, innumerable number of medals.


Fatherland, probably, wrongly assumed that the member of the CPSU M.Gorbachev actively built on its open spaces light communistic tomorrow, while he, having reached the top of a party-hierarchy of the Civil Service changed communistic orientation having thrown off simultaneously his "lift" into the depth of a hell.


Certainly, Soviet Union was not a sample of a state system and the CPSU many of us considered to be political chains interfering with moving of the country confidently to social progress. Real dissidents tried to struggle with totalitarian mode, carried out, as they could, anti-soviet activity, were proud to get prison stints, emigrated, openly propagandized their aversion of communistic mode. They were enemies of the Soviet mode and were at war with it. The mode also treated them as enemies: they were revealed, they went to prisons and lunatic asylums, were exiled.


I think so that "comrade" Gorbachev always had an opportunity, firstly, not to enter Communist Party and, secondly, already being its member, to leave the CPSU openly and to explain to fellow citizens harmfulness of this political force. That's there was an opportunity to become the dissident, to convict the Soviet authority and a party ruling in the country.


However, a destiny of oppositionist didn't suit Michael Sergeevich and he worked his butt off for communistic idea getting from authority powerful state awards and posts.


Anyway, M. Gorbachev has more overseas awards, than ours: 49 foreign orders, medals, merit badges, premiums. What is surprising is that the majority of them, especially premiums, were given already after liquidation of the USSR or, let's say, on time approaches to this global tragedy for tens millions fellow citizens of "reformer" Gorbachev! At that geography of the subjects who has stimulated financially the former chapter of the richest huge power is wide. From Israeli "Star of the Hero" up to the Premium of Sir Winston Churchill, from the American Premium of King David to the Italian Premium "Friends of the Piano". Even fine shopkeepers from Bologna in 1993 awarded our freedom-loving Michael Sergeevich premium "Hero of the Year". Germany was also generous: "Grand Cross for Merits", premium "Comet", in 1997 a nice hailstones Frankfurt am Main also gave premium. Americans appeared to be the most generous, naturally - 13 memorable awards and powerful premiums! Here you can find premium of the International Female Zionist Organization (1998, Miami) and premium of Hugh O'Brian Youth Foundation and premium Enron of Baker's Institute "For Outstanding Merits before Society" (it's curious what society is meant? - O.S.)


While we were greedy, only two premiums; it's only 0.4% of the total foreign awards and premiums! We are strange people, the Russians. A couple of hours before sociological interrogation revealed that 71% of the interrogated Russians considered honourable in the West Mister Gorbachev the traitor. Why so?


The USA award a Medal of Freedom to which monetary compensation in $ 100 000 is applied and which is handed over, as "Voice of America" informed one of those days, only "to outstanding fighters with communistic tyranny", while the Russian population harp on treason.


Well, it would be ok, if such point of view was shared by illiterate drunks and tramps. Well, no! I talked recently on this theme to one old intellectual who wore 20 years back gold epaulettes in the Joint Staff of Armed forces of (our) country. That general gloomy and deceitfully said that the Americans - are good fellows, they managed, despite of all premiums for "outstanding fighter for freedom", to save a lot by not having resent anyone, as the Germans in 1917, to Russia in sealed up trains full with "reformers" and gold. An old ass also lied that our country, thanks to perestroika, was present to the West on a platter. With oil and gas edging...

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