ichael Delyagin: "Putin and McCain - the Past, Medvedev and Obama - the Future"

ichael Delyagin: "Putin and McCain - the Past, Medvedev and Obama - the Future"
nna Ivanova 23.06.2008




Question: Michael Gennadevich, You are - one of rigid critics of ruling bureaucracy, however, you do not lay concrete claims to president Medvedev. What is the reason?


Answer: You know, normal person lays claims not because someone is not pleasant to him but because that someone does something wrong. When Medvedev was engaged in the matters with Ukraine and then in "national projects", he was criticized - both by me and my colleagues. What is the reason to criticize him now? He has just few real powers and he actually doesn't make mistakes in their framework.


Q: Will he stay a puppet till the time Putin will ask him to withdraw?


A: I think that Putin will not ask. He is not from those who ask knowing that he will be refused.


Q: So - does he really leave?


A: Well, he hasn't gone anywhere, he sits as used to, he has enough authority. But - for the time being. Formal powers and time work on Medvedev. The government cannot solve most acute problems, first of all inflation, renewed impoverishment of mass, suffocating shortage of infrastructure. It cannot solve them because it was it that had generated them, to start solving them for the government means - to deny itself.


Simple example: inflation. It was generated by arbitrariness of monopolies. It means that to lower it is necessary to bridle arbitrariness of monopolies. Already at this stage it is necessary to muzzle official propagandists, including a number of ministers, who tell fairy tales about monetary reason of inflation, that prices grow because someone has too much money.


You know those who have a lot of money live abroad.


Q: Well, one Kudrin more, one Kudrin less - does it make any difference to the same Putin?


A: You know, there is such a post - "friend of the president". The president no longer exists, while friends remained. Putin though having new post has no other friends. But - further: to bridle arbitrariness of monopolists is necessary to find out transparency of structure of prices for their products. Otherwise it appears to be as with milk: procurement price because of unreasonable policy reduced twice, from 12 to 6 roubles for a litre, while retail price not only remained at the level of 26 roubles but even continued to grow!


In this situation is necessary to open structure of the price. For ruling bureaucracy it's whole catastrophe because the share of bribes in the price will be found out. In fact business pays bribes and requisitions of ruling bureaucracy not from its money but from ours.


On the other hand, if to open structure of prices of monopolists - means to almost undermine hardly not a basis of our political system - corruption, - it means that monopolist can refer to bribes for substantiation of his appetites growth. Nobody would learn, who wanted to buy Maybach - corrupted official or this businessman.



So, to lower inflation is necessary to limit corruption - this task is not solvable for ruling bureaucracy.


How is the system arranged? - "the tsar is good, only boyars are bad". For all troubles boyars are blamed, while the tsar is regretted. Accordingly, Chairman Putin has put himself almost on Chubays's place and soon he will get hard time.


Q: But bureaucracy is after him!


A: Bureaucracy is - after the one who is weaker: for the lackey weak chief is better than the strong one. Medvedev is weaker at least because he has only come. Besides just as after Stalin bureaucracy is tired of terror as method of management, the same way ruling party is tired of power methods of solving of commercial disputes after Putin. It will start going - to Medvedev.  


To search for the rights - though any, though pale similarity. While law is Medvedev's sphere, therefore judges now - ascending social strata, as public prosecutors in the beginning of 2000.


Intelligency will also adjoin Medvedev, it cannot fly but it will creep.


Q: Why?


A: Medvedev should objectively "escape" from Putin, to show his peculiarity, independence. Therefore a search of new themes and people, formation of new "agenda" is going on and it is interesting and gives hopes. Besides conversations about innovations allow intelligency, especially technical one, to hope for something and even to earn money - and people appreciate the mere hope for it.


Q: You know, there is a popular belief that it's such "a struggle of Nanaj boys", that Medvedev simply hold the post and will give it away following the first command.


Q: He has a grip, he is worthy pupil of Putin, besides he took many things from others. He understands the essence of authority. Right now Putin cannot return - it's indecent, then when will be decent, Medvedev would already settle himself comfortable, he would get stronger. I am afraid that he is not capable to overcome system crisis but we'll see - he has nevertheless chances.


He has no more powers than the princess from "Roman Vacations" - but he will pull them on himself and the objective situation helps him.


So, Obama will meet different Medvedev, we don't know him yet.


Q: With bama?? America will never will elect Negro!


A: That America which will not elect Negro, will choose Hillari. You should understand that bama is perceived by the American society as a symbol of the future, while McCain - of fine, deserved, respectable but the past. Step by step prosperous society - and the USA are such, despite of hypothecary crisis and great financial problems, - always chooses the future and not the past. It is necessary also to take into consideration that neo-conservatives have cracked inside of America something very important, some internal pin of this society.


They felt and expressed the American interests best of all but they quite dialectically finished them to the point of irrationality, up to the contrast - and by that devaluated them in opinion of their carriers, in opinion of an appreciable part of America.


Now the American society lost its ability to self-defense before chaos, especially the one from its own depths. America again lost belief in rectitude - and it always and for everybody is fraught with catastrophe.


Q: Well, what will be an American accident?


A: Meanwhile - global financial crisis, technological jerk of China and gradual loss of a position of world reserve currency by dollar. But bama - is the American Gorbachev. When Gorbachevs come, catastrophes come after them.


Q: That is Russia, as You have already written, needs Obama?


A: Yes, situation has not changed but here we have full consent, almost as within reorganization: Russia needs Obama and America also wants him. It is always pleasant, when harmony of interests arises not at our expense.


Q: How strong will the position of such bama be?


A: Good girl, Anya, that is the main question. Huge amount of those who will vote for Hillari, sincerely hate him. If there were no Hillari, they would reluctantly back up McCain, now they will give victory to Obama. They will give power to a person whom they hate, - thus understanding that something will happen to him, their leader - Hillari - will become the president.


Q: You hint that Obama can possibly be killed?


A: It's possible to kill everybody. But Obama will be in danger after his victory.

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