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Gaydar Dzemal Wants to Make Medvedev to Observe Rights of Moslems

Gaydar Dzemal Wants to Make Medvedev to Observe Rights of Moslems

Chairman of committee of National Assembly on National Policy, chairman of Islamic committee of Russia Gaydar Dzhemal prepares an open reference to new president Dmitry Medvedev on behalf of the Moslems of Russia in which five requirements are stated. Today at press conference in Moscow, sounding the message to authorities, Dzemal let everybody know, that the doctrine of search of the internal enemy for which role Moslems had been chosen was being realized. "Actually it was recognized by political scientists in their circle that it's necessary to have internal enemy for consolidation of a society, that it's an old efficient receipt. Moslems suit optimally to the role of the enemy", - Dzemal declared.


Making arguments of this point of view, chairman of Islamic committee of Russia paid attention to the fact that the process coincided with a change of a vector of foreign policy activity of Russia. "After September, 11th the crusade on Islam was declared. And Putin chose union with America against Islam as a guarantee of returning of the status of world power to Russia", - Dzemal declared.


As he said, IA "New Region" writes, now the Kremlin administration carries out a policy of double standards in relation to Moslems. "There is double standard - one policy "for carrying out", intended for Moslems from the outside. These are conferences and symposiums. Another one- in relation to Moslems inside of the country which has nothing common with comely conferences. Image of Russia turned to the organization Islamic conference, SCO is being created for Arabs, Malayans, Iranians, while there is a rigid doctrine of internal enemy being working out inside", - Dzemal declared and added that that practice had been existing for at least eight years.


"The largest component after the title orthodox Russian nation of the Russian civilization - Moslems - are exposed to prosecution in the escalating sizes. Hundreds of forged affairs on which the verdict of "not guilty" of a jury was cancelled; the list of the forbidden literature is multiplied. All of us see what occurs in republics - subjects with title traditionally Muslim ethnos. There is the most severe pressure against believing youth there. There is actually usurpation of authority by local corrupted clans, at that they hope for the support from center. Hoping for this support they injure own people, they are ready to have deaths. All this together creates atmosphere of intolerance. It takes Russia to the edge of explosion, instability", - Gaydar Dzemal declared.


According to Dzemal, in republics with title traditionally Muslim ethnos "the most severe pressure" of believing youth is being carried out: "Political authority is being usurped there by the local corrupted clans. Thus, they hope for support of center. The hope for this support puts pernicious harm to own people. They go into shedding blood of youth".


"It's possible today absolutely definitely to say that broadcasting statement that armed resistance is crushed, that a victory over the armed Caucasian resistance is a result of 8-years board of Putin - is a lie, to put it mildly", - Dzemal noted.


"All this creates atmosphere of intolerance and takes Russia to the edge of explosion. It's possible today absolutely definitely to say that broadcasting statement that armed resistance is crushed, that a victory over the armed Caucasian resistance is a result of 8-years board of Putin - is a lie. Armed resistance exists, gets stronger, takes other forms and becomes not national - separative and para-political as it was in the past but political and internationalist. It is much more dangerous for Russia, than external para-political national - separatism which could be easily localized, isolated and won", - the head of Islamic committee declared.  


"It is much more dangerous for Russia, than external para-political national - separatism which could be easily localized, isolated and won. Today's form of resistance is much more dangerous", - chairman of Islamic committee of Russia stated.


Thus he declared that it's necessary to change essentially a format of attitude to Moslems in those conditions in Russia and from their part Moslems of Russia put forward five requirements to authority.


The first requirement - to admit Moslems to political life of Russia. That is to enable Moslems fully, as to independent group, a part of the Russian civilization to influence formation of both internal and foreign policy, to be the bridge between Russia and the external Islamic world, - Dzemal informed.


As he said, he is not talking about confessional parties but about political organizations and movements which put before itself tasks considering involving of Moslems in policy and their integration to public and state life of Russia.


The second requirement of Moslems which Dzemal sounded, - free elections in republics with title residing of traditional Muslim ethnos. "Free elections are necessary for all Russia but at the same time it is clear that elections of mayor of Ryazan are more free, than the one that would take place, for example, in Kabardino-Balkaria, Ingushetia and Dagestan. It's absolutely clear that these are different levels of freedom', - he noted.


The third requirement - admission of Moslems to mass-media. "It is high time to stop vicious practice when mass-media are an isolated platform which realizes only signals starting from a narrow elite circle. It is necessary to stop the frozen mitt of Moslems as citizens of the second grade in information sphere", - Dzemal declared.


The fourth requirement - revision of political affairs on those obvious falsifications, as a result of which innocent people stay today in prisons.


The fifth requirement - to stop a shameful practice of taboo of Muslim books which have a centuries-old practice of divine service and are a part of a world civilization.


"These five requirements we are going to formulate, to direct open letter to authority from Moslems and to begin driving for signatures. We hope that authority which feels solicitude for destiny of Russia will hear our requirement, will take it into consideration, will go on certain steps", - Dzemal said.


"We have bases to hope for it, as there are various sort of signals and performances that new president Dmitry Medvedev carries out silent struggle with security officials for liberalization of a society. We welcome such signals. They encourage and we consider that not everything's lost. We have hope. As people who love Russia and wish to keep it we shall take steps to mobilize Muslim public opinion in support of these steps on liberalization", - chairman said.


Thus he emphasized: "The mere forming of a question and this very reference testify that Moslems wish to be a positive and constructive element in the all-Russian civilization".


"Good will is stated in this reference, if it wasn't so - it would be enough to observe malevolently a course of events because that course of events wouldn't result in anything good", - gaydar Dzemal concluded.


From editorial board: having a profound respect and sincere companionable feeling to Gaydar Dzemal, it's very difficult to be objective in estimation of his political activity. In essence he and his comrades are absolutely right on all items. Really a discrimination of Moslems is going on and image of a Moslem is being meaningly diabolized by official propagation. Classical imperial principle "Divida et Impera" is really realized - divide and dominate.


Whether a lot remains from well-known "friendship of peoples" in the times of the USSR? Now official propagation makes sour mine even at a word "internationalism": just a little more and Ivan Demidov's pupils will proclaim Russland uber alles! "Russia for the Russians!" - is already almost official slogan of authority and definition "prison of peoples" comes back to Russia together with relics of last Romanovs.


On the other hand, whether the requirements sounded by Dzemal could be fulfilled?


Yep, they will declare at once fair free elections, will admit everybody in mass-media and will release all prisoners of conscience.


Though the alternative precisely sounded by Dzemal - war on Caucasus, may be even wider - becomes then not an alternative but the only possible variant as neither the first, nor the second, the fifth items of requirements of Islamic committee wouldn't be admitted by authority.


Or it would? Or it is favourable to Medvedev to take "putin's security officials" on infringements of constitutional laws of millions Russian Moslems? Then I applause Gaydar Dzemal - it's a thin game.


It's only unbelievable that today it's possible to solve a problem which was not possible to solve during one and a half ten of war on Caucasus by graceful political technological impact. .


Dzemal persistently repeats that all decisions in the given question - political. So, it's necessary to solve all 5 questions politically, in a vein of legal policy and not by rules of a palace intrigue. It is our trouble, certainly, common - late Yeltsin's epoch and 8 years of putin's mode brought up us in tradition of palace policy. There it's possible to win having built a beautiful combination, without attraction of serious resources, great mass, without significant public shifts.


In real public policy it is impossible. It means, it is necessary to leave from palace intrigue into policy. If epoch changes, of course.


So, we support requirements of the Russian Moslems. But, as they say in a song which is even called so - "International": "Nobody will give us salvage, neither the god, nor tsar, nor hero, we will achieve release with own hand". It's for those who don't know it by heart.


Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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