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Моscow Helps the USA to Justify Accommodation of Anti-Missile Defense System in Czechia

Моscow Helps the USA to Justify Accommodation of  Anti-Missile Defense System in Czechia
Russia will react to expansion of components of anti-missile defense system of the USA near its borders using "not diplomatic but military - technical methods", is said in the application of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Agreement on accommodation of the American radar was signed on July, 8 in Prague by the state secretary of the USA Condoleezza Rice and her Czech colleague Karl Schwarzenberg.

"It is clear that the Russian party in such situation will take adequate measures for indemnification of the created potential of threats to the national safety. But it's not our choice", - is said in the application of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that, probably, is meant for the Czech members of parliament: the agreement comes into force only after it's ratified by parliament of Czechia.

The American party in its turn once again declared that expansion of anti-missile defense system in the East Europe "is directed on prevention of threat proceeding from the Near East and not against Russia".

- Naturally, the American system in Europe is directed also against the Russian threat too, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noted. - Within last 15 years the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs constantly assured that there's and there would be no threat from our part. But now, when radar in Czechia became almost a reality and anti-missiles is also quite real prospect in Poland, they don't ask in Moscow a reasonable question - who threatens whom in reality? No, for some reason they are busy in Moscow with more evident confirmation of validity of fears of the West! "We'll answer to you now! Our answer will be rocket - nuclear!"

"I do not want to predict now what will be military - technical answer of the Russian Federation, - Anatoly Baranov continued. - Russia can reanimate fighting railway complexes ("Scalpel") having withdrawn from SALT that makes anti-missile defense system on borders of our country ineffective. It can reanimate system of creation of nuclear charges of low power with atypical chain of delivery - from nuclear artillery shells, nuclear charges delivered by means of tactical aircraft, eventually - up to nuclear charges delivered by specially prepared groups of special troops to the territory of the probable opponent. In one word, there are really a lot of variants of dissymmetric answer. However there is a question - whether Russia really plans to be at war with the West? If so, it is necessary to pass urgently to a model of mobilization economy, to change the suits of ministers from "Brioni" to breeches, to paste a blackout on the windows of palaces on Rublevka. The main thing - to stop entry - departure, to enter secrecy order. Otherwise it looks strange - the country prepares for total war, while its high-ranking officials hold families and real estate in the territory of probable opponent, have (as against simple citizens) year-long visa-free entrance there, carry out pleasant and weakened life, not worrying at all about condition of the defensive industry, armed forces, professional training and a lot of other vital things. Whether these investors will play at a role of Stalin People's Commissars? Do not make me laugh!"

- It's clear that Washington tries to cope with economic crisis, including usage of growth of military charges including by means of shifting of a part of this burden on the basic competitor Europe, - Anatoly Baranov explained. - The Russian Federation economically integrated into Pax Americana long time ago under the request of "senior comrades" plays along as it can: gnashes rotten teeth, shakes flabby muscles, inflates beer tummy. All of them together rescue their world, that world which they "have got" and now uses in different ways. Why we should trust them and even help?

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