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Left Fraction - on the Vyborg Side

Left Fraction - on the Vyborg Side
Fedoseev Ilya 30.07.2008

Now in Russia incorporated Left (or, anyway, their prototype) exist within the framework of the National assembly as fraction. Whether such existence will be continued further or the Left, having formed organizationally, will leave the structure of this body - in this case it's not important. Much more important is another.

If incorporated Left are going to carry out politics tricks seriously (and now there are no reasons to doubt) they could have only one purpose - coming to power. Further socialist, the more communistic transformations are impossible without it. Here there are different variants - the Left front can take authority alone or in the structure of coalition represented by the same Assembly. Liberals can continue speaking about carrying out of fair elections but we understand: for the Kremlin to carry out such elections means to give away authority voluntary. There is no need to say that it will never go on it, if only not to take it by the throat. In the present kind the Assembly is obviously unable to do it.

It means rigid (possibly bloody) struggle for authority is inevitable. I do not know if liberals are ready to such struggle - but we, the Left, should be ready to it (otherwise it is necessary to leave policy and to engage, say, ourselves in collecting of butterflies). Struggle is impossible without powerful social base - the same industrial workers. The Left would have to lean against them not only by virtue of their leftism but also because there is no one else to back them up.

A work over the program of the incorporated Left is going on. All sane people understand that the main addressee of this program - workers. What can we offer them that they go after us? Meanwhile it is necessary to suggest - for if they will not go after us, we will have the same collecting of butterflies left.

Steadfast Marxists like to abuse modern Russian proletariat - dark and unorganized. Well, these charges are in the basic fair. It is necessary to notice, however, that such children's illnesses were always characteristic of working-class movement. Never in any country the proletariat began the struggle from other thing and not from the demands to give worthy salary and normal working conditions; and in this struggle it passed school of organization and opposition to the capital. Only in due course it (not without the help from the outside) got ripened up to political requirements. However, the Russian worker now is too far from it.

While we need politically active and conscious proletariat. It's impossible to create it on beconing of a magic wand, certainly - but it is possible to bring it up, help it to develop. Only how?

It's hardly possible to realize idea of proletarian party in modern Russia. It's not only because of condition of the proletariat which is not ready (and hardly will become ready in the foreseeable future) to support certain party having recognized it as its spokesman of the interests and to struggle for its coming to power. Not less important role is played also by the condition of the Left in Russia who are now ready to anything, except for a merge into uniform party. It's noticed long time ago that if to lock two Left in one room so that they would come to some agreement - in one hour both will leave it with the shiners. Quite a bright example - destiny of those left organizations which in April carried out the conference and delegated the representatives to the National assembly. It would seem politically it's quite a neutral step - but such organization as Institute "Collective Action" accused us and branded us opportunists. Well, we dared to cooperate with liberals - and thus failed to save ideological innocence.

If today we come to workers with an offer to support certain party (or association of parties - it is insignificant), we shall hear quite expected answer: "You should handle the matter among yourself first of all". However, most likely, proletarians will express themselves even more roughly - people, if you know, are not so refined... To convince workers that their main interest will be in our coming to power will be quite difficult.

Thus it is not necessary to forget that not even all workers in Russia have grown up to economism. Some are ready to strike for the sake of increase of the salary and improvement of working conditions - while others till now profess a principle "we will have enough for beer. What could be done?

In my opinion, inclusion of an item which would have relation both to economic and political requirements into the program of incorporated Left is the only way out - it would naturally transit the first into the second. The question is about self-management of the workers. Yes, I know that it is not new, that many and many spoke about it before... But, as Victor Shenderovich said: "It's banal to wash hands before meal but I insist that it's also necessary".

The workers despite of draconian antistrike laws can strike - and they strike. They can screw by strike the arms of the employer and force to accept conditions. So why can't they using the same way... well, for the beginning - achieve inclusion of representatives of trade union into administration? In due course, if to carry out campaign purposefully and systematically, it is possible to achieve that every in the slightest degree large enterprise appears in authority of the labour collective - the proprietor, even formally not deprived the rights, has no opportunity to supervise enterprise. Well, if such things happen not in one enterprise but on several - at that their labour collectives will contact and start to coordinate activities? It's not necessary to be as wise as Solomon to understand: the city belongs to the one who supervises its economy. And the workers are capable not only to participate in operation of business but also to operate it independently and rather effectively - it has been evidently shown by experience of Vyborg Pulp-and-Paper Plant nine years ago.

Certainly, the way suggested here is far not easy and fast. However, in my opinion, for today it is the unique way to the real, not imaginary dictatorship of proletariat.

The most important here is that - now working self-management is the only political slogan in which proletariat can see expression of its deep interests.

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