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Alexander Solzhenitsyn Died

Alexander Solzhenitsyn Died

The Nobel winner, writer Alexander Isaevich Solzhenitsyn died in Moscow on the 90-th year of life. Solzhenitsyn received wide popularity besides literary works (as a rule touching sharp political themes) also by historic - publicistic works about history of Russia of XIX-XX centuries.

Regardless attitude both to a person of the writer and his works the person, once being former a sign figure for the whole epoch died. Having debuted on a wave of "Years of Thaw" in "The New World" headed by Tvardovsky with the story "One Day of Ivan Denisovich" Solzhenitsyn, as they say, "woke up well-known". Then other works of the writer which led to his exile from the USSR followed.

Epopee "Archipelago GULAG" which manuscript served as the reason for his expatriation was the most significant work of the writer. Solzhenitsyn settled in Vermont for long and continued to write.

Returning of the well-known writer to Russia was recognized to be a sign, as well as his exile. Solzhenitsyn came back to the country by train having passed from the Far East up to Moscow. He was met at the Yaroslavl station as the guru, as "starets" who at last would teach Russia to live not on lie and thus to prosper. It happened, let's recollect, already after the shootings of Council House about which the writer told nothing. For in the epoch of privatization, epoch of "valiant 90s" the lie triumphed. Here again, in Russia treated kindly by authorities, allocated Moscow apartment and country-seat in Troitsa-Lykovo he, apparently, appeared at a loose end.

New authorities of Russia did not require advices of the writer and his attempt to act in public not with all-round approval but with own point of view, as a rule critical one, caused irritation. Eventually Solzhenitsyn as well as during Soviet time appeared to be out of air, gradually his name disappeared from periodical press - only his books already having no relation to the Russian reality of the 21-st century continued to be published.

The death of the great writer will be accepted in the Kremlin with relief - he would not say or write anything more...

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