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New Valve of Sichuan Earthquake in China

New Valve of Sichuan Earthquake in China
Pavel Basanets 08.08.2008
 According to the Chinese correspondent of OFRUM.msk Pavel Basanets in the Chinese province Sichuan, near to epicenter of the previous earthquake in May this year another shocks with amplitude 6.1 points. It became known in the morning on August, 6th that one person died and 23 got wounds. The center of earthquakes of China on Tuesday informed that shocks were felt in two other provinces - Gansu and Shansi.
In a number of cities communication and transport connection is broken. In particular, as a result of last shocks there was destroyed a bridge on a motorway 212.
After earthquake on May, 12th this year 22019 fluctuations of different size were registered. From the beginning of last wave of earthquakes in May, on the official data in province Sichuan and neighbouring provinces 69207 people died, 374468 received wounds, 18194 people were registered as missing.
According to our correspondent by phone, he experienced indirect influence of earthquake on him. After the beginning of a series of shocks the plane on which Pavel Basanets planned to take for business trip on a route Hangchow - Guangzhou was postponed.
For elimination of consequences military men who, first of all, restore roads, communication lines and electricity transmissions are mobilized.
The Chinese seismologists consider proceeding tremors in different areas of the province "aftershocks" of the earthquake on May, 12th.
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