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Georgia Began Military Operation in South Ossetia

Georgia Began Military Operation in South Ossetia

On the night of August, 8 Georgian party declared the beginning of operation on establishment of a constitutional mode in South Ossetia. From 11:30 p.m. on Thursday Tskhinvali has been exposing to massed shelling. According to authorities of unrecognized republic, about 03:30 a.m. on Friday Georgian armor and infantry started attack of the southern suburb of Tskhinvali. However, as they assert, south Ossetian forces meanwhile manage to constrain attacking. Georgian planes Su-25 attacked the territories of South Ossetia, the commander of Peace Support Forces (PSF) in a zone of conflict Мarat Kulakhmetov informed on Friday morning.

"Totally five Georgian planes Su-25 - at first two planes, then three - attacked territories of South Ossetia in the area of settlement Tkverneti", - Kulakhmetov declared in interview to agency "Interfax". Commander of PSF added that there is no info about consequences of airimpact. 

Georgia, in its turn, declared that Tskhinvali was completely surrounded by its armies and Znaursky region of South Ossetia was taken under control. Georgian party also asserts that there are no mass victims as a result of military operation. At the same time authorities of South Ossetia speak about tens victims and wounded men as a result of shelling, adding that to establish exact number of victims is not possible at the time. On the preliminary data, 15 peace inhabitants died in the city.

As a result of bombardment of the capital of southern Ossetia - city Tskhinvali - by the Georgian military formations a number of buildings in the territory of a staff of the Russian peacemakers were damaged the last night.

Under the data available, the shell which launched from multiple launch rocket system "Grad" got on the territory of staff of the Russian peacemakers. There are no wounded or dead men among the Russian peacemakers, - agency "Interfax" transfers.

The mass-media mark that Georgia made attack to South Ossetia in the day of the beginning of Olympic Games when at all times it was accepted to stop any wars.

Georgia had already declared that Znaursky region of South Ossetia was completely under control of its armies, "Interfax" referring to the Georgian mass-media informed on Friday in the morning. Znaursky region borders on Tskhinvalsky region, distance from the majority of settlements of Znaursky region to Tskhinvali - 15-20 kilometers. Earlier IA "News - Georgia" informed that Georgian party managed to take under control six villages of South Ossetia in Znaursky region - Мugut, Didmukha, Dmenisi, Okona, Аkots and Коkhat.

Military actions began practically at once after the announcement the president of Georgia Michael Saakashvili about unilateral cease-fire and peace initiatives. Such behaviour of the president as a distracting maneuver for the actions of army is usually considered unacceptable. If to assume that Saakashvili does not supervise armies and they make decisions by themselves, situation becomes moreover strange.

If Georgian army will make power capture of unrecognized republic, such force as the Russian Federation will cease to exist on Caucasus, observer of FORUM.msk Ruslan Saidov thinks. Moscow won't be bent to full-scale war against Georgia - which is really needed development of the situation in military plan today - without consent of the West. While they will search in the Kremlin for this consent and to think whether armies of North Caucasian military district are ready to full-scale war, Georgian side can already have time to solve battle mission. As well as political - liquidation of influence of Russia on Caucasus.

"Authorities of Georgia made decision on restoration of constitutional mode in Tskhinvalsky region", - the commander of peace-making operations of the incorporated staff of armed forces of Georgia declared, brigade general Mamuka Kurashvili but he didn't specify thus, who made that decision. At the moment of application of Kurashvili the members of the government of Georgia were only on the stage of gathering in the State office to discuss conditions and the decision was not made. There was also no application of president Saakashvili.

On the Georgian sites information is fed like this: "Tskhinvali bands, despite of the agreement on cease-fire before carrying out of a meeting of the sides which was planned for today, brought down fire in direction of Prisy height approximately at 10:15 p.m. Then Georgia made decision to withdraw from unilateral moratorium of cease-fire and to begin process of restoration of constitutional mode in a zone of the conflict". That is it admits that the agreement on cease-fire and the beginning of negotiations today was achieved on the top level. However, late at night some "Georgia made the decision" - who then at the moment represented Georgia was not informed. It is quite possible that it were militarians.

Chairman of editorial board of FORUM.msk Michael Deljagin making comments on phone on the situation in a zone of Georgina - Ossetic conflict said the following:

- To me, as for the citizen of the Russian Federation is not important - who is right and who is guilty in the given situation. We see that Georgian armed formations kill citizens of Russia. The majority of inhabitants of South Ossetia are citizens of the Russian Federation and any civilized country should protect its citizens. If Russia will hand over South Ossetia - it will mean not only loss of Caucasus but also loss of statehood. If the country management were adequate, it would act just as America, Israel, China.

Behaviour of the Georgian management is not a behaviour of the country of the 21st century, it is a stereotype of behaviour of 30s years of the last century and the answer of Russia should be adequate to these stereotypes. Russia is simply obliged to direct precautionary impact on one of the sites of the Georgian-Ossetic border and if the Georgian side will not make corresponding conclusions - to put pinpoint strikes on the governmental quarters of Tbilisi.

If it will not bring the Georgian management to reason, Russia should act just as the USA during the Balkan war - that is to make pinpoint strikes on key objects of military and economic potential of Georgia. I will note once again that reaction of our management in such circumstances is a test for viability of the Russian statehood.

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