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Russia Together with Georgia Crushed CIS

Russia Together with Georgia Crushed CIS

Apparently, the first phase of the conflict between Russia and Georgia ends with classical formula "shy Georgians ran"... It does not mean that it's the end and full Victoria is gained. Putin-Medvedev's Russia has got eternal enemy on Caucasus - in exchange for rather modest and even doubtful purchases: final liquidation of CIS, accelerated armament of potential objects of the Russian peace-keeping and steady hostility of the West

"Sarkozi discussed with Меdvedev the plan of reconciliation from 6 items - very good plan, especially for Sarkozi who, probably, envies Putin very much - he also would like to drive somewhere on the tank, if not to Algeria then to some Parisian suburb, - editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov noticed in the given occasion. - The plan has only one lack - Saakashvili doesn't care a shit and as the Georgian president reports not in Luzemburgian Palace about the work done but, on the contrary, in area of the river Potomac, good plan can appear to be not realized. Especially the item about refusal of power ways of solving of problems - Saakashvili two times won presidential elections appealing to power solving of South Ossetia and Abkhazian problems. Russia in its policy in Caucasus also leans on "humanitarian help" in the form of several tens thousand eggs in original packing - in riding breeches. So the plan which is not eliminating the main reasons of war simply delays the process, no more".

Poland, most likely, will agree to place elements of the American anti-missile system on its territory as there are attributes that the USA are ready to execute requirements of Warsaw about more dense military cooperation. It was declared by the prime minister of Poland Donald Tusk, Reuters transfers. Тusk said that his requirement about constant military presence of the Americans in Poland and reequipment of the Polish army was perceived by the United States more seriously after the conflict between Russia and Georgia.

The USA plan by 2012 to place elements of anti-missile system in two countries of the East Europe: ten rockets - interceptors on the territories of Poland and radars of anti-missile system in Czechia. A question with Czechia has been solved long time ago, while it appeared more difficult to agree with Poland. In exchange for the consent Warsaw demands from the Americans modern systems of air defence Patriot and up to 20 billion dollars on modernization of army. The Americans were not ready to pay so much. Bargaining they even hinted that can refuse from Poland and place rockets in Lithuania. But Russia helped the Poles...

"Russia helped not only to the Poles but also Ukraine, - Anatoly Baranov added. - Today formation of high-grade strategic nuclear forces for Kiev becomes simply a question of preservation of the state independence. We shall pay attention to a hail from the Kremlin aside "brotherly Belarus" which dared to execrate insufficiently vigorously "the Georgian aggressor" - they become impudent "behind a wall" at once, it is possible to deal with them in general only when they are in shit up to the eyes, as soon as they have their nose higher, it is lifted up above. I do not know, whether today's president of Ukraine would have enough wisdom not to provoke Moscow with stupid niggles in relation to the Black Sea fleet, senseless propaganda actions but thus firmly and methodically asserting state independence in practice - certainly, the Ukrainian army differs from the Georgian one but questions of military construction there are on simply shameful level".

Economic aspect should be noticed from the consequences of military intervention of Russia - on the one hand, rouble strongly lost in relation to dollar, stock market failed, investors deduce means from the Russian economy. On the other hand - military conflict finished economic conflict - VR does not swing the Azerbaijan oil through Georgia in Erzurum. Azerbaijan and Тurkmenia and in a fair degree Kazakhstan appear to be adhered to the Russian pipeline systems, it is clearly shown to them that it is possible to avoid Russia only on tank.

"It would be desirable to remind that they were also waiting cheapening of oil from strengthening of the USA in Iraq as soon as there would start deliveries from this country, - Anatoly Baranov reminded. It's by analogy to the remote consequences of the Russian military action on a way of the pipeline. However we see that no reduction in price of oil, no growth of the American economy is not seen, though it looks as if the USA control everything in Iraq. Why, it's interesting, they expect in Moscow that someone from Baku, Ashkhabad and Astana would crawl to them to kiss shoes? Azerbaijan has the same unresolved problem as Georgia only in Nagorny Karabakh, strange memoirs about erased from surface (really not as in Tskhinvali) cities Shusha and Аgdam and also known storm of Baku by the Soviet armies. They keep silent in Baku, being afraid but it does not mean that they suddenly fell in love with "hand of Moscow" there. Thus Azerbaijan rather actively cooperates with NATO though and not so loudly as Georgia and Ukraine. Besides it is connected with Georgia in frameworks of GUAM. Kazakhstan for today is unique, except for Russia, country of CIS bathing in money, money there are completely supervised by president Nazarbaev near to whom Putins and Saakashvilis - are ordinary boys. Kazakhstan - is the unique country of CIS which easily could finance creation of the nuclear weapon and thus possesses also quite good technological reserve and also sources of raw material for nuclear industry. On shares with Azerbaijan Kazakhstan could take part in the project of nuclear armament of countries of the former CIS. Basically, Turkmenia also possesses some resources though it's difficult to imagine the one who would give nuclear bomb to a mode created by deceased Turkmenbashi. The matter is that Russia made one terrible step for the idea of CIS - it attacked another member of CIS, being the main guarantor of safety in Commonwealth. Thus, Moscow gave others countries of CIS strong stimulus to leave Commonwealth and clear purpose - to get the weapon of punishment. Now it is clear to all that NATO as the guarantor of safety is the same way "dead", as well as CIS - independent states of Commonwealth will search for protection on their own..."

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