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The American Armies Enter Georgia

The American Armies Enter Georgia
Аvraam Shmulevich 14.08.2008
The USA will place divisions of the armed forces withdrawn recently from Iraq to have rest in Georgia, - an authentic source informed. According to the source, corresponding order has been already signed by president Bush and Minister of Defence Robert Gates and today in the evening will be transferred to the armies. Fighting units of military force of the USA at full arms, including ones withdrawn from vacations received earlier, will be predislocated in
Georgia already tomorrow.

Today in the morning in president Bush's announcement devoted to the Georgian-Russian conflict the question of humanitarian help was the only one raised. President Bush declared that Minister of Defence of the USA Robert Gates personally will "in the most decisively way supervise humanitarian mission in Georgia with attraction of the Air Forces and the Navy". Transport plane S-17 is already in the air and the air and sea bridge on delivery of medicines and other humanitarian help to Georgia will be organized within the next few days.

"The United States support democratically elected government of Georgia and insist on observance of its sovereignty and territorial integrity", - the President said.
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