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Twenty-Three on CIS! Where Is Recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia?

Twenty-Three on CIS! Where Is Recognition of South Ossetia and Abkhazia?
Кalashnikov Maxim 17.08.2008

It seems that the Kremlin is ready to retreat making military victory senseless

Widely advertised "Medvede's hardness" at signing of Sarkozi's plan turns to be latent retreat. Ostensibly coordinated formulation about the status of both "unrecognized" republics disappeared from the plan. That is, the Kremlin is afraid to recognize their independence itself - and doesn't want to put a question about it at a world level.

Meanwhile, without recognition of Abkhazia and the Republic of South Ossetia military victory over Georgia loses sense. Moscow exposes itself as aggressor in this case.

What does it mean - simply to withdraw armies, thus not having punished the Georgian aggressors and not having destroyed their military potential? Simply to withdraw armies - and not to raise the question about the status of unrecognized republics? To withdraw fighting forces - and not to solve the problem of responsibility for severe destruction of Tskhinvali and death of peace inhabitant - Ossetians? I am sorry but it - is a rescue first of all for Tbilisi which has untied aggression.

Let's suppose that the plan is accepted. South Ossetia and Abkhazia still are considered formally as a part of Georgia and their authorities - are simply separatists. It means that sooner or later the Georgian politicians will try again to solve the matter using fire and sword. Or, as a variant: the Russians lose any initiative in this region - and international "peace-making" contingent of armies of NATO (under the banner of "forces of the United Nations") appear there, after it reforming of Transcaucasia under the western plans is quite possible. Up to separation of Northern Ossetia from the Russian Federation and its merge to South Ossetia in the new state. Such variant does not suit the Russian Federation at all. Thus Georgia will by all means enter NATO - etc.

Certainly, the French offers are better, than frankly toady-like, servable position of Poland and "the Baltic democracies" having crawled that territorial integrity of Georgia cannot even be discussed. You should have yelled so when the West divided Serbia dooming the Serbian population of Kosovo to genocide and ethnic cleanings.

Georgia left CIS? Well, twenty-three! CIS - is a chimera already for a long time, a bluff. It only interferes with the Russians. We all the same should create Great Russia (the Russian Union, the USSR - 2 - as you wish to call it) instead of present shame. All the same it will be necessary to reconsider borders and to reunite divided Russian nation. CIS here only interferes. Away this stuff and carrion!

It's in the Russian interests - to cut down strongly (and even to dismantle) Georgia, to divide so-called "Ukraine" having deduced left bank of Dnepr and Black Sea Coast in new, allied to us republics. Naturally, not with the help of the present "elites of the Russian Federation". Recognition of Transdniestria, Abkhazia and South Ossetia should become the first step on this way! But it's not done today. Thus the Kremlin leads the matter to fiasco, to making the blood spilled in the fights by the Ossetians and Russians senseless.

I call all oppositionists to separate things. It's one thing - to hate mode. But it does not allow to work thus against the Russian national interests. And even if this mode starts to operate in correct direction though worthlessly - I shall not deny the general correctness of actions. I shall remind about the destiny of democrats and some Russian patriots of the end of 80s: they aimed at communism but hit - Russia. Let's not repeat that mistake.

Yes, М.К. is convinced that Georgia should undergo military impact - and even more severe one. I think that all this will do only good for business. So, we are already refused in introduction into WTO. Well, it is fine! WTO is a death for the Russian revival. Let us to be "punished" in such a way. Force rules in the world - it was so, is and will be. Thus force should be united with knowledge and innovative development which present pity bosses cannot provide. There will be a new cold war, won't be? Perfect! All the same it was inevitable.

Cynicism of the Western world has passed any borders long time ago. We live in the world of lie, hypocrisy and criminals won. When it is necessary for the West - it ruthlessly dismembers sovereign countries, having spat on a principle of territorial integrity. If it is necessary - it supports the armed separatists, naming them fighters for freedom. There is no need to search for example: in 1991 the West with space speed recognized separatism of the Croats, the Bosnians, Slovenes and Macedonians. It shut eyes on ethnic cleanings of the Serbs. Then it supported the Albanian separatists in Kosovo. It didn't scorn when field commander Hashim Tachi who steeped his hands in the Serbian blood became prime-minister of independent Kosovo and former insurgent of the Liberation army of Kosovo Fatim Mujota became its Minister of Defence. The Albanians were taken on trust when they spoke about mass victims of the Serbian murderers - while they demand now from the Ossetians and Russians to show two thousand bodies of the lost peace inhabitants. As though their bodies do not lay under blockages in the destroyed city.

When it is necessary - they are ready in the West to tear into pieces for a sacred principle of territorial integrity of the sovereign states. It happens when the matter concerns, for example, the American clients and allies.

Well, it's not necessary to talk - the western mass-media submit information extremely from the Georgian point of view. 

There is no use complain on it. One should not expect anything else. The West never behaved differently. It always acted as the opponent of strong Russia. Everyone who studies the Russian history of last five hundred years perfectly sees how consistently the West tried to destroy strong Russia. It regularly betrayed it, when it acted in a role of the formal ally of the Russians. It incited Turkey to attack on the Russians. As well as Persia, Germany, Poland. It financed and supported many revolutionaries trying to undermine Russia - from Pseudo Dmitry up to "democratic reformers" of 90s years. Strong Russia carrying out policy in its interests always was and will be hated to the West.

Unbiased fact: today the Russians this or other way but start dropping out from crisis after wreck of the USSR. Let's suppose that shameful mode is changed - and true patriots, innovators, creators come to authority. Here we shall objectively collide animosities of rather influential forces in the West! It's not a secret that the USA were exultant over destruction of Soviet Union. It's not a secret that they don't need strong Russia with the sphere of influence. They need friable, powerless confederation of purely raw direction; the intimidated mucous jellyfish testing historical fault for occupation and oppression of unfortunate Ukrainians, Moldavians, Georgians, Uzbeks, etc.

Let's not pretend, as if it is not present. It's a historic fact - and foreseeable historical prospect. No matter, whether there will be a tsar, dictator or the most democratic in the world president in the Kremlin.

That is, the Russians should not wait that they would be understood in the West, that the western mass-media and politicians would change tone. Let's not be utopians. It is necessary to act not paying attention to crawl.

It is necessary to concentrate on the fastest deducing of Georgia from war, on recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia (so that not to be accused of aggression) and on construction of Great Russia. Dynamical, innovative, industrially advanced, scientific and technical and agrarian simultaneously. Let's not deceive each other, sirs Westerners: such policy objectively contradicts strategic plans and the USA. And the European Community. They don't need competitor - successor of the USSR. The policy of the Russian revival is a direct way to new cold war, to objective Rusian-western rivalry.

New cold war will be developed without dependence from outcome of present military events. The task of the Russians - to transform new opposition into the catalyst of national development. It's more than probable: it is necessary not to repeat Brezhnev-Andropov-Gorbachev's silly actions in carrying out of cold war.

But... the Kremlin does not recognize two republics. It from the very beginning mines defeats in all construction!

From editorial board: we would suggest not to hurry up to spit what was created not by us. Recently we have already amicably spat upon the USSR and also using such expressions - "chimera, bluff "... Certainly CIS in comparison with the USSR - there is simply no comparison. But all the same it's some structure and what is offered in exchange?

The matter is that the Russian empire collapsed just because already in the beginning of the last century such construction was impossible - together with the Russian one other empires created by the same principle collapsed - Austro-Hungarian, German, Ottoman. Attempt to create the Third Reich on the basis of the leading part of one super-nation also failed and also because of that reason. The principle is obsolete. The offer to create not even the second edition of the Russian empire but simply the Great Russian empire or Sacred Roman empire of the Russian people (as you like) is a historical anachronism.

The nations, having gained independence once, do not want to become unter-minor at the next "great people" any more. It should be understood. It is possible to force small peoples to accept dictatorship of "the great nation" but not voluntary, extremely using force. But the price of such "unification" will be low - at the first opportunity it will collapsed.

The USSR differed from empires of the past because it offered equal in rights union of peoples, as a matter of fact turning evangelical "there is no either Jew, or Ellin" - it is possible to bite a lot on a theme how those principles were realized in practice but they were proclaimed - it's the main thing.

I shall remind that Georgia became a part of the USSR hardly probable not the last, having had time to receive independence from Provisional government and even acquired the right to have own patriarch. But after two ten years after not so voluntary connection of Georgia to the USSR one of two fighters setting the Banner of Victory above Reichstag was the Georgian - Levon Каntaria. Only twenty years passed and Soviet Union despite all its lacks became own for the Georgians and many other peoples. Because not the principle of blood was laid in its basis, not the principle of national relationship but a principle of citizenship - it's not possible to become either the Russian, or the Georgians but it's possible to become the Soviet. Even to the Negro of advanced years.

Today it's difficult to imagine other peoples will go to fight for "Sacred Roman Empire of the Russian People".

It is very difficult to agree also with estimation of role of Pseudo Dmitry (or both of them) in history. It was, by the way, chance of Russia to become free and democratic state much more earlier than the countries of the West. Somehow everyone overlook that so-called "Pseudo Dmitry" was supported by orthodox magnates from Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (that is translated into Russian as "republic") and accession of "Pseudo Dmitry" in Moscow meant, for example, that unification of Ukraine and Russia would take place half-century earlier. The army of "Pseudo Dmitry" was formed basically from the Don and Zaporozhye Cossacks as well as "Lithuanians" that is Belarus soldiers. Dmitry was, on the Roman sample, elected "imperator" on Кolo.

Who resisted "Pseudo Dmitry"? Boris Godunov who established serfdom in Russia, for which he was damned by people and deposed by it, as a matter of fact. Skopin - Shuisky with army gathered on money of the Swedish king and consisted from rabble from all Europe including even French musketeers. Vasily Shuisky who actually stole a crown and lost it the same way disgracefully. To end with - accession of the damned by the god and people dynasty of Romanovs who started from roping of the baby on the gate of Spassk Tower of the Kremlin and stealing of imperial wreath from the true hero prince Pozharsky. What a mongrel was the first Romanov everybody knows. Though all subsequent were seldom better - actually, that imperial family was a damnation for Russia.

Here, actually, all "Russia which we lost". Whether we need false fetishes?

In fact the task stated by Maxim Kalashnikov is the right one - the USSR - 2. So, it's necessary to build Soviet Union in updated and improved variant and not a remake of medieval empire Gabsburgov - Putin, certainly, is notable germanophile but we won't bear emperor...

What is the USSR is very clearly stated in our old hymn: "The Union of indestructible FREE republics". Free and not conquered by victorious Russian weapon.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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