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The USA Will Place Anti-Missile System in Poland - Specifically against "the Third State"

The USA Will Place Anti-Missile System in Poland - Specifically against "the Third State"

Preliminary agreement on accommodation of elements of antimissile defense of the USA on the territory of Poland was signed on Thursday, Polish information telechannel ТVH24 quotes the words of the Polish prime-minister Donald Tusk.

This agreement in particular stipulates accommodation on the territory of Poland of batteries "Patriot" and strengthening of the Polish-American military cooperation. It's planned to billet constant American garrison in Poland by 2012.

This agreement also contains declaration on granting of the American military help in case of threat to Poland from the part of the third states, "Interfax" informs.

From editorial board: There is no use explaining the threat of what "third states" is meant? The Georgian Victoria of Putin and Меdvedev very much helped Poles to sell the territory under the American system much more expensive. What is interesting - nobody speaks about mythical threat to the Polish statehood from "nuclear terrorists" or Northern Korea. The question is about "the third state" and only about it. We shall notice that on its background such traditional adversary as Belarus and such awful villain as Iranian Аhmadinejzad are simply forgotten. Now there is no need to explain anything to anybody as well as to search for something - the hand of Moscow compressing a gentle throat of young Georgian statehood is always near by. It is ready to serve democracy as patented gollywog.

Global economy (and its major system-making element - economy of the USA) is arranged in such a way that to avoid crisis of overproduction, it should constantly inflate some "bubble" where superfluous resources should go more or less without serious consequences for economy. Military - Industrial complex is ideal for such a "bubble" because it

- basically can swallow any resources;

- is closed enough not to burst because of outflow of undesirable information;

- is a source of new technologies which are capable to generate "bubbles" as every new technology costs as much as it's demanded - it does not have the price comparable to something.

This last property is especially useful - it's enough to compare the cost of fighters of the first, second and so on up to the fifth generation to understand parameters of growth of the "bubble". 183 fighters of the fifth generation (F-22 "Raptor") ordered will cost, by the most approximate calculations, 65 billion dollars. That is, firstly, to gain air superiority the USA will have to construct so many "Raptors" that there are no and there won't be enough money for it in the budget. Secondly, the program only about fighters of the fifth generation is comparable to the budget of very decent state. Now let's imagine, what the cost of the program will be, if it's preliminary estimated in 500 billion dollars.

The American economy is arranged so that to steal the state money for nothing is impossible - charges, especially such unprecedented, are necessary to be proved. Moreover, it is necessary to prove military charges and for allies. That is, to prove unprecedented charges is necessary to have unprecedented threat. The enemy and not so hot but the true enemy - clever, artful, possessing huge resources and ineradicable desire to carry evil is necessary. After the wreck of the USSR the best minds of the States searched for suitable enemy who would rescue the American economy.

However the Afghani mojaheds and the Iraqi insurgents appeared simply worthless enemy - technologies of new generation were simply not required to win them. The same thing with Yugoslavia - firstly, the enemy in no way was global one and categorically refused to make grandiose villainies and, secondly, it was also won without attraction of new resources. China seemed very perspective enemy but its technological level does not demand from the USA to create new systems of arms - one should wait for another twenty years so that China would develop up to a level of high-grade adversary... Аhmadinejzad from the very beginning didn't suit for a role of the global enemy - he is ridiculous, outrageous. Iranian armed forces also do not much more surpass Iraqi ones.

The question meanwhile is completely serious - democrats in the Congress cut one by one all the programs of republicans, the expediency of antimissile system as such is placed in question and even "Raptors" in a reality the Pentagon will buy 3 times less, than it's planned. It already smells as global crisis. Noting will be financed henceforth without distinct, obvious, clear to every housewife enemy.

Now a question arises - how it could happen so that such cautious, such judicious person as Putin who just presented China 2 islands, handed over both Saddam and Milosevic, reduced army and fleet up to indecent sizes suddenly paid attention to strengthening of a role of Russia among the Georgians... It could happen, certainly, even to a bishop, but it's not trusted somehow.

First of all, it was said about attack of Russia to Georgia in mass-media (including FORUM.msk) more than a month ago. In the second place, there appeared information that the Russian management knew about preparing operation of the Georgian armed forces in Tskhinvali and was getting prepared for it - parts of the 58-th army were in full alertness near to a zone of the potential conflict, otherwise to enter operatively ground parts from places of their constant disposition would be impossible. In the third place, Saakashvili should have understood that his forces were not enough for capture and what's more important - for subsequent deduction of Tskhinvali but he decided to undergo risky undertaking.

Whether well prepared script of formation of the global enemy of America is not looked through behind it? Russia rose from knees, reserved dollars and euro, fed eternally hungry soldiers and even lifted strategic aircraft in air - to bomb Tbilisi using usual bombs was necessary by all means from Tu - 22М and Tu - 160. Russia still has the second in the world nuclear potential (to tell you the truth, with out-of-date or imperfect means of delivery). Russia has no democracy. Russia - is ideal enemy!

So, America is already ready to pay even unreasonable claims of prime-minister Tusk, is ready to transfer more out-of-date NATO technics to Georgia and to pay purchases of old Soviet systems of the Ukrainian manufacture. NATO already refuses to carry out joint doctrines with the Russian Navy - one should not train together with the enemy.

We won! Now we are the enemy number one!

Probably, we also will receive something...

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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