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Plague on Both Your Houses!

Plague on Both Your Houses!

Аlexey Prigarin, 1st Secretary of the Central Committee RCP-CPSU 2008.08.21

Application of the Central Committee RCP-CPSU

War in Georgia once again confirmed: bourgeois reactionary systems are basically unable to making decision of interethnic problems at preservation of peace and mutual respect to each other.

1. Interethnic intensity on Northern Caucasus and in Transcaucasia has its roots in the depth of centuries breaking outside in view of pogroms and slaughters or calming down and leaving deep into. The Soviet authority made utmost to tighten old wounds. It used ideas of internationalism and friendship of peoples, cultural communications, administrative and on occasion power methods. However, tragic mistakes like deportation of the Chechens, Ingushs, Meskhetian Turks and some other are on its head.

New fit of nationalism began with weakening of the Soviet authority and authority of the CPSU. Yeltsin and Кravchuk, Shevardnadze and Aliev, Brazauskas and Niyazov, other "communistic" leaders of the republics at support of local "elites" used nationalism as the weapon of "mass defeat" fist of all for destruction of Soviet Union and after as means of suppressing of mass moods in support of its restoration. It is natural that they received complete support of the United States aspiring to strengthen ascendant position in the world.

But, having achieved independence, new states immediately became pawns on a world chess board where the main players - first of all Russia and the United States - are indifferent both to "ethnonational" interests and "universal" values as well as destinies of "democracy" and simply human lives. Only geopolitic reasons, only struggle for control over these or that regions, only "great power statehood" behind which real economic interests of ruling classes are distinctly visible define actions of these players.

2. Things that took place in Georgia, that practical collision of two principles brought up to extreme degree: preservation of developed national borders on the one hand and the rights of the nations on self-determination - on the other. Cynicism of world politics consists in that, depending on momentary need, both the USA and Russia take one of them on arms, actually denying another.

We accuse management of the United States:

- of aspiration to include all former republics of the USSR, irrespective of their geographic location into the structure of the NATO,

- of announcement of Transcaucasia a zone of their interests,

- of constant kindling of the conflict and pushing Saakashvili's mode to military actions,

- of cynical use of double standards at estimation of international and internal conflicts (in Yugoslavia, Kosovo, the Chechen Republic, etc.)

We accuse authorities of Georgia:

- of basic refusal of granting the right on self-determination to the republics,

- of constant use of threats of power decision of the conflict that made achievement of compromise less and less possible,

- of direct aggression against South Ossetia, murder of hundreds of peace inhabitants, destruction of Tskhinvali and other settlements.

We accuse the government of Russia of double game. All 15 years of existence of the self-proclaimed republics it rendered Abkhazia and South Ossetia open economic and military - technical help. Actually, all interested persons were given the Russian passports so that to declare when it would be possible, as it happened now, that Russia could not leave its citizens without protection. At the same time it with hypocrisy, obvious to all world, declared support of territorial integrity of Georgia and indestructibility of its borders, while it made practically nothing for support of aspiration of those republics to independence in world public opinion and the United Nations.

We accuse the Russian management of political inactivity in decisive days before the beginning of military actions when intentions of Saakashvili were already absolutely clear. Even one categorical warning that in case of intrusion of the Georgian forces into South Ossetia, Russia will immediately answer with military power could stop Saakashvili.

3. We, communists, were always supporters of the right of nations on self-determination. Therefore our sympathies are on the side of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. But we also resolutely condemn any attempts to kindle chauvinistic antiGeorgian moods in Russia and the more so Zhirinovsky's, Dugin's Belov's (Potkin) and alike applications demanding campaign to Tbilisi.

Central Committee RCP-CPSU supports the agreement on cease-fire achieved, as the first step on a way to achievement of steady world. It is improbable that Saakashvili will try to repeat intrusion into Ossetia or, already, to Abkhazia. The center of struggle moves to the sphere of a policy, diplomacy, economy and information. It's clear that the USA and its allies will put the greatest possible pressure upon Russia and will try to cause maximum damage to it. We count that in these conditions to keep uncertainty of the situation for a long time means to support constant intensity in the international relations. We count that prompt recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia is in the interests both of peoples of Transcaucasia and Russia and the United States for in a result simple people have to pay off for the adventures of their leaders.

However we know that only elimination of reactionary systems in Russia and Georgia will allow to exclude basically power decisions at the decision of arising interethnic problems.

We address to citizens of Russia and Georgia: do not give in to emotions, do not allow hatred to destroy our centuries-old friendship, sympathy and respect to each other. "Hitlers come and leave, while people remain".

Мoscow, August, 19, 2008

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