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Moscow Was Not Supported in the SCO, Though It Was Not Condemned

Moscow Was Not Supported in the SCO, Though It Was Not Condemned

Меdvedev failed to get from leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization direct approval of the Russian military campaign against Georgia and recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. All was limited to rather streamline formulations of the final communiqué: the management of China already on the eve has blocked the terms "genocide" and "aggression" in estimation of actions of the Georgian management suggested by Russia.

By its recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia Russia conflicted basic principles of the organization and it unequivocally put an end to unconditional support.

The major principle of clause 2 of the Charter of the SCO - mutual respect of sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity and clause 1 - joint counteraction to "three evils" - including separatism was broken. It's a matter of principle to China, this very country is a leader of the SCO.

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization alongside with Russia includes Kazakhstan, China, Kirghizia, Tadjikistan and Uzbekistan. Four more countries - India, Iran, Mongolia and Pakistan - have the status of the observer.

Kazakhstan has about 25% of population considering themselves as the Russians and it's also afraid of separative moods among not Kazakh part of citizens. Uzbekistan is in general fractional enough formation in which territory under a name of Uzbeks live some different peoples. Tadjikistan also differs by clan-territorial division by those who live in Kulob, Garm, Pamir and Leninabad regions, 15 years ago they overgone bloody interstine war.

Even more difficult situation is in countries - observers - India and Pakistan in general have enclaves in the territory of their countries, poorly submitting to the central government. Iran also, as a matter of fact, is an empire in which except for Persians a lot of peoples compactly live.

In such situation to wait for support of Moscow in recognition of independent republics was simply impossible.

From editorial board: it was rather amusing to observe how the state Russian channels full of beans informed about unconditional support of position of Russia on recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, while on Yandex messages with mentioning of the SCO were alternated with headings of the opposite content. Probably, the Russian mass-media still feel themselves "fighting sheets" instead of mass media.

To tell you the truth, thanks to God that the countries of the SCO didn't condemn Russia but showed delicacy. It's, actually, already good.

If to analyze actions of the Russian management since the beginning of August it is possible to tell - everything is made correctly - and nothing is made in time.

Discussion of the situation around of South Ossetia in the parliament should have been begun not after actual termination of a military phase of the conflict but long before it - controlled Russian democracy quite could guarantee itself any result. And, as Georgia has been forcing situation on the border with Tskhinvali for a long time enough, Federal Assembly had enough time not only to discuss but also to accept a plan of action in case of escalation of aggression in the region - up to approval of entry of armies by the Federation Council.

With a high degree of probability such decision would prevent intrusion of the Georgian army into South Ossetia. However, as statements of Saakashvili and his environments before the conflict show, they insufficiently clearly estimated real opportunities of their armies and intrusion could take place despite of the warning. But then Russia had absolutely iron alibi - "we had warned".

Bringing troops into South Ossetia both Russian and Georgian should have been preceded by aviation impact on positions of the Georgian artillery as soon as bombardment of Tskhinvali started. At that the impact should be powerful enough, probably, accompanying with dot impacts also on other military objects in Georgia.

Further. It's completely not clear, why the Russian propagation has concentrated so on the victims of bombardment of Tskhinvali which for some reason has not been prevented. Ridiculous lie of Kokojta about thousand victims was broadcasted, the word "genocide" appeared in the official documents - if death of one hundred fifty peace inhabitants in sleeping city is insufficient crime? What is the reason to devaluate own "irron" position by iculous nonsense?

Why were 18 dead peacemakers forgotten? It somehow turned out in our propagation that the death of militarians was considered as though matter-of-course business. Certainly, the death of 18 persons looks not so impressing as "genocide" of 2000 peace Ossetians with the Russian passports. But in the normal country murder of not simple military men but peacemakers and not by someone but by active armed forces of Georgia is a high-grade and inevitable occasion for declaration of war.

There is an impression that there is in the Kremlin some frivolous click which is not capable to act under the law. They even forgot to get sanction of the Federation Council to garrison which would be given surely for 100%. Didn't recollect. Got used to act on the sly. While 18 killed peacemakers are such an occasion to war that there is nothing to argue about.

While declaration of war to Georgia gave the troops huge additional opportunities - up to full occupation of the hostile country and liquidation of its military potential. Why they didn't use that legal opportunity - a big riddle.

Well and at last recognition of independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia actually closing for these republics chance for recognition by other countries - in fact they are "independent" only in Moscow, while to any other country though in Zimbabwe even their presidents will go under the Russian passports which, besides, at any moment could be recognized as "forged".

After all world saw that the Ossetians and Abkhazians fail to live peacefully in one state with Georgians, after they addressed with the request for recognition and both chambers of the Russian parliament addressed with the request to the president Medvedev to recognize Abkhazia and South Ossetia - what was the reason to hurry up?

In fact it is clear that having recognized unilaterally these republics Russia unequivocally closes for them opportunity of discussion of their independence in the United Nations as Condoleezza Rice directly informed. It contradicted also to the Sixth principle of fix-up signed by Medvedev with Sarkozi but the main thing - it puts even those who, probably, would join recognition before infringement of the standard procedure.

What for? Why not to bring the question to the attention of Safety Council of the United Nations having declared thus that the president of the Russian Federation already has on hands requirement of the parliament to recognize republics but he will be compelled to recognize them without dependence from the decision of the United Nations but wants to observe the order and brings the question for discussion?

Why not to come to the summit of the SCO with the same question - offer? It would show allies deep respect which Russia has for their opinion and would strongly approach Abkhazia and South Ossetia to a real international recognition.

What do we have now? Nothing. Though if in reality they in the Kremlin are not so aspired to full recognition of the republics, all is logical...

Аnatoly Baranov

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