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America Waits for the Catastrophe of a Century by Morning

America Waits for the Catastrophe of a Century by Morning

Today hundred thousand Americans listened to the speech Ray Nadzin, mayor of New Orleans destroyed by hurricane, with alarm passing in horror. By experience of the last years appearance of this person on the screen does not promise anything good. The official, pulling no punches, declared that the city again should wait for catastrophe: "It is a very powerful hurricane, it's simply the daddy of all hurricanes and it's getting amplified with each hour. The national meteorological service has already declared that it is the most destructive hurricane from among those which we had to come across till now. I tell it so that you understood what we deal with". He also added: "You should be very much disturbed and concerned. Moreover, you should be frightened. You need to gather things quickly and to leave New Orleans. Immediately. It is hurricane of a century".

Hurricane "Gustav" approaches the coast of the USA from the side of Gulf of Mexico. "Gustav" entered Gulf of Mexico. Now it is approximately in 300 kilometers from the coast of the United States and it approaches with speed of about 25 km/h. It's awaited in the coastal strip of the USA tomorrow in the morning but it's still not clear where exactly it will hit.

The last night hurricane fell upon Cuba. The speed of a wind in epicentre of hurricane exceeded 230 km/h, downpours caused flooding in a number of regions. As a preventive measure the Cuban authorities evacuated about 200 thousand people including foreign tourists. Cuba - is quite totalitarian state, therefore orders of the government there are executed - in result no one died there. Everything was limited to destructions and death of material values.

While on the way from Atlantic to Caribbean Islands "Gustav" already brought death. In Haiti, Dominican Republic and on Jamaica as a result of flooding and descent of mud flows caused by a powerful cyclone more than 90 people died.

"Gustav" struck across Cuba, gathered force of hurricane of the fourth category. But there is a probability that in the near future it will amplify and will reach the maximal degree of danger.

For comparison the power of "Catherine" which led to catastrophe in 2003 was only 3 points.

Obligatory evacuation is declared in New Orleans. Many hours-long queues were built in the local airport - people try to depart deep into the territory of the country. Old men and invalids are being taken out from the city by buses. There are tens-kilometers traffic jams on the roads.

In total more than one million people left homes along all the shore.

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