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About 1 Million People Took Part in Demonstration against Russia in Georgia

About 1 Million People Took Part in Demonstration against Russia in Georgia

On September, 1 many thousands protest action "Stop Russia" passed in Georgia. Its participants in cities and villages of the country formed a human chain demanding immediate withdrawal of the Russian armies from the Georgian territory, showing their integrity. The action was supported also by representatives of the Georgian diaspora in other countries. As it's informed, hundred thousand people took part in it in Georgia (more than one million, according to the telechannel "Rustavi - 2"). They scanned "Long live, Georgia!" and "Russia, hands off from Georgia!" Mass meeting was carried out simultaneously with extraordinary summit of EU on which the European countries should coordinate positions on such questions as help to Georgia and attitude to Russia.

Population of Georgia makes about 4,6 million including inhabitants of mountain settlements, invalids and babies as well as those who are outside the republic. That is, even if "Rustavi - 2" exaggerates the number of demonstrators, it is possible to say with confidence that all Georgia went on the streets.

Hardly it's demonstration of mobilization of readiness of the Georgian society - Georgians will run seeing tanks, tanks in PR question is decisive argument. But that this demonstration can be considered as the one in support of Saakashvili - is quite obvious. Military defeat rallied the Georgian society and it rallied it around the president whom they in Russia try to present as lunatic and "Georgian Hitler".

First of all, Saakashvili is not at all lunatic. Probably, sometimes he wants to seem not quite balanced but it adds sincerity to his image. And activity of the Georgian president in internal political space brought a number of positive changes to the Georgian society. Together with rather skilful propagation all this works on positive image of the Georgian leader.

Secondly, comparison of Saakashvili with Hitler is first of all insulting for Adolf Aloizovich - the soldier - volunteer of the World War I, injured and bled, came to power through prison and years of street fights, certainly, is much more significant historical character, than young lawyer placed in the head of banana republic at obvious support from outside. The scale of the committed, if to prescind from moral estimations, is obvious not for the benefit of Saakashvili. Certainly, we are talking not about compliments to Hitler but about incorrect comparison and, hence, incorrect estimation of a person.

Today is not XX century between two wars, when only the hero could succeed in policy. Let's look at leaders of that epoch - both Soviet and anti-Soviet ones: Churchill, the military correspondent from Boer War when the opponent appointed award for his head (managed to do some fighting being major and during World War II after resignation from a post of minister - it's incredible for the present ministers - capitalists); Stalin - one of the heroes of Civil war, the winner of the battle for Tsaritsyn, ascetic, spent all his life in a military service jacket; Hitler, as it was already said, soldier, "insider" for every veteran.

A new century gives us examples of absolutely other politicians. Heroes are not in honour. Bush, "hidden" from war, easily won against the true hero of the Vietnamese company John Kerri, as easily as "saxophonist" Clinton bypassed the first cosmonaut of America and the military pilot of World War II John Glenn. In Europe elections are being won by women and pederasts. In Russia elections could be sometimes won by heroes only in North Caucasian republics, while the builder - drunkard, the lieutenant colonel of KGB, never smelled gunpowder, the lawyer whose career passed in the corridors of Smolny could appear in the head of the state.

The same Georgia - there are a lot of men in the republic who participated in tens of wars and confrontations including ones which passed in Georgia, shed own and other people blood for it - but the country is given as an overripe woman to young inconsistent intellectual with good English. The country does not think of changing its choice. It likes it.

There is a set of reasons to it and the main one - that 21-st century has own stereotypes, preferences. The basic voter in the same Georgia is a weak person and he wants to see ahead of himself the leader who will not suppress him as ideal of personal freedom has already become ingrained modern policy. The century of heroes ended and together with it epoch of "fathers of nation" passed. Fathers are generally in divorce with mothers and live in the modern world separately. Therefore the leader is either a woman, or inconsistent child - overage juvenile. The voter wants not fear and respect before the leader but love and sympathy.

Saakashvili in Georgia - is seriously and for a long time because he suits it. Today no one has there chances. It is necessary to understand it and build policy proceeding from it.

Аnatoly Baranov

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