Ukraine Repeats Prewar History of the Baltic States

Ukraine Repeats Prewar History of the Baltic States

The prime minister of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko is going to offer changes in the constitution of the country. She declared it after leaving the ruling coalition of the propresidential block "Our Ukraine" - "National Self-defense".

imoshenko says that her offers will help to rally the Ukrainian politicians. She rejected charges of the president Jushchenko that there's in the country "dictatorship of prime-minister". In her opinion, there's in the state "dictatorship of stupidity".

"Destroyers of democratic coalition hid behind ostentatious patriotism, verbal spirituality and ostentatious morals. The true, real reason of that the president of the country Victor Jushchenko proclaimed to me personally and to all democratic team war on destruction is, unfortunately, struggle for victory over the following presidential elections of 2010. For the sake of this victory, unfortunately, they are ready to run to extremes. Though there practically no chances, they have been lost during this absolutely senseless war", - Timoshenko declared.

She also denied today's Jushchenko's reproaches that dictatorship of prime-minister was established in the country: "Victor Andreevich, there is no dictatorship in our country. Unfortunately, in democratic coalition headed by you there is no other dictatorship except the one of nonsense, irresponsibility and disorder which I wanted very much to stop yesterday using those voting which took place in Rada".

"Secondly, I wanted to separate yesterday by voting of the fraction your environment from influence on Security Service of Ukraine which had turned into repressive body against politicians whom you considers to be your competitors", - the prime minister added.

Materials which were received by Security Service of Ukraine from Secretariat of the President concerning activity of the Cabinet contained seven serious enough charges in the sphere of national safety.

Deputy head of Secretariat of the President Andrey Kislinsky on August, 18 declared that Secretariat would transfer materials related to attributes of state treason and political corruption in Julia Timoshenko's actions in law enforcement bodies for detailed studying. Security Service of Ukraine informed that it received from Secretariat of the President of Ukraine documents in which information on activity of the government "to the damage of the national interests of the state" was stated, it would check that info.

"Security Service of Ukraine started checking that information - purely in that sphere where the law allocates our powers. It is defensibility, power safety and making decisions in all questions which are determined by NSDC in the sphere of safety", - Valentine Nalivajchenko acting as chairman of Security Service of Ukraine declared to journalists.

islinsky said that, under the available data, political management of Russia with special attention considered the decision on support of Timoshenko's nominee for a post on presidential elections of Ukraine after fulfillment of conditions about passive position of the prime minister of Ukraine and its political force in the conflict with Georgia.

Actually, Timoshenko's application about "dictatorship of stupidity" was the answer to those charges.


From editorial board: It is necessary to admit that democratic process in Ukraine has come to a standstill. National - oriented line in democratic process actively refuses liberal approaches to policy and dons dictatorial toolkit. President Jushchenko perfectly in the manner of 30s years accuses prime-minister Timoshenko in state treason - he only has to add that imoshenko is the agent of three secret services and similarity will be full.

In her turn tandem imoshenko - Yanukovich being formed by the time recognizing as a reality that Ukraine failed to achieve defensive sufficiency at both prime-ministers keen either on growth of incomes of local oligarches or populist social projects suggests to refuse from independent foreign policy and join waterway of the stronger player.

Actually, such state dependence is looked through in actions of both parties. Only Jushchenko wants to join the West having entered NATO and tailed on for getting into EU, while Timoshenko and Yanukovich today are ready to lie under Moscow.

They prefer not to recollect about written down in the Constitution non-aligned status of Ukraine, as well as about loud phrases about independent foreign policy.

In the given context prospects look equally painful. Whatever the outcome things that represented value and interest in modern Ukraine - relative freedom, political pluralism, dispassionateness of the state from intervention into the life of citizens and so forth, obviously, would reach back. Who thus will be the president of such Ukraine becomes hardly interesting.

It is a pity, certainly...

natoly Baranov

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