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Chubajs Comes Back: Next Victim - Rosnanotech

Chubajs Comes Back: Next Victim - Rosnanotech

On Monday president Dmitry Medvedev appointed Anatoly Chubajs the head of state corporation "Rosnanotechnologies" having displaced from the post Leonid Melamed heading "Rosnanotech" from the end of 2007.

It became known at a forum "Businessmen of Frontier Regions" in the Kazakhstan Aktyubinsk which was visited by Dmitry Medvedev and newly appointed chapter of "Rosnanotech" Anatoly Chubajs.

Chubajs's assignment after his leaving a post of the chapter of RAO was a question of discussion for a long time. He avoided all questions which were connected with his future occupation after liquidation of RAO "Unified Energy System of Russia", he evaded from the direct answer. He also did not exclude his retirement.

Rumours that "Rosnano" was established especially for chairman of board of RAO "Unified Energy System of Russia" Anatoly Chubajs appeared at the end of the last year when the state corporation was headed by Leonid Melamed. Since 2000 he worked under direction of Chubajs as the first vice-president of board of RAO "Unified Energy System of Russia".

Making comments on his assignment Chubajs declared that he perceived it as "a new scale and interesting challenge which is directly connected to a historical task of transition of Russia on innovative way of development". He put a global task before himself: by 2015 sales volume of the Russian nano-industry should be equal to a present turnover of the power companies of the former RAO "Unified Energy System of Russia". "It means about billion roubles a year", - Chubays informed.

Let's note that the Russian corporation of nanotechnologies was established in June, 2007 as state corporation. In December, 2007 Rosnanotech was allocated 130 billion roubles from the federal budget. Now there is information about two investments accomplished by state corporation. One of them - payment of $ 8,66 million (about 320 million roubles) in the Dutch company with the Russian shareholders producing positioning elements for manufacturing of aspherics. As a result of investment "Rosnanotech" received 50% minus two shares of the new company. The second project with the cost of 1 billion roubles concerns creation on the of base of NPO "Saturn" ("Rybinsk Motors") in Rybinsk of enterprise on manufacture of metal-cutting tool with nano-structured covering. Other means of "Rosnanotech" are placed on deposits of 8 Russian banks.

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