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George Bush Blackmails Congress in a Live Television Broadcast of CNN with Collapse of Financial Crisis

George Bush Blackmails Congress in a Live Television Broadcast of CNN with Collapse of Financial Crisis

The president of the USA George Bush in his broadcast appeal to the nation on air of broadcasting company CNN confirmed that the country was in serious financial crisis and could "join common financial panic". He explained the essence of the anti-recessionary plan prepared by the Secretary of Treasury of the USA Henry Polson and emphasized that its realization is necessary for revival of confidence in the financial market. "Without immediate actions of the Congress the national economy will find itself in long and painful recession", - George Bush ascertained.

Let's remind the plan assumes injection on the financial markets of 700 billion dollars from budgetary funds and creation of agency to redeem long-term assets from financial companies. However many congressmen criticize the government for unprecedented volumes of planned injections and for absence of measures on protection of tax bearers, therefore the offer of Treasury Department of the USA can be blocked.

In his speech George Bush emphasized that if the plan would not be approved by Congress, the USA "can join common financial panic".

"We are in the middle of financial crisis and the federal government acts according to the situation", - the American president assured.

From editorial board: Pressure which the president Bush tries to render on Congress is unprecedented. Probably, Polson's is good but why should the parliament accept it without discussion, only because the president and his administration insist on it? Probably, "friend George" has element of envy to the friend Puti - Put, whose initiatives the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation perceives as Abraham tables of the Covenant. However, the party "Uniform America" has not been formed for the present and has not received the constitutional majority in Congress and, probably, it is necessary to take it into consideration.

Polson's plan, probably, is not unique from possible ones. Besides Bush's administration "cheated" the parliament more than once, for example, when armies entered Iraq on the basis of the forged data of CIA on the weapon of mass defeat. Why should congressmen trust administration again?

Bush's application that either his program of overcoming the crisis should be accepted, or he washes hands of is direct blackmail - Yeltsin successfully used such things. Whether George Bush-junior also decided to take advantage of a historical example?

The USA consider themselves example for other countries in the question of democracy. It is quite natural that the others, not quite democratic modes, being still on the way of freedom and progress having inspired by such example will start to convince their parliaments using kicks. Why not? They don't have CNN. Undesirable politicians can be simply shot - as, for example, it was done yesterday with Ruslan Yamadaev near to a residence of the government of the Russian Federation. Or with Маgomed Evloev in the airport of Magas. Distance between blackmail and realization of a threat is very short.

The rest of mankind has to observe only how financial system of the planet Earth appears to be an element of internal political intrigue between Bush's administration and the majority of Congress.


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