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Jushchenko Officially Declared Dismiss of the Supreme Rada

Jushchenko Officially Declared Dismiss of the Supreme Rada

The president of Ukraine Victor Jushchenko decided to dismiss parliament ahead of schedule, he informed about it in his application to people broadcast on leading telechannels of the country - the president at the moment is in Italy. "I declare termination of activity of the Supreme Rada of the sixth convocation and carrying out of early elections of the parliament", - V.Jushchenko said. As the president of Ukraine noticed, "on September, 2 an attempt of dismantle of Ukraine and the Ukrainian values, as a matter of fact, began. Balance of authority. National safety. Political rate. Language. All those became a target of special arrangements", - the president said. "Democratic coalition, I am convinced, deeply convinced, was destroyed by one thing - human ambition. Human ambition of one person. Thirst of authority, divergence in values, give the preference to personal interests to national ones", - was declared by V.Jushchenko.

As he said, "during potential external dangers not Ukrainian scripts - spineless and as a matter of fact hostile were brought into play". "Another dangerous, brought into from outside tendency we can also see - attempt to split national - democratic forces. It - a nail being meaningly hammer into our body", - Jushchenko emphasized.

As he said, "Julia Timoshenko's Block itself became a hostage of its leaders as they are ready to sacrifice everything - language, safety, our European prospect". "Constitution gives thirty days for formation of coalition. Using a constitutional law I have prolonged this term for 5 days more. I am ready to accept any lawful coalition and its state decisions", - the president said.

"However, the state of things - is obvious. One people, having undermined democratic coalition, behave as if they have nothing to do with it. Others say that they are intermediaries waiting for some not clear signals. The third are searching for some political or human benefit in muddy water. As of October, 8 2008 I had not received any offer from any political force about formation of coalition of the majority, the agreement about which would be signed by more than 225 People's Deputies of Ukraine", - V.Jushchenko emphasized.

From editorial board: Jushchenko, according to some data, has already signed the decree about early election of the parliament. Tomorrow it will be promulgated. Julia Timoshenko's block has already called the decision of the president about early election illegal and has declared readiness to appeal it in the court. On October, 9 there will be a session of BYT on which the decision on the further actions of the fraction will be made.

Jushchenko acts according to item 1 part 2 art. 90 of the Constitution of Ukraine according to which the president has the right to stop ahead of a schedule powers of the Supreme Rada if within one month coalition of deputy fractions is not generated in the parliament according to item 83 of the Constitution.

Chances that block Jushchenko "Our Ukraine" can manage not to win elections but at least pass into the parliament independently, without joint it supporters of Lutsenko from "National Self-Defense" are ephemeral enough. However, it possible could overcome a 3-percent barrier, though what could be said about the president whose block has about 3 percent?

Jushchenko perfectly realizes it, as well as he understands that at forthcoming elections, if they will take place, Julia Timoshenko's Block will turn into a leading force in the parliament and its leader will unequivocally be perceived as the future president already at "alive" Jushchenko. At that relations with Party of Regions and the more so with communists are spoiled up to such a degree that coalitions of them with Jushchenko is impossible.

What does the president Jushchenko count on, who in such situation should try his best so that simply not to admit catastrophic for him new elections in Rada?

Apparently, having remained at least for three months the only lawful governor of Ukraine, not burdened with the parliament Jushchenko is simply obliged to undertake the last step on a way of preservation of own authority. The choice of these steps is not wide and none of them could be in correspondence of the working Constitution of Ukraine. However, as Leonid Grach has noted recently, the Constitution of Ukraine is being constantly infracted and nobody worries about it - the matter is, to tell you the truth, in a degree of these infringements. Though such practice already exists.

Аnatoly Baranov

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