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Kalashnikov Maxim 23.10.2008

To creation of "anti-recessionary staff" at the president of the RF. It seems, Shuvalov will become after all new prime-minister...

So, Medvedev created after all some kind of anti-recessionary staff named "Council on Development of the Share Market". It is remarkable that it will be headed not by the prime-minister but by its assistant - vice-premier Igor Shuvalov.

The situation reminds "Quartet" - a fable of grandfather Krylov about musical exercises of a donkey, a goat, a monkey and a bear. And, apparently, Putin is going to cut and run from the post of prime-minister...


Literally everything moves in this innovation. For example, intention to convoke the council not less often than once in six months. Sirs quartet! Such body in a present situation should work daily, for 12 hours per day with application of the situational center. Or you don't like to work? Or you do not understand with what speed crisis develops? Financial granaries in "cash" have been already exhausted - only the bonds of exchequer of the USA and pieces of paper such as shares of "Funny May" and "Freddy Mc", into which Kudrin, Ignatyev and similar managers - "downraiders" buried the Russian money, remained.

Secondly, the structure of "quartet" also moves. There - purely "good guys", nobody from outside. The same pack of the greased cards, the same figures who brought the Russian Federation up to the present state. Plus completely incompetent in economy "security officials".

Head of FFMS Vladimir Milovidov is appointed the secretary of the council. In the same place - director of FSB Alexander Bortnikov, the assistant to the president of the Russian Federation, Jewish guy Arcady Dvorkovich, Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin and chairman of the Central Bank Sergey Ignatyev (who should be at least kicked out for present financial catastrophe), the head of the Ministry of Economic Development Elvira Nabiullina, Minister of Internal Affairs Rashid Nurgaliev - doubtless expert in economy. There and then - Shuvalov, the head of the Supreme arbitration A.Ivanov, senator D.Ananjev and the Duma member, financier V.Reznik (desperately well-known due to the Spanish Office of Public Prosecutor) plus chief of Rosstrahnadzor I.Lomakin-Rumjantsev.

In a word, none expert - financier, none representative of real sector, none liberal economist. Usual small party. It's clear: the clique does not want any really competent expert enter its circle. Therefore such expert will inevitably offer measures which will demand removal from posts of many from "putin-medvedev's" people - owing to their laziness, non-competence and excessive hobby for work on "power-saw bench". Besides the stranger can learn many the most mean secrets and details. Whether it is necessary? So, the comedy with Krylov's quartet proceeds. 

The result is clear: the Russian Federation will continue to slide to a collapse more terrible than in 1998. For Shuvalov can become new prime-minister and this expert is not worse than Kirienko...



Putin's leaving the post of the chapter of Cabinet is probable as he is frightened to death by crisis. Shuvalov is obviously being put in convenient position for occupation of the post of prime-minister.

Vladimir Vladimirovich - naïve guy - thought that premiership is a continuation of pleasant doing-nothing, as on presidential post (which he considered "hard labour"). He imagined the glade with swans, but it turned out to be absolutely differently. The heaviest and prompt crisis fell on shoulders. Psychologically Putin appeared to be completely not ready. Unfortunate lawyer, third-grade KGB agent and greyish Petersburg clerk, he sincerely believed in a fairy tale about the Russian Federation as "an island of stability" in economic. Shit, only full ignoramus could believe in it: at huge dependence of Russia on import, on the world prices for hydrocarbons, on granting of loans to real sector from the western banks. One this thing speaks better about a level of competence of our "national leaders" and about their mental faculties. The Kremlin bosses sincerely believed that economy - psychology and it's possible to cope with it by PR - methods, ordering crisis: "Come to an end!" But such things don't happen. Crisis - is a rough, tangible and not subjected to PR thing. Now pale, distraught Putin as rabbit Bagz Banni yells: "Take me away from here!"

I strongly suspect that Mr. Pu will move to some political-wedding-general post. Well, I am afraid, Igor Shuvalov, former Chubajs's sidekick on voucher-making, will be put instead, there is no time to choose - the head of the Fund of Federal Property.

Well, this one will heap up! His philosophy is simple and rectilinear as a cash register. Many till now recollect one of his performances in 2003 sounded (in free translation) approximately as follows: complex national ideas are not necessary to people. The idea should be - qualitative public health services, education, habitation. So - we shall make education, public health services, habitation fee-paying...

Shuvalov's premiership will mean shadow premiership of Chubajs. How this man is able to bring the Russian Federation into crises we all know well (A.B.Chubajs - the first vice-premier in Kirienko's government - editor-in-chief's note).

That's all - system of white-blue-red went crazy finally. Just at the moment of heavy crisis. If Pu and Me don't have any instinct of self-preservation to stand aside and to hand over authority voluntary to really competent experts, the Russian Federation is expected the most severe testings...


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