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Let Crisis Be Strong!

Let Crisis Be Strong!
Sergey Udaltsov 04.11.2008
I’m sure quite a lot or may be even the majority thinks so to themselves (somebody even aloud), the ones who are not anxious about the destiny of bank deposits (and, as a rule, fair citizens do not have any bank deposits - if only on a trifle, as they say, for funeral) but, first of all, of the destiny of the country, destiny of the future generations. I also think so. These are correct ideas as it seems to me.
The stronger crisis will be, the more chances the country has to get cleared from filth of capitalism, corruption and domination of bureaucracy and putin-medvedev’s cult of impersonality. It’s as being ill – it’s possible to drive it inside, to force down temperature, but it’s also possible to give organism, having gone through a peak of crisis, to cope with illness and to recover. If organism is absolutely weak that, certainly, is a risk that the patient will more likely die than live. But Russia is not weak - it is rich with brains and resources, so it will live. The main thing - to recover.
Expectations of a crisis storm, it is necessary to say, are not completely groundless. Last weeks it becomes clear that the state with persistence of masochist repeats mistakes of 1998. Confident bankers are rendered milliard dollars support, thus, in no way supervising allocated money. Unscrupulous bankers (and conscientious also) joyfully direct these billions on buying up of currency, exhausting reserves of Bank of Russia. 
All this quite really threatens with the strongest collapse of rouble with all following consequences. We can also expect sharp reduction of import of the foodstuffs, that in present conditions of serious dependence of Russia on this very import - will lead to a half-starved revolt. Besides we shall not forget about future mass unemployment and about catastrophe of the housing mortgage with many victims. In this connection the spell in Kashpirovsky's style (a pier, we give orientation – there was and there will be no crisis) which is today actively practiced by our poor leaders sound through and through false. “We do not trust!” - exclaim (meanwhile silently) thinking Russians.  
In such situation crisis opens big opportunities for real left opposition. Clearly, that every “constructive oppositionists” will actively help the dwarfish president and a bit higher prime-minister to patch a holey capitalist caftan, as they in general are “naked kings” from opposition. If they will get out of parliamentary armchairs - that will have nothing to cover their shame. Moth has eaten out ideas, the limit is imposed on revolutions and in general it’s terrible to live. So they will in unison with the Kremlin stigmatize accusing of all mortal sins. 
On the other hand, there will hardly be any use from our liberal fellow travellers. They, certainly, with pleasure will support the slogan “Time to change authority!” but the main question is – for what can we change it? Certainly, if our dear adherents of the market will suddenly start agitating for socialism and priority of a scheduled component in economy, there are no questions. But it’s already from fantasy (if it will happen I oblige to create and head fan clubs together with Michael Kasjanov, Valeriya Iljinichna Novodvorskaya and Masha Gaydar). Thus, the basic hope - on stand-alone left (here - curtsey aside in due time appeared Left Front) and social movements.
I shall remind that for today Coordination Councils (where social and political active workers are collected) operate more than in 30 regions of the country. All-Russia Day of National Anger which took place on October, 25 showed that those Councils gradually became influential enough force which’s independently capable to carry out protest mobilization of citizens, not resorting to the help of system opposition. These Councils in their essence basically - left. And in conditions of developing crisis they can become parallel center of a political life, putting forward the project of real socialist alternative to the present deadlock rate of development of Russia.
I think that the time has come on the basis of the above-mentioned Councils to form in regions of the country Committees of Saving which will be ready in case of incapacity of authority to realize urgent anti-recessionary actions: distribution of the foodstuffs, employment of the unemployed, audit of banks, formation of anti-recessionary fund, etc. It is necessary for these Committees of Saving to enlist the services of smart oppositional economists as it would be necessary to take functions of the national Ministry of Finance and national Audit Chamber (control inspection) upon themselves. These Committees of Saving should now come into contact with militia and, whenever it’s possible, with military units, so that when it will be necessary, militiamen and militarians, the same way suffering from consequences of capitalist crisis, will be on duty of people. It is necessary to direct citizens dismissed from work and cast loose by the state to these Committees of Saving. It’s necessary to invite into these Committees of Saving citizens deposited their savings into mortgage and were deceived by gone bankrupt banks. Citizens who would fail to support families for strongly "fallen in price" salary or pension would come to these Committees even without invitation. Well and, certainly, representatives of the Left Front should work with all energy they have in these Committees of Saving - in fact there is no more actual work today.

Someone will say that the crisis phenomena can fail to reach its apogee. That using united efforts capitalist international once again will find the way out of crisis, having kept domination. Nobody knows - it is possible, sceptics will appear to be right. But it does not mean at all that we should wait patiently for succession of events, observing with the side. 
Patience - a fine thing but our life is too short to suffer indefinitely. Work on creation of Committees of Saving, even if they will not be for a time engaged in the direct duties, all the same will approach us to formation of alternative power structures. However something prompts me that these Committees will not stay without work.
So, time has come. History gives us one more chance to bury capitalism for ever. Let's dig the grave deeply.

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