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President Bush Declared Five "Crisis Blows", though He doesn't Know, Where to Deliver Them

President Bush Declared Five "Crisis Blows", though He doesn't Know, Where to Deliver Them

The president of the USA George Bush named five main priorities of forthcoming anti-recessionary summit of world leaders in Washington. Anti-recessionary summit of leaders of countries - members of the "group of 20" will pass on November, 14th and 15th.

"It (summit - editor's note) will be concentrated on five key problems:

understanding of the reasons of global crisis,

estimation of efficiency of our answers at present,

working out of principles for reforming of our financial and regulating systems,

beginning of realization of a concrete plan of action on realization of these principles,

also on acknowledgement of our conviction that principles of free markets offer the most guaranteed way to long-term prosperity", - Bush declared acting on Thursday in New York.

The chapter of the White house also informed that world leaders who would take part in the work of anti-recessionary summit would give assignments to Ministers of Finance of their countries according to the results of the summit.

"Leaders will establish principles on adaptation of our financial systems to realities of the 21-st century. We shall discuss concrete actions which we can undertake for realization of these principles and we shall give assignments to our Ministers for Foreign Affairs that they worked with other experts and reported to us detailed recommendations on the future reasonable actions", - the president of the USA said.

On the eve assistant to the president of the USA on questions of international economy Dan Price informed the journalists in the White house that Bush made the decision on carrying out of summit in that very format after consultations with world leaders. "Countries" of "the twenty" plus EU together make almost 90% of global gross national product", - Price emphasized. He reminded that the secretary general of the United Nations, the director - manager of IMF, the president of the World Bank and chairman of the Forum on financial stability would participate in the work of summit.


From editorial board: In any case from the words of the host of the White house who quite reasonably considers himself also a master of the situation on a planet follows that nobody even on a background of global crisis is going to change voluntary a basis of capitalist world order. Last item of Bush's application - the most important: principles of the free markets offer the most guaranteed way to long-term prosperity.

On the one hand, if to perceive these words literally, it is not simple a lie but is a frank representation of black as white. What prosperity is Bush talking about if existing system in front of our very eyes leads to the end of prosperity even for the limited part of inhabitants of the planet which are still being called as "gold billion"?

As well as what "free markets" does president Bush mean, if the markets on the planet Earth are not free for a long time already - you cannot, having legally and lawfully bought a car in the USA, import it into Russia if the owner of a brand does not allow you to do it. You will buy the goods only from the authorized dealers - is it "free" market? Teachers in Yakutia are being imprisoned for that they, it appears, unintentionally have got "intellectual property" of Bill Gates absolutely not by rules - and it is approved by the president Medvedev (then being the "successor"). What is it "intellectual property"? This is so much the case that singers and musicians cannot use own names - it is "intellectual property" of the producer. The sportsman cannot marry and even to enter intimate relations - because he is forbidden to do it by the contract.

Somehow all this reminds "free market" of the times of slavery. The same way as institute of slavery it's a throwaway. Though many people live not badly at slavery, even quite well. In the slaveholding South, wherefrom the president Bush is, there were such private residences, such refined culture developed. Only Negros, dirty and uneducated, vicious from birth were dissatisfied.

It is also pleasant that the president Bush speaks about necessity of "understanding of the reasons of global crisis".

What about logic? If there is no confidence in own understanding, if it is possible to offer at the same time ways of output from the crisis?

Plus speak at the end that the system which resulted in crisis - is the best?..


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