G-20 Listened to Medvedev's Report and Took His Applications for World Leadership, Membership in NATO and Georgian People into Consideration

G-20 Listened to Medvedev's Report and Took His Applications for World Leadership, Membership in NATO and Georgian People into Consideration

Economic forum G-20 on which leaders of the largest world powers were present took place in the last week-ends. There were among participants of a meeting G-20 representatives of Australia, Argentina, Brazil, the Great Britain, Germany, Holland, India, Indonesia, Italy, Canada, China, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the USA, Turkey, France, the republic of South Africa, South Korea and Japan. Besides delegations of the United Nations, EU, IMF and the World Bank participated in the work of G-20.

The general results of the summit demand more detailed studying, whereas results for the Russian Federation look easier. dvedev was listened, he was not reckoned among outcasts, so, he was pleased - it could be worse.

dvedev noted readiness of Russia to support normal relations with the North Atlantic alliance if interests of our country would be taken into account. As to accommodation of rocket complexes in the Kaliningrad area, dvedev declared that Russia was not going to undertake a counter-measure until America would not take the first step on accommodation of ABM elements in Europe. That is he agreed to everything if America would do it more or less delicately.

dvedev noted readiness of Moscow to build relations with Tbilisi but not with Michael Saakashvili's mode. "We are ready to build relations with Georgia, but not with a present mode", - he said. "It is that red line which we cannot pass", - the president said.

- The application is very strange, - was noted by editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk Anatoly Baranov. - There's an impression that president Medvedev believes that they in Washington can release Saakashvili from his powers of the president in connection with transition to other work. Or under application of the Russian Federation by way of good relations with NATO the Alliance should immediately organize operation similar to the one which took place in Iraq and to displace Saakashvili by force to enable the president of Russia to communicate directly to Georgian people. The fact that the president of Georgia was elected as the result of some elections dvedev, obviously, does not take into account.

It looks as if Medvedev tried to get justified for prolongation of the term of board - he noticed that in due time in France seven-year term of powers of the president Charles De Gaulle was accepted but then France passed up. "It is possible that in due time we also shall refuse it. But it will be already not my problem", - the president of the Russian Federation emphasized.

- It's also strange, - Anatoly Baranov noticed. - It means that the president Medevedev doesn't care what will be after introduction of 6-years term. Hence, what's "up to" - he cares? As though a simple syllogism. Then what about the statement of the same Medvedev that prolongation of the term is being made not for him personally? We, certainly, shall soon see and learn it and on own experience but nevertheless it is interesting. While his comparison of himself with De Gaulle speaks both about modesty of president Medvedev who has been occupying the post already for some months has made so much for the country and about "thick" hint on the future style of board - "De Gaulle's", with formation of the Fifth republic and so on. Enthusiastic example, there is nothing else to say. It is good that dvedev doesn't take as an example urkmenbashi the Magnificent. Though everything can happen...

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