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Putin Felt in Fraction of the CPRF at Home

Putin Felt in Fraction of the CPRF at Home

As we have already informed, on November, 14 bills about amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation "About Change of a Presidential Term and a Term Limit of the Sate Duma of the Russian Federation", " About Control Supervisory Powers of the State Duma over the Government of the Russian Federation" and the constitutional bill "About Modification of the Federal Constitutional Law "About the Government of the Russian Federation"" was read at the first reading at session of the State Duma.

Reaction of political community to it, as it's known, is ambiguous. Someone traditionally approves, someone goes on streets with protest actions. The first secretary of Central Committee RKRP-RPK Victor Tyulkin gave an interview to the press-service of his party which we received by mail dispatch.

Tyulkin: Speed if not to say - haste of preparation of the bills about change of the Constitution of the Russian Federation once again emphasizes that the offer to prolong presidential powers was the main in the Message of the president. If to take into account that today the unity understandable for all of a party "Edinaya Russia", having overwhelming majority in the State Duma, and authorities on behalf of the head of the government V.Putin ("combining authorities" of the head of this party) and his pupil and successor president D.Medvedev, it's clear even to the unsophisticated person that it's a question of enforcement of own position and strengthening of personal authority.

Correspondent: But the president, prime-minister and all political forces explain that the offer does not interefere with conceptual constitutional bases, it has only juridical-technical character?

Tyulkin: Who defined it? It's a rather indicative and amusing moment. 5 and 6 years - it's not essential. If there were 7 and 10? If up to pension and for life? That is I want to show using this absurd example that somewhere there are limits but as nobody has determined them and even hasn't had desire to discuss it and there are no objective reasons for such a haste, it once again emphasizes that it's the question of enforcement of authority of some persons.

Correspondent: Members of fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, as you know, voted contra. What would you advise them to do till the second reading?

Tyulkin: I would advise them to make amendment to the item 3 of the clause 81 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation where it's stated that "one and the same person cannot hold a post of the president of the Russian Federation more than for two terms successively" and suggest to reduce this item by one word, having removed this specification "successively". If misters act, as they assert, on the ground of nation-wide expediency and not personal interest, they should not object to it. Well, if they will start arguing, it would become clear once again that personal interests and interests of a class of bourgeoisie prevail here and they use interests of people for covering.

Correspondent: Nevertheless, what is the reason of such surprising haste?

Tyulkin: I think, it can be explained by opportunity of avalanche increase of crisis in economy which can change essentially moods in a society, after it to carry out such changes will not be possible. Command "Every man for himself!" has already sounded on the upper deck. So, they act as they can. As on "Titanic": the boats for class "lux" are being put off, there will for sure be no places for the third class. Additionally to our reality banks, share markets, large capitals and guarantors of construction of all this society are being rescued.

From editorial board: As it's known, the fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation voted contra but not contra all - Zyuganov's followers voted pro prolongation of powers of the State Duma and deputies. Ritual disapproval of other things in question should not mislead anybody. The proof - a small fragment of the shorthand report of the recent session of the State Duma:

From shorthand report of the session of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from October, 10, 2008...

Lokot A.E., the Communist Party of the Russian Federation. Dear deputies, really, yesterday at a meeting of the fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with head of the government Putin mutual understanding on many questions was achieved, therefore the meeting came to the end with the words of head of the government that he felt in fraction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation at home. Nevertheless there are questions demanding specification...

10.21 p.m.

Zhirinovsky V.V. I don't quite understand that remark of the deputy Lokot about the meeting with head of the government when he said in the end that Putin felt at home. I don't understand connection here - the fraction voted against his assignment head of the government and against the budget. We are not idiots, deputy Lokot! How in such situation head of the government can feel among you at home? He was among aliens, it was disgusting for him to meet you, he was compelled to do it, compelled because for the present you are still fraction and for the present are still not arrested.

Chairman. It be clear, Vladimir Volfovich, your reaction.

Presiding. Your reaction, Vladimir Volfovich, is clear.


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