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A Fear of Revolution - a Fear of Rescue

V. Volhov 25.11.2008
Alarming word "crisis" rushes all over the country. The more often with persistence of a child who closed his eyes mass-media continue to persuade that everything's good, the more disturbed people become. At the same time observant person will notice that recently to obsessive shows and encouraging monologues from a captain of "Titanic" new obligatory component under the terrible name "Bolsheviks - Maniacs Make Revolution" has been appeared on TV.

They show the next nearby documental horror story about who Bolsheviks really are every day. What a desire of toady producers to fly at the next theme about revolution! How many gloomy paints and loud citations of the eyewitnesses seeing eyewitnesses! You'll look and it seems that Bolsheviks didn't sleep at night only to think out how to exterminate own people more skillfully.

At that they used such methods that Hitler seemed to be flunked. Revolutionaries are being depicted as a kind of fiends and those who disagree - are either fiends themselves, or simply brainwashed fools.

Moreover, modern producers invented new trick at the depicting of well-known personalities. White or red - is unimportant. It consists in telling a little bad, a little good and in a result to deduce all the same what is necessary to you.

So, for example, most touching "Аdmiral" - well, he made mistakes - not without that, but in fact he's such a handsome bloke, with manicure, all in white ... And went to an ice-hole ... Ill luck.

Clearly, degree of bias beats all conceivable and inconceivable records. "A ferret couldn't be convinced that a hen is not his", let's better ask an old kind question: whom and why it's favourable to? Even two questions appeared. The answer to the first of them is obvious: it's favourable to the present authority. Our channels independent of people could be said not to speak, for example, about Kondopoga - and they will amicably be silent, till the time it would become stupid to be silent longer.

What is the reason authorities need to strengthen without that heavy pressure upon Bolsheviks and revolution? Obviously - crisis! This most necessary event of capitalism forces people to think that, may be, not the USA are guilty but our strange state system?

It's difficult in the present conditions to explain to simple people why crisis has begun. There's no great bad crop, as well as global cataclysms - some type of the plague or new bird flu - there's nothing except for crisis ... There is one way - to tell about some soap bubbles - the Americans joked successfully, well, we as well as all the world have to tighten our belts.

In such conditions the authority starts to get nervous. It seems Мedvedev wants to persuade himself that everything will be stable, so frequently he repeats it. Meanwhile, during the present crisis the risk of sharp increase in number of radical socialists in the country is very high. Therefore through mass-media except for usual, set the teeth on edge: "Bolsheviks - cannibals and communism - totalitarianism" new idea starts to be hammered in: "Revolution is a very, very terrible thing. It's dreadly terrible. No matter how bad everything is, you should be afraid to make revolution! Otherwise you will not have Mercedes to 2020. So one should suffer pulling a strap".

Though people are a pulling power, it can kick so, that you won't find it funny. The fear of revolution in heavy conditions of the coming crisis is a fear of a patient, not wishing to perform necessary surgical operation.

The president in its recent message to Federal Assembly, having frowned eyebrows, strictly warned: "Those who would like to acquire "easy" political capital on a global economic crisis, who got adjusted on populist chatter, who would like to destabilize society to satisfy personal ambitions - I advise to read the Constitution. I deem it my duty to warn those who hope to provoke an aggravation of political conditions. We shall not allow to kindle social and interethnic discord, to deceive people and to involve them in illegal actions. The constitutional order will be provided henceforth with all lawful means".

Probably, that was a signal to our mass-media which listen to the president, at times forgetting to breathe? If to ponder what the reason was of saying it? It turns out that if during crisis people will die out in millions, it is obliged to do it following the constitution and not to grumble. We are proposed to parade to a killing place, without rustle.

Revolution is not a purpose, it's a mean. Mean of correction of mistakes of authority, mean of renewal of the country. Certainly, dear Mr. Medvedev, this mean is against your hair! But one shouldn't level revolution to senseless murders. The rare patient will refuse the above mentioned saving operation only because it is not pleasant to his mum and daddy.

What parents are they, if they do not see that they harm to their child? We don't know for sure what will be farther but in the worse variant of crisis development we are being tried to be limited in the means of rescuing of the country. Though we have to decide by ourselves to sink or to swim. It's have been proved by our people not once.


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