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New Year Job Cut Process Started in the Army

New Year Job Cut Process Started in the Army

According to the documents received by mass-media, some tens thousand persons will be demobilized from the army. For example, instruction of the Joint Staff from November, 22 № 314/3382 suggests to demobilize military men of educational work department from 17490 up to 4916 people. Among those who should leave army - 8019 younger officers, that is lieutenants and captains.

Minister Serdjukov declared the beginning of the reform on October, 14. It is supposed that the army will be reduced on 200 thousand people, there will 1 million military men remain in a result. Practically all will be reduced - Land Arms, experts of the Central Reconnaissance and Operations Department of the Joint Staff, military physicians, journalists and lawyers. Logistic service will be also deprived epaulettes. Administration of Ministry of Defence will be decreased in 2,5 times, institute of ensigns and warrant officers will be also liquidated.

"As minister himself speaks, the essence of reforms in the army - in "maximal cheapening of its maintenance", "News" writes.

Social guarantees of demobilized military men, their employment and retraining - are mysterious questions. There is nothing said about it in the instructions of Ministry of Defence. Most likely, demobilized military men will fill up the number of the potential unemployed which quantity according to the experts in 2009 year can make up to third of the quantity of the working people.


In 2006 the president was asked a question - but we are still waiting for the answer... The question to the President  from public organization of veterans was placed on the same site after extortionate monetization when military pensioners began to be robbed on 1700 roubles monthly.  

Well, certainly, there was no answer... Further "AMPLIFICATION" of the army till the sizes of the Turkmen one is the answer, aiming to increase professionalism of AMATEUR army its skeleton - officers corpus - is being dispersed.

Certainly all this is authorized from the top. It's a strong match to throw 300 thousand able-bodied people who will not have any chances to get work since employers in Russia DO NOT LIKE to employ people after 40 out on a labour market!  Whom it is favourable to?

It's even more interesting that the same course was made recently by well-known president of Ukraine. Who dictates plays for such antagonists?

Despite of naivety of repeating of the questions we shall try to repeat what alarms many thousand plundered military pensioners, who instead of earlier given them for faultless service rights and privileges after 2005 received personally from the president 240 roubles.

In 2008, in 2007 and in 2006 years military pensioners asked ex-president the question:

Cost of a daily ration of the prisoner is 97 roubles (2006).

Cost of a daily ration of a guard dog 56 roubles.

Cost of "Compensation" pro "Ration" for military pensioners is 20 roubles.

Cost of the privileges taken away at "МОNETIZATION" - 240 roubles (2006_2007_2008) TILL December, 4 2008!!!

It's possible to ask Vladimir Putin the question having dialed free-of-charge telephone number 8-800-200-40-40 or on FORUM.msk. Let's ask this question together to prime-minister!!! In fact he still didn't answer the question!!! 


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