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Whether It's True That Putin Is Twice and a Half as Better than St. Nicholas II?

Whether It's True That Putin Is Twice and a Half as Better than St. Nicholas II?

The All-Russia Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) submits data how the Russians estimate activity of political leaders of Russia of last century - from Nikolay II up to Vladimir Putin. There was no question about Dmitry Medvedev in view of brief time of his stay at authority at the moment of carrying out of interrogation.

In a rating of politicians under which leadership, in opinion of our fellow citizens, Russia developed in correct direction V.Putin (80%) takes the lead. On the second place - L.Brezhnev (41%) and V.Lenin (33%) closes three of the leaders. I.Stalin and Nikolay II got 31% each. N.Hrushchev (29%), M.Gorbachev and B.Eltsin (17%) follow further.

B.Eltsin wins the first place in the list of political leaders at which, in opinion of the Russians, our country followed the wrong way (64%). With a small separation he is followed by M.Gorbachev (63%). I.Stalin and N.Hrushchev (42% and 41% accordingly), V.Lenin and L.Brezhnev (35%) are positioned further. Nicholas II and V.Putin (22% and 8% accordingly) got least voices in "antirating".

To tell you the truth, reliability of the rating given by VCIOM causes proved doubts among editorial staff of FORUM.msk - probably, they counted correctly but the question is how they made interrogation and among whom it was carried out? It always remains at the discretion of sociologists.

We just had a doubtful pleasure to observe, how they considered public opinion in connection with changes in the Constitution of the Russian Federation after the message of president Medvedev - authorities dispensed in general with opinion of citizens, they found it excessive. Really, formally some changes in the Constitution according to the Organic law can be carried out without referendum (though, we shall agree, there is a deep internal contradiction in it - the Constitution is accepted by national voting and modification in it by different way can transform its sense beyond recognition, citizens will not have an opportunity to affect this process). Even if the increase in a term of appointment of the president and parliament they found not so important to disturb people (under the Constitution - a source of any authority) on the given question, it was necessary at least to discuss this question with people. While, as we can see, from the moment of the first announcement of the idea up to its legislative registration only three weeks sharp passed. Before you know.

Nevertheless, the unique representative interrogation which was carried out during that strange discussion and voting in parliament was made on FORUM.msk. Our official sociologists for some reason found it "not interesting". Though it's impossible to say that Medvedev's message was completely ignored by sociology. So, there is quite interesting data on site of VCIOM:

How do you estimate the message of the president to the Federal Assembly in the whole? (closed question, one answer)


Маy 2005

Маy 2006

Аpril 2007

November 2008

It makes me feel hope and enthusiasm





Correct thoughts and offers were expressed but they used to be expressed earlier and no real shifts were made





I don't agree with the majority of ideas stated by the president





Everything that president say is interesting to me





I didn't listed to the message





Don't know





That is only 20 percent interrogated by VCIOM considered ideas of the message (we shall notice, to all of them, not just to the constitutional changes) positively and 22 percent - with scepticism. There are also 2 percent directly not concordant and 2 percent of those who simply are not interested. But the most important - 46 percent. Practically half of citizens did not listen to the message!

Let's note, from message to message the percent of those who approve steadily reduces, interest to this message is also obviously reducing.

Now let's see how citizens answer on the "constitutional" question directly put on FORUM.msk, it excludes nuances of interpretation: How do you treat prolongation of powers of president and Duma?

Negatively (966)
For prolongation of powers of Duma but against prolongation of term for the president (9)
For prolongation of powers of president but against prolongation of term for Duma (45)
I approve prolongation of all powers (86)
Actually, it's all the same to me (58)
I am basically the opponent of the existing form of board (413)

Representativity is quite convincing - 1600 interrogated. Almost one thousand (966) treat prolongation of the term of appointment negatively! More than a quarter of interrogated - in general are opponents of the existing form of board.

How does legitimacy of the accepted constitutional decision of parliament look in general on a such public background? Well, what about legitimacy of this authority as such?

Now we are assured that according to some interrogation 80% of citizens consider Vladimir Putin the best governor of Russia for last 100 years?

Let's not quote Stanislavsky but there is a reason to check. We shall offer the readers of FORUM.msk interrogation similar to the one of VCIOM and see how in reality preferences are distributed - and will compare them with official statistics.

Аnatoly Baranov, editor-in-chief of FORUM.msk

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