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Pavel Basanets, Аlexander Gusak 17.12.2008

One's heart is bleeding to see scenes of mockery of Special Purpose Police Unit over generals and officers of the International Union of the Soviet officers. What moral monster one should be to raise hand on honored people - general - lieutenant Fomin, vice-admiral Berezin, other people in uniform, who proved their love and fidelity to the Native Land with blood.

Vermins were also in uniform. In the uniform of chastisers. Among them there were those who gave oath of the Soviet officer but betrayed it and own people and now march under Vlasov's banner. Shame on these ragtags! Shame also on us. On all people and first of all on officer corps which all these years cowardly close eyes on plunder of the country, on tears of our mothers and children and now tries not to notice tears which powerlessness brought to the eyes of our old men - winners.

Our shame we, the Soviet officers, can and should wash off. We are obliged to protect our people, mothers and children, orphaned and offended as the oath which true officer gives only once in life orders.

Excesses, cruelty and meanness of a mode operate only when we are defenseless and not organized. While our force consists in our unification. When we shall feel an elbow of each other, we won't be afraid of both ragtags in helmets, or their owners - our "servants".

The words of general Fomin are remarkable: "Special Purpose Police Unit forced me to recollect fascist concentration camp". The general knows what he is talking about, he went through fascist torture chambers!

Last events in Russia distinctly showed: the authority is afraid of own people. It feels own failure and becomes aggressive and unpredictable. During this rubbishy time we, the Soviet officers, should rally around those who has not lost conscience, who is ready to struggle for people. It will help us already in the near future, when it will be necessary to defend family, relatives. So that events of December, 14 won't be repeated, we are simply obliged to recollect the text of our oath and what for we studied "in military science in true manner".

You, the Soviet officer, is still afraid? You has doubts? Then hide far away your service coat, dress up woman's clothes and continue drinking vodka and smearing snots telling nonsense about heroism to drinking companions.

Pavel Basanets and Alexander Gusak are members of the International Union of the Soviet officers, members of Organizing Committee of Left-wing party "Russia - Common Sense"

Comment: ph. Of IUSO in Moscow is 89057362175

Information of FORUM.msk: Two and a half thousand soldier of internal security troops were involved on December, 14 during "Dissenters March" in Moscow. It was declared at press conference on December, 16 by the commander-in-chief of internal security troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia general Nikolay Rogozhkin.

According to the general, for today internal security troops of Russia are the basic power component of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and occupy one of the important places for settlement of questions of maintenance of internal security of the state.

"Internal security troops will not be reduced, while everything will not be set", - Rogozhkin said.

He declared that recently there appeared information that ostensibly internal security troops were retaliatory structure. "Our divisions are not allocated any powers, they simply do not exist", - the general said.

Rogozhkin also paid attention to one of the thorny questions which excites the majority of the militarians concerning job cut of the structure of armed forces. Nikolay Rogozhkin declared that those job cuts would not touch internal security troops: "Country leaders made the decision on maintenance of number of internal security troops in the quantity which's necessary for them for performance of tasks, - the general noted. - Job cut stipulated by plans of modernization of the army is suspended. Armies will be kept in that amount in which they exist today depending on those tasks on which they will be sent".


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