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Attack of "Yabloko"

Attack of "Yabloko"

The party "Yabloko" demands resignation of the governor of Moscow region Boris Gromov. In the application distributed today by the Moscow branch of the party is spoken that social and economic policy of authorities of Moscow region damages economy and interfere with health of inhabitants of the region. According to the party, the region is the leader on nonpayments of wages to budgetary workers, authorities interfere with development of local self-management and break ecological norms. Besides the governor bears political responsibility for attack on the editor-on-chief of Khimki newspaper Michael Beketov.

From editorial board: Probably, somebody will consider Boris Gromov's political responsibility for what happened with Michael Beketov far-fetched. However politicians should bear responsibility also for what they become to be the reason even indirectly. That is the essence of the responsibility of the statesman.


One of these days the governor Gromov expressed public support to actions of the mayor of Khimki who is being openly suspected in participation of what happened with Beketov. All the more so there were three independent newspapers in Khinki - the editor-in-chief of the first "got ready" with a help of a pipe; the editor-in-chief of the second got 11 knife wounds. Michael Beketov was the editor-in-chief of the third - "Khimkinskaya Pravda".


Excuse me but it's already statistics. And the responsibility of authority for such statistics - is obvious.


Besides attempts against journalists takes place in others regional centers of Moscow region entrusted to Gromov's care - in Lotoshino region the journalist Fedotov was beaten with a bat. One of these days on the eve of the election of the head of the city the editor-in-chief of the local independent newspaper was beaten.


What is it unless not statistics? We shall notice, violence against of independent journalists takes place in Khimki and Solnechnogorsk - towns where oppositional moods are very strong. First mass protest actions with blocking of Leningrad Highway on January, 2005, during monetization of privileges began in those very towns.

Whether it's done by chance?

Well and at last I shall remind the governor Gromov of his claim against me - actually till now I haven't seen any statement of claim but for some reason it seems to me that the governor Gromov doesn't not quite well understand correlation between authority and press. I think, we shall have legal proceedings many a day and I'll have an opportunity to address repeatedly publicly the governor - attention of such person to my humble person is much obliging.


To tell you the truth, it could appear so that it was the governor who put in the claim against me, but I would have legal proceedings already with simple private person. What could be done, we live in an open society and public opinion sometimes is more important, than command voice.

Аnatoly Baranov

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