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NATO Recognizes Catastrophic Consequences of Closing of the Base in Kirghizia

NATO Recognizes Catastrophic Consequences of Closing of the Base in Kirghizia
Secretary-General of NATO Jaap де Hoop Sheffer hopes that Russia will help to convince the president of Kirghizia not to liquidate military base in "Manas". He declared about it in interview for radio station "Echo of Moscow". The USA still carry on negotiations with Kirghizia about preservation of the American military base in "Manas" which the Kirghiz government has decided to close. Reuters referring to the Pentagon announcement informs.
NATO is obviously shocked by situation. "Certainly, it's a little bit strange to see closing of this base in Kirghizia" and "what happened is not simply a coincidence", - Jaap де Hoop Sheffer said. "At present we carry on negotiations with Russia in relation to the contacts and communication for our operation in Afghanistan on the Russian territory", - he concluded.
Let's remind that the president of Kirghizia Kurmanbek Bakiev declared on February, 3rd in Moscow about decision to close base of the Air Forces of the USA in "Manas" opened in December, 2001 under mandate of the United Nations for support of antiterrorist operation carried out by coalition forces "Indestructible Freedom" in Afghanistan. The decision of the Kirghiz government accepted less than in a day after Bakiev's statement about denouncement of the agreement with the USA next week will be discussed by the republic parliament.
After the Russian-Kirghiz negotiations of presidents of two countries Dmitry Medvedev and Kurmanbek Bakiev in Moscow there appeared agreements on the gratuitous financial help of Russia to Kirghizia, on granting of the state credit to Kirghizia and on "repayment of a part of the state debt in the property form and write-off of the remained debts of Kirghizia before the Russian Federation", ITAR-TASS transfers. Arrangement that Russia would grant state loan in $2 billion to Kirghizia was reached.
There are now more than a thousand military men of the USA in the air force base in "Manas" as well as military-transport planes.
Head of the Army of the USR on the Near East and Central Asia David Petreus visited recently Bishkek informed that the government of the USR would like "to increase the profits from the placement of the American base In the territory of Kirghizia".
This year the government of the USA allocated $25 million more to military structures of Kirghizia for struggle against terrorism, extremism and narcotraffic, the commander informed. After it the general informed about the plans of the USA to increase military contingent in Kirghizia, having directed additional 30 thousand military men to "Manas" in connection with worsening situation in Afghanistan.
From editorial board: In the moment when a grouping of NATO "hangs up" in Afghanistan and it's necessary not simply increase military contingent but correspondingly increase the volume of deliveries, some Kirghizia on the tip of not "some" but nevertheless not so mighty now Russia pup all Afghani war at threat.
In due time approximately 100 years ago Great Britain already lost almost whole task group in Afghanistan - not without of the Russian army, sure thing. However, it happened long ago, since that time mightiness of Russia either weakened or increased not once - every time it's hangs by in this region. If to take into consideration that all Soviet contingent of the times of the first Afghani war consisted of 40 thousand military men of the 40-th army plus a couple of thousand specialists engaged from other departments (Ministry of Internal Affairs, KGB), expected increase of the American contingent on 30 thousand people at once - reflection of almost a catastrophe. Announcement of Secretary-General of NATO - direct reflection of the desperate condition of the Western "crusades" in Afghanistan.
Analogues with crusades are non-random - Russia as transit corridor fro the Western conquests on the East reminds die Eastern Roman Empire. It's trying to adjust somehow Western expansion and at the same time to resist the pressure of the East. It ended not good for Byzantium - Forth Crusade not to Palestine but to Constantinople with all consequences - disappearance of integral empire for whole hundred years.
It's cleat that if Russia fails mission of NATO in Afghanistan, it will become full-fledged enemy of NATO - though even now Alliance, to put it mildly, is not big friend of ours. But West is ready to cede - a little bit and not for long. For example, to slow down placement of elements of Ballistic Missile Defence System in Eastern Europe. If to press strongly - to slow down introduction of Ukraine into Alliance for 10 years. But not of Georgia.
If Russia assumes rigid position - it means was, even not cold one. Whether RF being in condition it is conduct war which in its essence was lost by mighty USSR?
I don't have answers, though I still have questions. U hope Medvedev knows what he is doing. Still I am very much afraid that he thinks he knows rather than really knows.
Аnatoly Baranov
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