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Today Is Fatherland Defender's Day

Today Is Fatherland Defender's Day

Today is 23rd of February - Soviet Army and Navy Day. Actually, there's already no Soviet army, at once 15 "official" and some quantity of so-called the illegal armed formations was formed on its place. All of them anyhow conduct their family tree from one source in spite of the fact that former parts of uniform Soviet army had enough time to fight with each other. Armenia was at war with Azerbaijan, Georgia with Abkhazia and South Ossetia, Moldova with the Dniepr region, Tadjikistan with itself and so on. "Five-day war" of Russia with Georgia after which it's impossible to talk about uniform postSoviet space became deification of it. Though the holiday remained.


"All Soviet patriots celebrate next holiday - the 91st Anniversary of creation of Workers'-and-peasants' Red and subsequently Soviet Army and Navy. Country lays in ruins, industry, agriculture, science and, that is especially sad, Army are practically destroyed. Russia now depends on deliveries of everything, including food stuffs and medicine", - International Union of Soviet Officers writes in its appeal. 


"International Union of Soviet Officers invites everyone who cares about Russia, who has not sold his honour and has not drunk conscience to get united in the struggle for revival of Soviet Union, its invincible and legendary Soviet Army. We call everyone who swore loyalty oath to Soviet Native land, a party oath to recollect that the oath and vow are administered by people of honour once a life. Recollect those who forgot about it, we'll win with or without you and it will happen in the near future. We'll restore the USSR, we'll revive Soviet Army. We'll build again socialism and communism, societies of social justice without crises and internal wars," - is written in the appeal.


In the meantime new military doctrine of Russia, as they promise, will be authorized by the end of 2009. The chief of the Joint Staff of Armed forces of the Russian Federation general Nikolay Makarov informed about it. "Military doctrine as such has been already generated in the view it should be, - Makarov said. - Now there it's being studied and coordinated. It's - a rather long process. It can change to some extent. I think that the basis which has been worked out will remain as it is. By the end of 2009, when it will pass coordination in all structures, it will be authorized".


Actually, it's, likely the main gift to the army to February, 23th - new doctrine. Apparently, it assumes that newly-organized Russian army doesn't need 100 thousand officers which will be released from active duty.


Makarov informed that by 2020 all parts of constant alertness of the Russian Armed forces would be completed with new technical equipment. "In connection with transition of Armed forces to new shape new state arms programme meant for the period till 2020 is being formed, - Makarov informed. - After its realization parts of constant readiness will be completed with new technical equipment on 100 percent, others - on 70 percent".


It's clear that in that condition of defensive industry which exists for today, the army completed according to present establishment is impossible to equip with new technical equipment either on 100, or 70 percent. While if to reduce the army 4 or even more times, it will become possible. For example, 15 thousand of staff of parts of constant alertness - is very much possible to equip. Though what "army" is it in which i15 thousand people are n constant alertness? If to place them along our borders, we will have 1 person for kilometer. If to throw them simultaneously into the fray, in 1,5-2 hours Russia will have no fighting parts.


Obviously, new military doctrine somehow clears up these questions. For example, why one and a half division according to war establishment is in constant alertness? What is the level of readiness of other armies? How many of them are necessary that Russia would keep at least appearance of independence?


That is a holiday... Congratulations.


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