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National Assembly Is Considering the Script of the Future Revolution

National Assembly Is Considering the Script of the Future Revolution

Council of National Assembly in which agenda there were questions of creation of regional councils of National Assembly; of political scripts in conditions of expanding economic crisis and a number of other themes took place in Moscow on February, 28. Session of the Council began with a one-minute silence on two sad matters: the deputy of National Assembly general - major V.A.Rodnikov died on the eve and it way the 40th day from the moment of Stanislav Markelov's murder.


G.K.Kasparov opened and presided the council.


A member of the Bureau of NA Alexander Krasnov who reported on a state of affairs with formation of the regional Council of NA in Moscow acted on the first question on the agenda. He informed that organizing committee which's busy with formation of the regional council was created. The quantity of the future regional council has been estimated as approximately 100 persons, representatives from all curia of NA. The place of carrying out of the first session of the regional council has been determined. "Everything's ready", A.Krasnov' finished his performance.


Kaliningrad (D.Osnach). In Kaliningrad the quantity of persons actively participating in political life is estimated in approximately 2 thousand persons. It's first of all "automobilists" - this problem is very sharp in the region for long time being a transit zone for import of the European cars. Such organizations as "Justice" and "Our City" are very active. According to Osnach, it is necessary to form the future structure of regional council among active workers of these movements.


Ekaterinburg (A.Nikiforov). Regional council of NA is being planned to be carried out in May. There is a problem of definition of objectives - people not always precisely understand what for they need to create additional structure, if "they know each other so well without it".


Nizhni Novgorod (I.Shamazov). They are ready in Nizhni Novgorod to create the regional council but there are problems similar to the ones in Ekaterinburg - there is no precise understanding what for it is necessary. Probably, the central bodies of National Assembly should formulate the tasks which in the compressed view could be possible to bring up to people.


Irkutsk. Regional council of NA will be convoked in spring.


Voronezh (K.Makarov). Regional council of NA will be convoked already at the end of March, it will be entered by representatives of "Other Russia", trade unions, councils of public initiative groups.


Altai Territory (D.Kolesnikov). Regional council will be convoked in spring, for today representatives from such organizations as "Black Candle", the Russian people's democratic union, organization of partners are ready to adjoin it.


Saint Petersburg. Regional council of National Assembly has been already created at the end of August. But for today it is invalid structure, all participants work within the framework of their own organizations.


D.Galkin, D.Bilunov, E.Limonov, A.Baranov and others participated in the debates on the first question of the summons. D.Galkin suggested to consider creation of regional councils more technologically, to create precise methodical recommendations, to explain literally item by item how it is necessary to form regional council. D.Bilunov acted in the same key, having noted that methodology of creation of regional councils is not the same as creation of certain organization. National Assembly is not organization with the general structure and program - it's a place where representatives of different directions of opposition can meet and agree. This very opportunity to agree, A.Baranov noted, is the greatest irritant for authority in all the project of National Assembly, that directly contradicts the policy "divide and rule". Precise methodical recommendations should be directed then and there, literally "the first, the second, the third".


E.Limonov, characterizing the reasons of misunderstanding of some general questions of activity of National Assembly, said that "people want to see action". "Let's get determined, who we are", he appealed to the present.


The second question on the agenda - "About political scripts in conditions of expanding economic crisis" caused the greatest number of disagreements. The project of the statement of the Council of National Assembly "About overcoming system crisis of the Russian statehood" suggested was not accepted, though the general tone and mood of the offered document didn't cause any denying. Moreover, everyone who acted with criticism of the document recognized that its first, ascertaining part didn't cause objections. The same way the first two of three items in a deciding part of the project which concern resignation of the government and dissolution of parliament didn't cause objections.


The most serious disagreements, that, probably, is natural if to bear in mind multidirectional structure of National Assembly caused that part of the project where concrete measures on output from crisis, that is that directly follows resignation of the working institutes of authority were stated.

Council of National Assembly charged to finish in the shortest terms the document taking into consideration remarks and offers stated and recommended to accept finally the document but not in that view it was suggested. The project was not accepted even "basically".


In section "other business" Council of NA unanimously accepted application offered by deputy E.Ihlov "Struggle against kindling of interethnic break has been transformed into the instrument of struggle against heterodoxy".


Plan of work of National Assembly wrote by J.Muhin was accepted by majority of vote "basically".


In the comments to the plan the author of the project wrote: "I hope that the deputies understand that such multi-variant approach of the Plan, besides technical necessity to have it, emphasizes in opinion of people cleanliness of our intentions - we are not going to become authority either in a course of "orange revolution", or during any arrangements with authority or among ourselves, we struggle for that our people had real representatives in legislative body of authority who, certainly, would rescue it from today's crisis if for today there were such representatives in the Duma".


Council of National Assembly made the decision to hold internal session not later the end of May, 2009.



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