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Quiet Officer Revolt

Quiet Officer Revolt

The All-Russian Officer Assembly took place on Saturday, February, 21, 2009 in Moscow in Culture Centre "Oktyabr". 565 delegates and visitors representing veteran organizations of military men of all types of armed forces from all regions of the Russian Federation took part in its work. Invited visitors from republics of near abroad also took part in assembly.


On the eve of "Defender of Motherland Day" the president offended three former Ministers of Defence of the country: Yazov, Sokolov and Rodionov. Having kept marshals one and a half hour in reception, the president stopped them in doors of his cabinet, refused to listen to them and, having expressed full trust to minister - reformer Serdjukov, sent veterans home to have a rest.


As a result 21.02.09 the All-Russian Officer Assembly made unprecedented decision: it declared citizen Medvedev D.A., citizen Putin V.V., citizen Serdjukov A.E. criminals.

Decision of the All-Russian Officer Assembly

February, 21, 2009


The All-Russian Officer Assembly, having discussed situation developing in the sphere of maintenance of military safety of Russia, ascertains:

Actions of the President and the government of the Russian Federation on performance of their functional duties to secure the country, assigned on them by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Defense Act and other acts do not correspond the character and scales of growing real military threats in conditions of crisis, the development of military-political conditions in the world and in the regions adjoining to Russia. Moreover, on a background of an aggravation of interstate contradictions, increases in military charges and activization of military preparations in the countries which management considers Russia as probable opponent, the Russian management makes decisions and carries out actions rendering serious damage to defensibility of the Russian state. Economic base of defense has been practically destroyed, mobilization system and structures of management of defense of the country are absent, military-industrial complex has lost system ability in maintenance of Armed forces of the Russian Federation with the modern weapon and military technics, both in peace and in wartime, spiritual - moral basis of service to Fatherland has been undermined.


For final deprivation of the Russian state of military protection potential under the private decision of citizen Putin V.V., later supported by citizen Medvedev D.A. and party "Edinaya Russia" the program of destruction and degradation of army and fleet has been launched under the covering of the next "military reform". Thus, the main impact is rendered on the core ridge of Armed forces - on the officership of Russia. To get rid of experts-professionals in military units and on the sea completely, in addition to reprisals in relation to 200 thousand officers it was decided to abolish institute of ensigns and warrant officers.
Radical structural reorganization of organizational system of Armed forces, cardinal reduction of number of staff of army and fleet, units and regiments, disorder of military science and system of military education are carried out without any scientific substantiation, strategic analysis and forecasting, without serious expert estimation.
Hundred thousands officers, ensigns and warrant officers and members of their families are exposed to social reprisals, they are being defined of opportunity to continue elected way of living and are thrown out on the street filling up millions jobless and destitute.


The All-Russian Officer Assembly considering such actions of the President and the government of the Russian Federation criminal and activity of legislative assembly of the Russian Federation - promoting fulfilment of these crimes (fraction "Edinaya Russia", LDPR, "Fair Russia") decrees:

1. To condemn actions of military-political country leaders carried out under a pretext of reforms on purposeful destruction of defensive potential of the country and its basis - Armed forces of the Russian Federation.
2. To demand from the President of the Russian Federation D.Medvedev immediate termination of military reform in that kind as it is supposed. To warn him about personal responsibility for destructive actions of the Government and the Ministry of Defence. To demand immediate resignation of citizen Putin from a post of Chairman of the government and carrying out of investigation of his criminal activity.
3. To define activity of the committee of the State Duma FS of the Russian Federation on defense (chairman - Zavarzin V.M.) and the committee on defense and safety of the Council of Federation FS of the Russian Federation (chairman Ozerov В.А) as harmful for defense and safety of the country.
4. To ask General public prosecutor of the Russian Federation in the exercise of supervisory powers give an estimate to citizen Serdjukov working as Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation with a view to fulfilment by him of penal act on ill-intentioned undermining defensibility of the Russian Federation, its fighting capacity, fighting and mobilization readiness of its Armed forces.
5. To consider citizens Makarov N.E. and Pankov N.A. lost honour of the Russian officer.
6. With the purpose of interference with the plans of destruction of defensive potential of the country and its Armed forces, safety, territorial integrity and independence of Russia to start practical creation of public organization "National Home Guard Named after Minin and Pozharsky".
7. To ratify Application of Assembly to staff and veterans of Armed forces, to Russian and other indigenous peoples of Russia.

From editorial board: Here we go again with fearsome decrees, Dissenters Marches, appeals and applications: "And Vasyok listens yes eat ".


There's no sense to count humiliations the army was subjected. Military minister from Lenmebeltorg, beating and detention of honored generals in the center of Moscow by OMON, "It sank!" of early Putin, homeless officers, half-starved soldiers, poor veterans... What do I know.


Last slap in the face - "military reform" throw out 100 thousand officers from the army and destroying the best units - as a matter of fact, axe of the army up to Strategic Rocket Forces to blackmail the West and Kremlin regiment for parades.

300 representatives of the supreme command structure of the army, including ones falling under job cut, have no reliable habitation. 42 thousand officers who do not wish to serve more in the present military structure sent in resignation. The last year none unit and none division carried out any staff exercise.


Where to go further? 


Fuck off actually. Today the army is not in that condition that the country and people could rely on it. Though application is strong, especially about home guard named after Minin and Pozharsky. Only they did not accept applications, they just formed home guard, at that they forced the ones who didn't want to do it at own will, they even took hostages.


However, Fatherland thanked then its saviors greatly. Instead of prince Pozharsky juvenile "mental case" Misha Romanov was elected tsar, while citizen Minin was awarded with a title "boyar's son" and with a fur coat, it seems. So, we have old traditions. They don't inspire any more.


How many officer revolts we had for all history of Russia? Strelets, Decembrists, Sveaborg, volunteer army... That's all, perhaps. Quite few for one thousand years of history. I am afraid that again everything will remain at a level of resolution - when "system opposition" decides to act, everything always remains as it is. Dust - that is all we have!


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