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NATO Forgave Russia for Georgia

NATO Forgave Russia for Georgia

On March, 5ер at Bruxelles session of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of NATO - the first with participation of the state secretary of the USA Hillary Clinton - "greenlighted" renewal of political dialogue with Moscow. The state secretary of the USA Hillary Clinton acted on Thursday in Brussels with proposal to Russia to develop Antiballistic Missile Treaty together.


"We suggest Russia to work in common with us under the program of antimissile defense", - she declared journalists on Thursday in Brussels. As it's known, the work of the Council Russia - NATO was blocked by the American delegation in alliance at once after the beginning of confrontation in Southern Caucasus. Then the next session of the Council was sabotaged because representatives of the USA simply ignored that meeting.


Officially about freezing of relations was declared in the middle of August, 2008. As it was stated in the documents, it was done "in connection with inadequate reaction of Russia to events in South Ossetia". On December, 2 the last year North Atlantic Alliance made the decision on the beginning, as it was underlined, of "gradual and weighed" restoration of relations with Russia. 


From editorial board: It is obvious that change of relations of NATO to Russia is connected to the change of administration in the USA that can seem mitigation and even "forgiveness" for "small sin" in Georgia. Actually the policy of the democrats in relation to Russia was always notable for soft tone and rigid consequences.


We do not know what Obama's administration suggests Dmitry Medvedev in exchange for benevolent tone and forgiveness of "small imperial ambitions" - possibly support in struggle against his powerful predecessor who would be made responsible for all unsuccessful attempts of Russia "to rise from knees".


At present stage it's very favourable for Obama's administration who during elections reproached Bush that he "lost Russia" to play on contrast and to show how "the Russian bear" eats out from hand. As the destiny of the Russian economy during crisis is substantially in hands of America.


What does Medvedev need it for? He doesn't need it, he simply has no choice.


Though later, as soon as relations with NATO will calm down, the following step in the spirit of "protection of sudeticus Germans" will follow - having started to go in this direction only few managed to stop without assistance. Plans of "antiorange" revolutions in adjacent republics are being already born in minds - thus the army is destroyed, strategic nuclear forces are being destroyed practically up to strategic rocket forces, so, in general, everything is being done so that nothing real in the field of restoration of the country happen. It suits the West and it let the bear to eat out from hand.


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