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Goblin Vanity

Goblin Vanity
Vladimir Razmah 16.03.2009
Not for nothing our Vladimir Vladimirovich is being considered unequalled humorist all over the world. His humour quite often has black shade but it is a specificity of the present state power and our sovereign democracy. However this time prime minister pleased me with simply bright light humour. It seems that crisis does not make him ill at ease at all, it only tones up and invigorates. Looking through Lenin like slitted watchful chekist eyes VVP shared «ambitious plans of transformation of rouble into regional reserve currency». Really touching was the remark of «the national leader» that here we dexterously bypass China which's not ready for now to achieve the similar status for yuan. Great, I thought.
I understood my mistake soon. There was no humour actually, there were really ambitious plans which after the prime minister were confirmed also by our President. The matter turned out to be more serious, than it was possible to imagine.
Prime minister and President sounded one and the same idea, I dare to assume, born by the ingenious friend of paradoxes and in combination the Minister of Finance mister Kudrin. Kudrin's genius results not only from the world recognition of his financial talents (he is twice the best in the world Minister of Finance under the version of two known foreign economic magazines) but also because of paradoxicality of his mind surpassing all borders of human common sense.
Only recollect remark of the minister repeated for a number of years about the harm of high prices for oil for the Russian economy. These high prices, according to Kudrin, suck Russia in a bog, weaken and brake. Well, exactly the same way as bad workers blame their tools.
I remember, once I told the friend about paradox of Mr. Kudrin. My friend, simple "individual", hasn't graduated from oxfords and cambridges, he reacted roughly: «You are kidding? Whether he is a fool?»
No, I say to him, do not hurry up with conclusions, if Alexey Leonidych said that his personal incomes were too great, they weakened him, braked and pull in a bog, then he would be a fool. While now, excuse me, he is a statesman thinking about the state, sorry, interests!
Yes, my friend, was compelled to agree, Kudrin is not a fool, he is very cunning, even more crafty than Chubays ... Therefore I am not surprised that our first persons got under influence of such remarkable person and professional. They say even in America tails twirl the dogs without ceremony, what could be said about our realities, where the dogs are smaller and tails are in general peacock.
Nevertheless, I can't understand why they so care about ambitions. As if words «ambitious plans» give some weight and importance to the thing which is not necessary to anyone. Thus Putin at one time over and over again repeated that Russia should become «Great Energy Power». It sounds, of course, not bad. But let's replace words with more habitual ones and it will turn out that Russia, according to the President of that time should become no less than simply BIG FUEL-RAW APPENDAGE OF WORLD ECONOMY. In practice it goes this way. Well, then it is necessary to say as it is, what is the reason to do a snow-job on own people, if it's clear to strangers. Or whether he wished to deceive himself, or he just «twirled the tail»? Only questions.
Let's return now to "ambition". I write word "ambitious" and built in system of spelling rubs my nose into the fact that: «The word is with strongly expressional (negative, ironical) colouring». Whether you are joking or cursing?
No, I am not joking, it's our supreme officials wish to prove to all how hardball they are and what Napoleonic plans they have. They think that they are given good word and political offences prevent from looking into the dictionary.  Word rebels not for nothing, Latin word "ambitions" in Russian - VANITY.
Now let's pay attention to the plan of «transformation of rouble into reserve currency». Let's look in essence. The truth is that there's nothing in it but for vanity. Even Belarus turns up nose from idea to pass to rouble, though after all it's almost «uniform state» with Russia. Why should other CIS save roubles, if there are also dollars and euro?
Even our Central Asian "partners" are not on friendly terms with rouble because they sell resources for dollars and are compelled to buy basically in China also not for roubles. It is necessary to learn letters. So that someone's currency begin to play role of the reserve one, it is necessary that the country printing it has rather considerable weight in economic and world trade. And besides it should have such military power which leaves no slightest doubts in ability to protect if necessary its special place in world economic-financial system with weapon superior force.
Therefore ambitious plans of our governors to become like «Zurich gnomes» Kremlin ones and to live in easy street due to printing machine and «financial activity» is no more than fine vanity, shameful for heads of the Great Country. As they say, «Napoleonic swing but blow of Senka-stove-maker».
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